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  • MON
    Nov 4(TBD)
    Hall of Fame Series: South Carolina Women's Basketball vs. Michigan Women's Basketball & Texas Men's Basketball vs. Ohio State Men's BasketballT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
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  • WED
    Dec 4(TBD)
    North Carolina State Wolfpack vs. Texas LonghornsPNC Arena, Raleigh, NC
  • SUN
    Dec 8(TBD)
    Texas Longhorns vs. UConn HuskiesMoody Center ATX, Austin, TX
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    About Texas Longhorns Basketball

    Texas Longhorns basketball has witnessed some exciting performances in the recent past, setting a thrilling precedent for live sports events and ticket sales. The team's talent, commitment, and high-energy play have turned their games into must-see events, causing an increasing demand for tickets both at their home court, the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, and for away games.

    In the 2020-2021 season, the Longhorns put in some show-stopping performances, particularly during the Big 12 Conference where they ended up as champions for the first time in the tournament’s history. This achievement marked the crowning moment in Head Coach Shaka Smart's tenure and went a long way to solidify his reputation as a top-tier coach. Beyond the overall success of the team, individual players such as Matt Coleman III, Andrew Jones, and Greg Brown have become crowd favorites, thanks to their consistent and star-studded performances.

    The unique aura of live sports events is such that no two games are the exact same. This has created a fervor among fans who are always on the lookout for Texas Longhorns tickets for upcoming games. The thrilling victory against Kansas Jayhawks in the Big 12 Championship game in 2021 was a testament of the team's capability of delivering top-tier performances. With a final score of 91-86, it was a game that had everyone on the edge of their seats, proving that Texas Longhorns basketball games are worth every penny of the ticket price.

    Moreover, the decisive victory against Virginia Cavaliers, a formidable opponent that was ranked fourth in the nation, was another highlight of the 2020-2021 season. Demonstrating their offensive prowess, the Longhorns emerged victorious by a score of 61-59 in a game that was heavily tipped in Virginia’s favor. This upset was a testament to the Longhorns' ability to perform under pressure, making them a team to be reckoned with.

    When it comes to live sports events, the atmosphere is almost as important as the game itself. This is where Texas Longhorns basketball games deliver in abundance. From the cheers of the lively crowd, the booming band music, to the team’s standout performances on the court, the games turn into an unforgettable experience for the fans. Their dedicated supporters, known as the "Texas Hellraisers," add to the electrifying atmosphere during games with their enthusiastic cheering and unwavering support.

    Texas Longhorns basketball games are particularly gaining traction among students, locals, tourists, and serious basketball enthusiasts. The Frank Erwin Center, located in the heart of Austin, is an ideal venue for spectators to enjoy a game, as it comfortably accommodates over 16,000 spectators. Texas Longhorn games are characterized by an energetic and engaging crowd, making for an unparalleled game day experience.

    In conclusion, the recent past has seen Texas Longhorns basketball demonstrate great depth, skill, resilience, and team spirit. These performances have led to an increased demand for live sports event tickets as fans are eager to witness the thrilling action firsthand. With a solid foundation and a promising batch of players, the US college basketball scene looks set to be dominated by the Texas Longhorns for years to come.

    Texas Longhorns Basketball History

    The Texas Longhorns’ basketball team, hailing from Austin, Texas, represents the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) in the Big 12 Conference as part of NCAA Division I basketball. Having a history that is as robust and as passionate as theirs, it's no surprise that live sporting events and tickets for the Texas Longhorns’ games have become an essential part of the sporting experience in Texas.

    Established in 1906, the basketball program at UT Austin has since gone on to produce some of the greatest stars of the sport, most notably Kevin Durant, one of the most renowned professional basketball players today. Durant played a pivotal role during his time with the Longhorns, earning the title of National Player of the Year in 2007.

    The history of the Texas Longhorns’ basketball team is marked by many historic feats, including the remarkable season under coach Harold Bradley in 1933 when they finished a 21-game schedule unbeaten. This was a significant milestone at the time and remains an unrivaled record in the Longhorns' history.

    From the 1930s until today, the Longhorns have consistently performed at a high level, claiming 27 total conference championships. Since joining Big 12 in 1996, they have won the conference tournament thrice. In the NCAA tournament, they have made significant strides, reaching the Final Four three times, the most recent being in 2003.

    Unsurprisingly, the Longhorns’ history brims even outside the court, with their home games being a key fixture of the sports culture in Austin. The Frank Erwin Center, the current home of the Longhorns, is known for its buzzing atmosphere during games, with fans cheering passionately, creating an electrifying environment.

    Furthermore, Texas Longhorns basketball games have become renowned for their live entertainment, which often extends beyond the sport itself. The University of Texas Longhorn Band’s electric performances during halftime and game breaks make the event even more engaging and entertaining.

    Securing tickets to these games is a must for any sports enthusiast. Live games offer an unparalleled experience - the thrill of witnessing breathtaking plays, the deafening roars of the crowd, the tension of a close game, and the camaraderie among fans. It’s more than just a game; it’s a fun-filled community event that brings people together, and nothing quite compares to the experience of being part of a live Texas Longhorns basketball game.

    From regular season games to the Big 12 Tournament and all the way to March Madness, Texas Longhorns’ games are a hot ticket. The process of securing these coveted tickets can be achieved through various channels - the official Longhorns’ website, the NCAA’s platform, and other reputable ticket-selling platforms. For the best seats, it is advisable to purchase tickets early due to the team's popularity.

    Overall, live sports events like Texas Longhorns basketball games provide a thrilling experience that goes beyond the sport itself. They showcase the unity, resilience, and spirit of a community that is bound by a shared love for basketball. So, as the Longhorns continue to make history, being part of their journey by securing a seat in the Frank Erwin Center guarantees an experience that’s absolutely worth it.

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