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Feb 2507:00 PM
Los Tigres del NorteLucas Oil Live At WinStar Casino, Thackerville, OK
Mar 1002:45 PM
Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo: Los Tigres del NorteNRG Stadium, Houston, TX
Mar 2208:00 PM
Los Tigres del NorteAdventist Health Arena, Stockton, CA
Mar 2308:00 PM
Los Tigres del NorteMechanics Bank Theater, Bakersfield, CA
Mar 3008:00 PM
Los Tigres del NorteDon Haskins Center, El Paso, TX
Apr 1908:00 PM
Los Tigres del NorteGreensboro Coliseum At Greensboro Coliseum Complex, Greensboro, NC
Apr 2008:00 PM
Los Tigres del NorteGas South Arena, Duluth, GA
Apr 2608:30 PM
Los Tigres del NorteSantander Arena, Reading, PA
Apr 2708:30 PM
Los Tigres del NorteXL Center, Hartford, CT
Sep 2708:30 PM
Los Tigres del NorteBridgestone Arena, Nashville, TN
Sep 2808:30 PM
Los Tigres del NorteBon Secours Wellness Arena, Greenville, SC
Nov 808:30 PM
Los Tigres del NorteAcrisure Arena, Thousand Palms, CA
Nov 908:30 PM
Los Tigres del NortePechanga Arena - San Diego, San Diego, CA
Nov 2308:30 PM
Los Tigres del NorteToyota Center - Kennewick, Kennewick, WA
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About Los Tigres del Norte

Los Tigres del Norte is a renowned Mexican norteño band that has significantly influenced the Latin music scene since its formation in 1968. The band, known for its corridos or narrative folk ballads, has captured the hearts of millions of audiences worldwide through their expressive lyrics about social issues, love, and life, particularly in the Mexican immigrant community. Here, we will dive into the most popular live songs performed by Los Tigres del Norte that have created a frenzy in live events and surged the sales of tickets.

1. "La Puerta Negra": This classic hit from their 1984 album "Mi Buena Suerte" is one of Los Tigres del Norte's most recognized tracks. It's often considered the band's anthem, and its rhythm invites audiences to dance and sing along. When performed live, "La Puerta Negra" brings a contagious energy to the audience, making it a favorite in every concert. It's no surprise that this song is one of the main attractions that contribute to the high-ticket sales for their shows.

2. "Jefe de Jefes": As the title track of their 1997 album, "Jefe de Jefes" is a powerful song that tells the tale of a prominent figure in society. This song showcases the storytelling prowess of Los Tigres del Norte and has become a classic at live events due to the band's captivating performance and the crowd's enthusiastic response. Concert-goers often eagerly anticipate this song, and it's one of the reasons fans secure their tickets early for a chance to experience it live.

3. "Contrabando y Traición": Often hailed as the first narcocorrido (a subgenre of the Mexican norteño-corrido), "Contrabando y Traición" is a milestone in Los Tigres del Norte's discography. This song about drug smuggling and betrayal has become a concert staple, with ticket holders expecting it as part of the band’s setlist. The live performance of this song adds another layer of intensity to its narrative, making it a memorable experience for the attendees.

4. "Golpes en el Corazón": This heart-wrenching song featuring Paulina Rubio was a huge hit from their 2010 "MTV Unplugged" album. The emotional lyrics and the soulful melody stir the hearts of listeners, making it an anticipated number at live concerts. Fans buy tickets to their live shows hoping to witness and be part of the emotional connection this song evokes among the audience.

5. "La Bala": From their album "Realidades," "La Bala" is a poignant song about gun violence. Its impactful live performance renders it one of the band's most popular live songs, often leaving a profound impression on the audience. Many fans purchase tickets for Los Tigres del Norte’s concerts to experience firsthand the raw and powerful renditions of such songs.

The popularity of these live songs contributes significantly to the high demand for Los Tigres del Norte's concert tickets. Each live performance by this legendary band is an experience cherished by their fans, which is why their concerts are always a must-attend event. As long as Los Tigres del Norte continue to deliver their heartfelt messages through their music, fans will continue to flood ticket counters for a chance to witness their spectacular live performances.

Los Tigres del Norte History

Los Tigres del Norte, a worldwide phenomenon and one of the most influential bands in the history of Latin music, have etched their name in the annals of world music. Blessed with an extraordinary gift for storytelling, this band creates narratives that resonate powerfully with people of all walks of life, particularly the Hispanic immigrant community. Over the years, their live concert events have been a crucial part of their popularity, taking their music to the masses with dazzling performances and anticipation-filled ticket releases.

Formed in the late 1960s, Los Tigres del Norte initially comprised of the four Hernández brothers: Jorge, Hernán, Eduardo, and Luis, along with their cousin Oscar Lara. The band was born in Rosa Morada, a small town in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, and their journey to stardom began when they migrated to San Jose, California, after receiving a recording contract from an impressed music executive.

Their concerts, whether held in intimate locations or vast arenas, are a testament to their status as Latino cultural icons. Los Tigres del Norte are known for their high-energy performances, with enchanting melodies and heart-touching lyrics. Their concerts serve not only as a celebration of music but also as a platform that amplifies the voice of the Hispanic community. Every concert ticket sold is a testament to their enduring appeal and relevance in contemporary Latin music.

Over the years, their concert events have been historical and memorable, as they continually thrill their audience, consisting of both the young and old, richly representing the cross-generational appeal of their music. In 2007, Los Tigres del Norte made history by becoming the first Norteño band to play at the iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, showcasing their crossover appeal. Similarly, their legendary 12-hour concert at Mexico’s largest bullring, Plaza de Toros México, in 2009, still stands as a testament to their indomitable spirit and undying passion.

These live concert events have become known for the diverse range of emotions they evoke. The band’s ability to connect deeply with their audience, sharing stories of love, struggle, and hope, is what sets them apart. Their concert tickets are highly sought after, as fans wait with bated breath for the experience to live their music and narratives in person.

Los Tigres del Norte have also made it a point to give back to the community. They established the Los Tigres del Norte Foundation, which granted the University of California, Los Angeles, a significant endowment for the study and preservation of Mexican and Mexican-American music. This initiative is a clear demonstration of their commitment to protecting and promoting the cultural heritage that they so proudly represent on the global stage.

In conclusion, Los Tigres del Norte's illustrious career, spanning more than four decades, is filled with numerous hit records, awards, and memorable live concert events. Their ability to capture crowds with their intoxicating fusion of music and storytelling is unparalleled. Their concert tickets don't just promise a night of exceptional music, but also an opportunity to partake in a cultural experience that transcends borders. Their legacy is one of music, struggle, resilience, and above all, an enduring connection with the people who find a piece of their stories in the band's lyrics.

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