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Aug 107:00 PM
Phil Wickham & Brandon LakeLittle Caesars Arena, Detroit, MI
Aug 207:00 PM
Phil Wickham & Brandon LakeValue City Arena at The Schottenstein Center, Columbus, OH
Aug 307:00 PM
Phil Wickham & Brandon LakeKFC Yum! Center, Louisville, KY
Aug 407:00 PM
Phil Wickham & Brandon LakeGas South Arena, Duluth, GA
Aug 807:00 PM
Phil Wickham & Brandon LakeGiant Center, Hershey, PA
Aug 907:00 PM
Phil Wickham & Brandon LakeTD Garden, Boston, MA
Aug 1007:00 PM
Phil Wickham & Brandon LakeLiacouras Center, Philadelphia, PA
Aug 1107:00 PM
Summer Worship Nights: Phil Wickham & Brandon LakeCapital One Arena, Washington, DC
Aug 1507:00 PM
Phil Wickham & Brandon LakeUWM Panther Arena, Milwaukee, WI
Aug 1607:00 PM
Phil Wickham & Brandon LakeEnterprise Center, St. Louis, MO
Aug 1707:00 PM
Phil Wickham & Brandon LakeT-Mobile Center, Kansas City, MO
Aug 1807:00 PM
Phil Wickham & Brandon LakeBall Arena, Denver, CO
Aug 2207:00 PM
Phil Wickham & Brandon LakeIntuit Dome, Inglewood, CA
Aug 2307:00 PM
Phil Wickham & Brandon LakeOakland Arena, Oakland, CA
Aug 2407:00 PM
Phil Wickham & Brandon LakeModa Center at the Rose Quarter, Portland, OR
Aug 2507:00 PM
Phil Wickham & Brandon LakeAngel of the Winds Arena, Everett, WA
Aug 2807:00 PM
Phil Wickham & Brandon LakeNeal S. Blaisdell Center - Tom Moffatt Waikiki Shell, Honolulu, HI
Oct 307:00 PM
Canada Worship Nights: Phil Wickham & Josh BaldwinFirst Alliance Church - Calgary, Calgary, CA
Oct 407:00 PM
Phil WickhamFirst Alliance Church - Calgary, Calgary, CA
Oct 607:00 PM
Canada Worship Nights: Phil Wickham & Josh BaldwinThe Centre In Vancouver For Performing Arts, Vancouver, CA
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About Phil Wickham

Phil Wickham is a renowned American contemporary Christian music artist who is most popularly known for his inspiring and energetic live performances. His songs are not just music, they are experiences that fans eagerly flock to, and his events continually sell out, making Phil Wickham tickets some of the most sought-after in the Christian music industry.

One of his most popular live songs is "This is Amazing Grace," a song that consistently electrifies audiences with its powerful lyrics and melodic rhythms. During live performances, Phil Wickham uses the song to engage the crowd, encouraging them to sing along and participate in the musical experience. The song, from his 2013 album, "The Ascension," tops the list of his most streamed songs and has become a staple at his concerts.

"Living Hope," a song he co-wrote with Brian Johnson of Bethel Music, is another popular song at his live performances. It’s an emotionally charged anthem that showcases Wickham's powerful vocals and his ability to tug at the heartstrings of his audience. The song's popularity has skyrocketed, evidenced by frequent radio plays and its high streaming numbers. During live performances, the crowd bonding over the lyrics creates a unique, worship-filled atmosphere.

"Safe," featuring Bart Millard from MercyMe, is a song that proves to be a fan favorite in live settings. Its comforting lyrics and beautiful melody make it a stand-out in his discography, and fans often speak of the emotional connection they feel while singing along at concerts.

"Your Love Awakens Me," a song from his 2016 album "Children of God," also garners great responses during live performances. With its upbeat tempo and joyful lyrics, it serves to uplift and energize audiences, making it a must-see experience at a Phil Wickham concert.

Another song, "Till I Found You," is a favorite at live events due to its catchy rhythm and moving lyrics about redemption and the joy found in Christ. This song’s live performance often creates an atmosphere of celebration and gratitude that is powerful and contagious.

"True Love," a poignant tale of Jesus's sacrifice, is a classic Wickham tune that resonates with audiences. The live performance of this song is particularly powerful, creating a spiritually deep and reflective atmosphere that leaves profound impacts on the audience members.

Then there's his rendition of the hymn "At Your Name (Yahweh, Yahweh)". This song is known to stir up feelings of reverence and awe in live performances. Wickham’s ability to take a familiar hymn and add his unique touch to it makes this performance a standout and a memorable one.

Live Phil Wickham concerts are known for their spiritual depth and palpable energy. The passion Wickham brings to his live performances is belted out in every lyric and strummed in every chord, leaving his audience with an unforgettable experience. If you are interested in witnessing Phil Wickham perform these popular songs live, it's essential to monitor ticket sales early, as his events tend to sell out quickly due to his enormous popularity and the high demand for his phenomenal performances.

Phil Wickham History

Philip David Wickham, known by his stage name Phil Wickham, is a critically acclaimed American contemporary Christian vocalist and songwriter. Known for his passionate ballads and heartwarming melodies, Wickham's musical journey has been an inspiration to music lovers around the globe. The essence of his live concerts is something that fans look forward to, often snapping up tickets as soon as they go on sale.

Born on August 5, 1984, in San Diego, California, Wickham released his first album, "Give You My World", in 2003. Raised in a Christian home, his parents were both members of a Christian band, hence his early exposure to both music and spirituality. This combination would later play a significant role in shaping Wickham's unique sound and his successful career.

Despite his success on the studio albums, it was in his live concerts where Wickham truly shined. His energetic performances and soulful renditions of his popular songs have become a staple in Christian music concerts. He is highly sought after to lead worship concerts, thanks to his exquisite combination of contemporary music and profound, faith-filled lyrics.

Phil Wickham has an extraordinary knack for making each live concert a unique experience for his audience. His talent for bringing worshipers together through the emotional power of music is evident in his performances. His live concerts often feel like spiritual journeys, taking viewers through an emotional range of faith, worship, and love. Wickham's dynamic stage presence and his ability to unite a crowd under the banner of faith have made his concert events particularly memorable.

Fans would often queue up hours in advance to get tickets for his concerts, leading to multiple sold-out performances. The demand for his concert tickets continues to skyrocket due to his consistency in giving outstanding performances. His concerts often include popular songs from his various albums, along with some powerful worship songs that he spontaneously composes on stage, adding an element of surprise and stirring emotions amid the crowd.

Wickham’s most notable live performances include his 2016 concert at the Heaven Fest and his 2019 concert at the Worship Without Borders event. In these performances, he mesmerized the audience with his harmonious tunes and deeply spiritual lyrics, serving as a bridge between the audience and a divine, worshipful experience.

In addition to his solo concerts, Wickham has also had the opportunity to perform alongside other prominent Christian artists such as Jeremy Camp, Leeland, and Tenth Avenue North. These collaborations have further expanded his musical influence while adding a rich dimension to his live performances.

It is evident that Phil Wickham's concerts are more than just musical events. They are powerful worship sessions that leave a profound impact on attendees. His divine voice combined with the deep, spiritual lyrics of his songs continues to draw crowds, making his concert tickets a hot commodity in the Christian music world.

In conclusion, Phil Wickham's history is one steeped in faith, musicality, and an unwavering commitment to spreading love and positivity through his music. His live concerts enhance the spiritual connection that his music curates, making his events and tickets exceptional in the world of Christian music.

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