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May 2607:00 PM
MariselaOvens Auditorium, Charlotte, NC
Jun 108:00 PM
MariselaThe Show - Agua Caliente Casino, Rancho Mirage, CA
Sep 2708:30 PM
MariselaRosemont Theatre, Rosemont, IL
Sep 2808:00 PM
MariselaTexas Trust CU Theatre at Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie, TX
Nov 808:00 PM
MariselaYouTube Theater at Hollywood Park, Inglewood, CA
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About Marisela

Marisela, the popular Mexican-American singer known as 'La Dama de Hierro,' captivates her audience with her unforgettable live performances. Her shows are a sought-after experience, and her powerful voice resonates with fans across the globe. Marisela's most popular live songs are not just mere performances; they are compelling narratives of love, heartbreak, and resilience that connect with her audience profoundly. Fans eagerly anticipate live events and scramble to secure tickets to witness the magic of her live performances.

One of the most enchanting songs in Marisela's live repertoire is "Sin El." This classic hit is a heart-wrenching ballad that has garnered immense popularity over the years. The raw emotion Marisela channels into her live performances of "Sin El" leaves the audience spellbound, creating an intimate atmosphere even in the most extensive venues. Tickets to her shows often sell out swiftly, driven by the desire to witness her iconic renditions of this timeless piece.

Another favorite among fans is "Completamente Tuya." In live concerts, Marisela brings a passionate energy to this song that is unmatched. Her commanding presence on stage and her ability to convey the song's deeply emotional essence make for an unforgettable performance. Audiences are often seen singing along, swept up in the gripping narrative of the song. The demand for tickets increases significantly when this song is confirmed in her live event setlists.

Marisela's live rendition of "Enamorada y Herida" also remains a crowd favorite. This song, with its powerful lyrics and Marisela's poignant delivery, always leaves a significant impact on the audience. Her voice, filled with aching sincerity and raw vulnerability, sends shivers down the spine. The experience of witnessing this emotional ballad performed live is a major draw for fans buying tickets to Marisela's concerts.

Marisela's fans never miss a chance to hear "Sola con mi Soledad" live. With its haunting melody and heartrending lyrics, this song showcases Marisela's exceptional vocal talent. In her live performances, she puts her heart and soul into this song, making it a showstopper in every concert. The anticipation of hearing 'Sola con mi Soledad' live compels many fans to purchase tickets the moment they go on sale.

Finally, "Tu Dama de Hierro," from which Marisela dubs her nickname, routinely stirs the audience into a frenzy during live performances. A definitive anthem for the singer, the song's message of strength and resilience perfectly complements Marisela's stage persona. Fans are often electrified by her gripping live rendition of this powerful tune. The promise of hearing "Tu Dama de Hierro" live is a significant driver of ticket sales for her concerts.

Marisela's live shows are more than a display of her vocal prowess. They are spectacles of emotion, passion, and connection, where every song unveils a story, every lyric sparks a feeling, and every note resonates with the audience's hearts. The live renditions of her most popular songs create magical moments that fans yearn for, resulting in escalating demands for live event tickets. Marisela's concerts are a testament to the timeless appeal of her music and the enduring love of her fans.

Marisela History

Marisela, often referred to as “La Dama de Hierro,” is a renowned Mexican-American singer. Throughout her prolific career, she has become known for her powerful performances and commanding stage presence, creating an electrifying atmosphere at her live concerts. With her powerful, emotive voice enticing audiences internationally, Marisela's live performances have cemented her status as an iconic Latin artist.

Born on April 24, 1966, in Los Angeles, California, Marisela Esqueda dreamt of becoming a singer from a young age. She began her journey into the entertainment industry during her teenage years. Her big break came when she was discovered by the legendary Marco Antonio Solís, who was a member of the celebrated band "Los Bukis." He became Marisela's first producer, steering her towards stardom.

Marisela's first album, 'Sin Él,' released in 1985, gave an insight into her vocal prowess and stage presence. The album was a massive hit, spearheading her career to unparalleled heights. She soon became a hot ticket item in the live concert scene, performing at sold-out venues across the United States, Latin America, and beyond. Her popularity surged with albums such as 'Sólo Lo Mejor,' 'Completamente Tuya,' and many more, each resonating with her fans on a deeply emotional level.

Over the years, Marisela's live concerts have become legendary events. They are well-known for her dynamic performances, soulful renditions of her hit songs, and the palpable connection she shares with her audience. Fans eagerly anticipate the ticket release for her concerts, often resulting in sold-out shows within a few hours of going on sale.

Marisela’s live performance not only includes her singing her popular tracks but also engaging her audience through storytelling, taking them on a journey through her illustrious career. This intimate connection with her fans has resulted in a loyal fan base that spans several generations, with many traveling great distances to see her perform live.

Marisela's concerts also stand out due to the unique touch she adds to the staging and production. She has always believed in giving her audience a memorable experience, and her concerts often feature elaborate stage designs, impressive lighting effects, and top-notch sound quality. Throughout the years, she has collaborated with various talented musicians, making her live concerts a fusion of diverse sounds and rhythms.

Moreover, Marisela’s concerts often bring together a diverse crowd, consisting of both the Hispanic community and music lovers from various backgrounds. They gather to enjoy her powerful vocal performances and the unique blend of romantic ballads and upbeat pop tracks.

Marisela's influence extends beyond her music. She has used her platform and concert events to champion various charitable causes, demonstrating her commitment to giving back to her community.

In the recent years, despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, Marisela has strived to keep her connection with her fans alive. She has participated in numerous virtual concerts, ensuring her fans continue to enjoy her music from the safety of their homes.

The history of Marisela is an inspiring tale of a passionate and dedicated artist who has made a significant impact on Latin music. Her captivating live concerts and the emotional depth of her music continue to resonate with audiences, ensuring her tickets are always in high demand. Undoubtedly, Marisela is an artist par excellence, whose concerts are a thrilling testament to her enduring talent.

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