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Jul 2906:00 PM
Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid & The Linda LindasNationals Park, Washington, DC
Aug 105:30 PM
Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid & The Linda LindasRogers Centre, Toronto, CA
Aug 505:30 PM
Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid & The Linda LindasCiti Field, Flushing, NY
Aug 706:00 PM
Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid & The Linda LindasFenway Park, Boston, MA
Aug 905:30 PM
Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid & The Linda LindasCitizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA
Aug 1005:30 PM
Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid & The Linda LindasHersheypark Stadium, Hershey, PA
Aug 1306:00 PM
Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid & The Linda LindasWrigley Field, Chicago, IL
Aug 1508:00 PM
Green Day, Rancid & The Linda LindasHollywood Casino Amphitheatre - MO, Maryland Heights, MO
Aug 1705:30 PM
Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid & The Linda LindasTarget Field, Minneapolis, MN
Aug 2007:00 PM
Green Day, Rancid & The Linda LindasAzura Amphitheater, Bonner Springs, KS
Aug 2206:00 PM
Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid & The Linda LindasGreat American Ball Park, Cincinnati, OH
Aug 2405:30 PM
Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid & The Linda LindasAmerican Family Field, Milwaukee, WI
Aug 2608:00 PM
Green Day, Rancid & The Linda LindasPNC Music Pavilion - Charlotte, Charlotte, NC
Aug 2806:00 PM
Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid & The Linda LindasTruist Park, Atlanta, GA
Aug 3005:30 PM
Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid & The Linda LindasGeodis Park, Nashville, TN
Sep 105:30 PM
Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid & The Linda LindasPNC Park, Pittsburgh, PA
Sep 405:30 PM
Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid & The Linda LindasComerica Park, Detroit, MI
Sep 705:30 PM
Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid & The Linda LindasCoors Field, Denver, CO
Sep 1006:30 PM
Green Day, Rancid & The Linda LindasGermania Insurance Amphitheater, Austin, TX
Sep 1105:30 PM
Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid & The Linda LindasGlobe Life Field, Arlington, TX
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About The Linda Lindas

The Linda Lindas are a group of young girls who have rapidly risen to stardom due to their impressive talent and charisma. The band consists of Lucia, Mila, Eloise and Bela, who are between the ages of 10 and 16. Despite their young age, they have made a significant impact on the punk rock scene. The band's music is unique and captivating, thanks to their powerful lyrics and energetic performances. Most of their songs are about real-world issues like racism, sexism, and identity. Here are some of their most popular live songs.

"Racist, Sexist Boy" is one of the most popular singles from The Linda Lindas. They performed the song live at the Los Angeles Public Library's TEENtastic Tuesdays. It is a powerful punk anthem inspired by a racist encounter one of the band members had at school. The song instantly became viral after the live performance was shared on social media, leading to a record deal with Epitaph Records. The anthem's lyrics, energy, and message have made it a highlight at live concerts, often prompting fans to buy tickets as soon as their shows are announced.

Another popular track is "Claudia Kishi," inspired by a character from The Baby-Sitters Club series. The song is a tribute to the only Asian character in the series and speaks to the girls' Asian American heritage. Recorded live at the Save Music in Chinatown Benefit, watching this song performed live is a treat.

Their song, "Missing You," is a strong crowd-pleaser in live shows. It's a heartwarming and nostalgic song that showcases their softer pop side. The band's talent shines as much in this track as in their punk anthems, making their live performances diverse and never dull.

The Linda Lindas also performed their song "Big Mouth" at the LA Public Library’s TEENtastic Tuesdays. The song is another catchy punk anthem that showcases their ability to create catchy hooks and meaningful lyrics.

The demand for The Linda Linda's live concert tickets has grown exponentially since their breakout moment. Their live shows have proven to be fun, energetic, and unique, as the band members deliver one knockout performance after another. Owing to their viral performance at the Los Angeles Public Library, word has spread about the raw energy and authenticity the band brings to their live events.

The Linda Lindas are not just popular for their music but also for their strong viewpoints and for empowering the youth, particularly young girls. Their live concerts have been described as "intense," "powerful," and "inspiring."

Despite their young age, The Linda Lindas have shown maturity and talent beyond their years. Their live performances are extraordinary, and their ability to connect with the audience is mesmerizing. Live shows are where the band truly shines, making it a must-see event for fans and newcomers alike. Therefore, their concert tickets are highly sought after, often selling out within minutes.

In conclusion, The Linda Lindas have made a significant mark on the punk rock scene with their empowering songs and lively stage presence. The band's live concerts are a testament to their talent and the passion they put into their music. These young girls have shown that age is no barrier to creating impactful music, making their live events highly anticipated and their tickets a hot commodity.

The Linda Lindas History

The Linda Lindas, an American Rock Band, have made a name for themselves in the music industry. Composed of four young, energetic girls: Bela Salazar, Lucia De La Garza, Eloise Wong, and Mila De La Garza, the band originated around 2018 in Los Angeles, California. The young members, who are of Asian and Latinx descent, range in age from 10 to 16. The name Linda Lindas may sound familiar if you've been following the punk music scene or have a keen interest in bands that have a unique and compelling sound.

Their music journeys into different genres, including punk, pop-punk, and riot grrrl, blending these sounds into a youthful, vibrant voice that speaks to the current generation's concerns and ideas. They got their big break when they were enlisted to perform at a library, marking the beginning of a journey sprinkled with live concerts and international recognition.

The Linda Lindas made their first significant public appearance at the Los Angeles Public Library in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The live concert was one of the events that catapulted them to fame. In this concert, they performed a song titled "Racist, Sexist Boy," which went viral, propelling their recognition and earning them a record contract with Epitaph Records. The song's lyrics, which addresses discrimination, sexism, and prejudice, resonated with many, demonstrating the depth and authenticity of their music.

Their live concerts are not just restricted to library events. They were handpicked by legendary punk band Bikini Kill to open for them at a reunion show at the Hollywood Palladium—further proof of their talent and unique sound, considering Bikini Kill's status as a seminal band in the punk and riot grrrl scene. The Linda Lindas served as a breath of fresh air in the concert, delivering a lively and distinctive performance that left a lasting impression on the audience.

The Linda Lindas' tickets are increasingly becoming sought after, considering the buzz around this talented band. Their concerts offer an infectious energy and a powerful message that resonates with people of all ages. They've certainly proven that talent knows no age, and their live performances offer a reminder of the essence of punk – passionate, raw, and rebellious.

They've also performed at Save Music in Chinatown, a series of all-ages charity concerts. And most recently, Netflix's popular series, "The Babysitters Club," featured the band in an episode, significantly amplifying their fame.

In 2021, following their viral breakout, The Linda Lindas announced plans for a North American tour, exciting fans and music enthusiasts across the continent. Details about the tour, such as concert venues, dates, and ticket sales, have been shared on various online platforms, including the band's official website and social media pages.

From being an unknown band of young girls to a group with a record deal and performing live at major events, the Linda Linda's journey so far is nothing short of inspiring. Their concerts are likely to continue being major musical events, given the band's lively performances and poignant lyrical content. Not only do their shows provide a platform for their distinct sound, but they also deliver a message about acceptance, empowerment, and the need to challenge societal norms. Given their meteoric rise, The Linda Lindas' tickets are expected to be in high demand for future events.

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