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Aug 2(TBD)
Metallica - 2 Day PassGillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA
Aug 206:00 PM
Metallica, Pantera & Mammoth WVH - FridayGillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA
Aug 406:00 PM
Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills - SundayGillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA
Aug 9(TBD)
Metallica - 2 Day PassSoldier Field, Chicago, IL
Aug 906:00 PM
Metallica, Pantera & Mammoth WVH - FridaySoldier Field, Chicago, IL
Aug 1106:00 PM
Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills - SundaySoldier Field, Chicago, IL
Aug 16(TBD)
Metallica - 2 Day PassUS Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN
Aug 1607:00 PM
Metallica, Pantera & Mammoth WVH - FridayUS Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN
Aug 1807:00 PM
Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills - SundayUS Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN
Aug 23(TBD)
Metallica - 2 Day PassCommonwealth Stadium - Edmonton, Edmonton, CA
Aug 2306:00 PM
Metallica, Pantera & Mammoth WVH - FridayCommonwealth Stadium - Edmonton, Edmonton, CA
Aug 2506:00 PM
Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills - SundayCommonwealth Stadium - Edmonton, Edmonton, CA
Aug 30(TBD)
Metallica - 2 Day PassLumen Field, Seattle, WA
Aug 3006:00 PM
Metallica, Pantera & Mammoth WVH - FridayLumen Field, Seattle, WA
Sep 106:00 PM
Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills - SundayLumen Field, Seattle, WA
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About Metallica

Metallica fans, get ready for an unforgettable 2022 as the legendary heavy metal band embarks on a world tour. Following a successful 2021 with multiple achievements and hard work, Metallica is set to hit the road without taking a break.

The band has already announced concert dates for its 2022 tour, which will take place across various locations worldwide. The group advises fans to act fast as tickets for most of the shows are already on sale, with several package options available for fans to choose from. The standard prices for Metallica's upcoming shows in 2022 begin at around $300.

Metallica will launch its European tour "The Return Of The European Summer Vacation" in June and July 2022. The metal giants will perform seven shows across mainland Europe in what promises to be an unforgettable experience. Metallica has advised fans to get their tickets early as the best seats are already selling out fast.

The band's 40th-anniversary celebrations in 2021 did not slow them down, and they have now announced their scheduled shows for 2022, featuring several locations in South America, Europe, and the United States. Fans can expect to see the iconic quartet, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo, rock the stage with their electrifying performances.

But the fun doesn't stop there. Metallica is planning a comeback in 2023 and 2024 with a new album called "72 Seasons" and a brand new world tour, M72. The tour will feature concerts in Amsterdam, Paris, Hamburg, Gothenburg, Montreal, Arlington, Inglewood, Glendale, St. Louis, Detroit, Munich, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Madrid, Foxborough, Chicago, Minneapolis, Edmonton, and Seattle.

If you missed out on tickets for Metallica's concerts in 2023, you can still catch the band live in movie theaters around the world. Metallica will broadcast two concerts live to cinemas on August 18 and August 20, 2023, giving fans a chance to experience the show live.

Metallica also made an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" for five nights, wowing audiences with performances from their latest album, "72 Seasons." The band performed over 30 unique songs spanning their entire career.

Metallica's music career spans over four decades, making them one of the most iconic and enduring bands in the industry. Their latest album, "72 Seasons," features blunt lyricism and spikey musicality, reminding fans of the band's cutting-edge sound.

Despite their long career, Metallica shows no signs of slowing down. The band loves making music and acknowledges that their physical limitations may eventually come into play, but they plan to keep rocking for as long as possible.

So, whether you're a die-hard fan or just discovering Metallica for the first time, make sure to catch them on their upcoming tour and experience the magic for yourself.

Metallica History

Metallica is one of the most iconic heavy metal bands in the world. The band was formed in 1981 in Los Angeles by drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield. With the addition of bassist Cliff Burton and guitarist Kirk Hammett, the band quickly gained a following for their thrash metal sound and intense live performances.

Metallica's early albums, including "Kill 'Em All," "Ride the Lightning," and "Master of Puppets," are considered classics of the thrash metal genre. The band's music was characterized by fast, aggressive riffs, pounding drums, and Hetfield's powerful vocals. Metallica's music and live shows were fueled by a rebellious spirit and a rejection of mainstream culture.

Throughout the '80s and early '90s, Metallica toured extensively, playing hundreds of shows around the world. The band became known for their energetic and chaotic live performances, with Hetfield often leaping and thrashing about the stage as he sang. The band's shows were marked by intense energy and a sense of danger, with fans often moshing and crowd surfing in the pit.

In 1991, Metallica released their self-titled album, which is often referred to as "The Black Album." The album marked a departure from the band's earlier thrash metal sound, incorporating more traditional heavy metal and hard rock influences. The album was a massive commercial success, selling over 16 million copies in the United States alone.

With the success of "The Black Album," Metallica became one of the biggest bands in the world. The band continued to tour extensively, playing stadiums and arenas around the world. Metallica's live shows became even more elaborate, with pyrotechnics, elaborate stage designs, and massive video screens.

Despite their success, Metallica faced challenges in the late '90s and early 2000s. The band's 1996 album "Load" was a departure from their earlier sound, incorporating more blues and country influences. The album was met with mixed reviews, and some fans criticized the band for moving away from their thrash metal roots.

In 2000, Metallica faced a major setback when bassist Jason Newsted left the band. Newsted had been with the band since 1986 and was a key part of their sound and live performances. The departure left Metallica uncertain about their future, but they eventually regrouped with new bassist Robert Trujillo and continued to tour and record.

Despite these challenges, Metallica remains one of the biggest and most influential bands in the world. Their live shows continue to be a major draw for fans around the world, with tickets selling out in minutes for many of their concerts. Metallica's music and live performances have inspired countless other bands, and their legacy continues to grow with each passing year.

In conclusion, Metallica's history is marked by a relentless pursuit of musical excellence and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of heavy metal music. Their live performances, in particular, are legendary, with fans flocking to see them play around the world. For those lucky enough to score tickets to a Metallica concert, the experience is nothing short of electrifying. The band remains a symbol of rebelliousness and defiance, inspiring generations of music fans and musicians alike.

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