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  • TUE
    Jul 2307:00 PM
    Creed, Switchfoot & Finger ElevenCCNB Amphitheatre at Heritage Park, Simpsonville, SC
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  • WED
    Jul 2406:00 PM
    Switchfoot, Blue October & Matt NathansonSkyla Credit Union Amphitheatre, Charlotte, NC
  • THU
    Jul 2506:00 PM
    Switchfoot, Blue October & Matt NathansonRed Hat Amphitheater, Raleigh, NC
  • FRI
    Jul 2606:30 PM
    Switchfoot, Blue October & Matt NathansonSalem Civic Center, Salem, VA
  • SAT
    Jul 2708:00 PM
    Switchfoot, Blue October & Matt NathansonWind Creek Event Center, Bethlehem, PA
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  • SUN
    Jul 2807:00 PM
    Switchfoot, Blue October & Matt NathansonHampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton, NH
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  • TUE
    Jul 3007:00 PM
    Switchfoot, Blue October & Matt NathansonThe Rooftop at Pier 17, New York, NY
    37 Tickets Left!
  • FRI
    Aug 206:30 PM
    Switchfoot, Blue October & Matt NathansonThe BayCare Sound, Clearwater, FL
    47 Tickets Left!
  • SAT
    Aug 306:30 PM
    Switchfoot, Blue October & Matt NathansonSt. Augustine Amphitheatre, St. Augustine, FL
    99 Tickets Left!
  • SUN
    Aug 406:30 PM
    Switchfoot, Blue October & Matt NathansonPompano Beach Amphitheatre, Pompano Beach, FL
    42 Tickets Left!
  • WED
    Aug 706:00 PM
    Switchfoot, Blue October & Matt NathansonSimmons Bank Arena, North Little Rock, AR
  • THU
    Aug 806:30 PM
    Switchfoot, Blue October & Matt NathansonWhiteWater Amphitheater, New Braunfels, TX
    19 Tickets Left!
  • FRI
    Aug 906:30 PM
    Switchfoot, Blue October & Matt NathansonCook's Garage, Lubbock, TX
    3 Tickets Left!
  • SAT
    Aug 1006:30 PM
    Switchfoot, Blue October & Matt NathansonFiddlers Green Amphitheatre, Englewood, CO
  • SUN
    Aug 1106:30 PM
    Switchfoot, Blue October & Matt NathansonGrindersKC, Kansas City, MO
    5 Tickets Left!
  • WED
    Aug 1405:00 PM
    Switchfoot, Blue October & Matt NathansonMegaCorp Pavilion, Newport, KY
    15 Tickets Left!
  • THU
    Aug 1506:00 PM
    Switchfoot, Blue October & Matt NathansonHolliday Park, Indianapolis, IN
    8 Tickets Left!
  • FRI
    Aug 1606:30 PM
    Switchfoot, Blue October & Matt NathansonSaint Louis Music Park, Maryland Heights, MO
  • SAT
    Aug 1706:30 PM
    Switchfoot, Blue October & Matt NathansonThe Venue at Horseshoe Casino, Hammond, IN
  • SUN
    Aug 1805:00 PM
    Switchfoot, Blue October & Matt NathansonKEMBA Live!, Columbus, OH
    15 Tickets Left!
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    About Switchfoot

    Switchfoot is a band that is known for their electrifying live performances. Their music has gained an enormous fan following across the globe, and their live events are always sold out. Here is a list of Switchfoot's most popular live songs that will make you want to grab your tickets and witness their magic on stage.

    1. Dare You To Move

    "Dare You To Move" is one of the band's most popular songs and is a fan-favorite at their live shows. It is an empowering song that encourages listeners to take control and make a change in their lives. The song's catchy melody and relatable lyrics make it the perfect song to get the crowd hyped up and singing along.

    2. Meant To Live

    With its powerful chorus and driving guitar riffs, "Meant To Live" is another fan favorite and a staple at Switchfoot's live shows. The song talks about living life to the fullest and not letting fear hold you back. It has become an anthem for the band's fans, and when played live, the energy in the room is electric.

    3. This Is Your Life

    "This Is Your Life" is a song that encourages listeners to live in the present and make the most of every moment. The song's uplifting message and catchy melody make it a crowd-pleaser at Switchfoot's live shows. When performed live, the song's message resonates with fans, and the energy in the room is contagious.

    4. Stars

    "Stars" is an emotional ballad that talks about overcoming obstacles and chasing your dreams. The song's poignant lyrics and soaring chorus make it a standout track in the band's catalog. When played live, "Stars" becomes an emotional moment, and fans can't help but sing along to the song's powerful message.

    5. Shadow Proves The Sunshine

    "Shadow Proves The Sunshine" is another standout track from the band's catalog. The song talks about finding hope in the midst of darkness and is a reminder that even in tough times, there is always a way forward. The song's uplifting message and catchy chorus make it a fan favorite at their live shows.

    Switchfoot's live shows are a testament to the band's talent and showmanship. Their music has touched the hearts of millions of fans across the globe, and their live performances are a testament to the power of music. If you want to witness the magic of Switchfoot, grab your tickets to their next live show, and be prepared to be blown away.

    Switchfoot History

    Switchfoot is an American rock band hailing from San Diego, California. The band consists of members Jon Foreman (lead vocals, guitar), Tim Foreman (bass guitar, backing vocals), Chad Butler (drums, percussion), Jerome Fontamillas (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), and Drew Shirley (guitar, backing vocals).

    The band was formed in 1996 under the name "Chin Up" by the Foreman brothers and Butler. They changed their name to Switchfoot in 1997 and released their debut album, "The Legend of Chin," in 1997. Their second album, "New Way to Be Human," was released in 1999.

    Switchfoot gained mainstream success with their third album, "Learning to Breathe," which was released in 2000. The album featured the hit singles "Dare You to Move" and "Learning to Breathe." The band's fourth album, "The Beautiful Letdown," was released in 2003 and became their most successful album to date. The album featured the hit singles "Meant to Live" and "Dare You to Move."

    In addition to their studio albums, Switchfoot has also released multiple live albums and DVDs. Their first live album, "The Beautiful Letdown: Live in San Diego," was released in 2004. They released another live album, "Oh! Gravity. Live," in 2007. In 2009, they released a live DVD, "The Best Yet Live," which featured footage from their "Hello Hurricane" tour.

    Switchfoot has a reputation for putting on high-energy live shows. Their shows often feature interactive elements, such as inviting fans onstage to play instruments or sing. The band has also been known to switch up their setlist from night to night, making each show a unique experience.

    Fans can purchase tickets to see Switchfoot live on their website or through ticketing platforms such as Ticketmaster. The band often tours extensively, both in the United States and internationally. Their tours have included shows at venues ranging from small clubs to large arenas.

    In addition to their music, Switchfoot is also known for their philanthropic efforts. The band has supported a variety of causes, including education, clean water initiatives, and music education. They founded the Bro-Am Foundation, which provides funding for local charities in their hometown of San Diego.

    In recent years, Switchfoot has continued to release new music and tour. In 2019, they released their eleventh studio album, "Native Tongue," which featured the hit single "Native Tongue." The band also embarked on a tour in support of the album.

    Overall, Switchfoot has built a loyal fanbase over the years with their dynamic live performances and socially conscious lyrics. With multiple successful albums and a commitment to giving back, the band has become a fixture in the rock music community. Fans can purchase tickets to see them live and experience the energy and passion that has made them one of the most beloved bands in the industry.

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