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    Jun 2907:00 PM
    Midnight StarMable House Barnes Amphitheatre, Mableton, GA
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    Aug 207:30 PM
    The Ohio Players & Midnight StarOhio Expo Center Coliseum, Columbus, OH
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    About Midnight Star

    Midnight Star, the American R&B and electro-funk group, has been in the music industry for over three decades. They have released numerous hit singles and albums, and their live performances have always been a crowd-pleaser. The band is best known for its upbeat and danceable music, which has helped them gain a considerable following around the world. In this article, we will discuss Midnight Star's most popular live songs and what makes them stand out.

    One of Midnight Star's most popular live songs is "No Parking (On the Dance Floor)," which was released in 1983. This song became a massive hit and is still played at clubs and parties to this day. It has an infectious beat and an irresistible chorus that gets people moving on the dance floor. The song's lively and energetic vibe is perfect for live performances, and fans love to sing along with the chorus. If you're attending a Midnight Star concert, you can expect to hear "No Parking (On the Dance Floor)" and witness the crowd's excitement.

    "Operator," another one of Midnight Star's popular songs, was released in 1984. It features a catchy melody and a funky bassline that gets fans grooving. The song's lyrics tell the story of a man trying to reach his lover through a phone operator. The band's live performance of "Operator" is an experience in itself. The crowd sings along with the chorus, and the band's energy brings the song to life. It's a must-hear song at any Midnight Star concert.

    "Ambassador" is another of Midnight Star's popular live songs. It was released in 1986 as part of their album "Headlines." This song has a funky beat, and the band's performance of it is electrifying. It has an extended instrumental part that allows the band to showcase their musical talent. Fans love to dance along to this song's beat, making it a crowd favorite at live performances.

    "Midnight Star Theme" is the band's signature tune, and it's often played at the beginning and end of their live performances. It was first released in 1980 and has since become an emblematic song in Midnight Star's repertoire. It has a disco-funk sound that captures the essence of the band's music. The song's catchy melody and memorable hook showcase the band's musical style and is a fan favorite at their concerts.

    Finally, "Midas Touch" is another of Midnight Star's most popular live songs. It was released in 1986 and became an instant hit. The song's upbeat tempo and catchy chorus make it a favorite among club-goers and party animals. The band's live performances of "Midas Touch" are always a crowd-pleaser, and fans love to dance along to the infectious beat. It is often played towards the end of the band's set, making it a perfect song to end a fantastic night of live music.

    In conclusion, Midnight Star's live performances are always full of energy, and their music is incredibly danceable. The band has numerous hits that are fan favorites, but some songs stand out above the rest. "No Parking (On the Dance Floor)," "Operator," "Ambassador," "Midnight Star Theme," and "Midas Touch" are some of Midnight Star's most popular live songs. These songs have become emblematic of the band's style, and they are sure to get any crowd moving. If you're a fan of Midnight Star's music, you can't miss their live performances. Be sure to get your tickets early!

    Midnight Star History

    Midnight Star is an American funk and R&B band that rose to fame in the 1980s with their chart-topping hits such as "Midas Touch," "No Parking on the Dance Floor," and "Operator." The band was formed in 1976 in Kentucky by Reggie Calloway, who played the trumpet and served as the band's main songwriter, alongside his younger brother Vincent who played the bass guitar. Other members of the original lineup included Bill Simmons on drums, Kenneth Gant on guitar, Bo Watson on the saxophone, and Jeff Cooper on the keyboards.

    Midnight Star's early years were spent performing at local clubs and talent shows in Kentucky and nearby areas. However, it was not until they relocated to Los Angeles and signed a recording contract with Solar Records that their music career took off. Their debut album, "The Beginning," was released in 1980 and featured the hit single "Freak-A-Zoid." The album's success earned them a spot on the American Bandstand TV show, which further boosted their popularity.

    The band's second album, "Standing Together," was released in 1981 and contained the hit song "I've Been Watching You." Midnight Star's third album, "Victory," was released in 1982, and it featured the band's biggest hit to date, "No Parking on the Dance Floor." The song reached number 2 on the R&B charts and number 43 on the US pop charts.

    Midnight Star continued to release successful albums throughout the 1980s, including "Planetary Invasion" (1984), "Headlines" (1986), and "Midnight Star" (1988). Their music was known for its infectious beats, catchy melodies, and futuristic sound, which was ahead of its time. The band's live performances were equally impressive, featuring elaborate stage setups, flashy costumes, and synchronized dance routines.

    Midnight Star's music and live shows were especially popular among African American audiences, who embraced the band's unique style and energy. The band toured extensively throughout the US and Europe, playing to sold-out crowds and earning a reputation as one of the best live acts of the era.

    Today, Midnight Star remains a beloved band with a dedicated fan base, and their music continues to inspire and influence new generations of musicians. Fans of the band can still catch them live in concert, as they continue to perform at various venues and music festivals around the world. Tickets to their concerts are highly coveted, as fans flock to see the band perform their classic hits and new material.

    For anyone looking to experience Midnight Star live in concert, tickets can be purchased through a variety of outlets, including Ticketmaster, StubHub, and Live Nation. Prices for tickets vary depending on the venue, seating location, and availability. However, for fans of the band, the opportunity to see Midnight Star perform live is well worth the investment.

    In conclusion, Midnight Star is a legendary funk and R&B band that has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Their unique sound, infectious beats, and electrifying live performances continue to captivate and inspire fans around the world. For anyone looking to experience the magic of Midnight Star live in concert, tickets are available for purchase through a variety of outlets. Don't miss your chance to see this iconic band perform their classic hits and new material in a venue near you.

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