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  • SUN
    Aug 1101:00 PM
    NFL Preseason: Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver BroncosLucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN
    17 People Viewing Right Now
  • SAT
    Aug 1707:00 PM
    NFL Preseason: Indianapolis Colts vs. Arizona CardinalsLucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN
    10 People Viewing Right Now
  • THU
    Aug 2208:00 PM
    NFL Preseason: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Indianapolis ColtsPaycor Stadium, Cincinnati, OH
  • SAT
    Sep 7(TBD)
    2024 Indianapolis Colts Season Tickets (Includes Tickets To All Regular Season Home Games)Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN
  • SUN
    Sep 801:00 PM
    Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston TexansLucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN
    16 People Viewing Right Now
  • SUN
    Sep 15(TBD)
    Premium Tailgate Party: Green Bay Packers vs. Indianapolis ColtsThe Bar - Holmgren Way, Green Bay, WI
    11 People Viewing Right Now
  • SUN
    Sep 1512:00 PM
    Green Bay Packers vs. Indianapolis ColtsLambeau Field, Green Bay, WI
    19 People Viewing Right Now
  • SUN
    Sep 2201:00 PM
    Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago BearsLucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN
    17 People Viewing Right Now
  • SUN
    Sep 2901:00 PM
    Indianapolis Colts vs. Pittsburgh SteelersLucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN
    15 People Viewing Right Now
  • SUN
    Oct 601:00 PM
    Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Indianapolis ColtsEverBank Stadium, Jacksonville, FL
    10 People Viewing Right Now
  • SUN
    Oct 13(TBD)
    Premium Tailgate Party: Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis ColtsPremium Tailgate Tent - TN, Nashville, TN
  • SUN
    Oct 1309:00 AM
    Tailgreeter All-Inclusive Tailgate: Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis ColtsTailgreeter All-Inclusive Tailgate - Nissan Stadium, Nashville, TN
  • SUN
    Oct 1312:00 PM
    Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis ColtsNissan Stadium - Nashville, Nashville, TN
    17 People Viewing Right Now
  • SUN
    Oct 2001:00 PM
    Indianapolis Colts vs. Miami DolphinsLucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN
    13 People Viewing Right Now
  • SUN
    Oct 2712:00 PM
    Houston Texans vs. Indianapolis ColtsNRG Stadium, Houston, TX
  • SUN
    Nov 312:00 PM
    Minnesota Vikings vs. Indianapolis ColtsUS Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN
  • SUN
    Nov 1001:00 PM
    Indianapolis Colts vs. Buffalo BillsLucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN
    12 People Viewing Right Now
  • SUN
    Nov 17(TBD)
    Premium Tailgate Party: New York Jets vs. Indianapolis ColtsPremium Tailgate Tent - NY, East Rutherford, NJ
  • SUN
    Nov 1708:20 PM
    New York Jets vs. Indianapolis ColtsMetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ
  • SUN
    Nov 2401:00 PM
    Indianapolis Colts vs. Detroit LionsLucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN
    16 People Viewing Right Now
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    About Indianapolis Colts

    In a thrilling revelation for all football enthusiasts, the Indianapolis Colts, one of America's beloved NFL teams, have announced an action-packed schedule for the 2023-24 season with nine colossal home games. This certainly stirs the excitement among fans, and the good news is, tickets are already available for purchase.

    The upcoming season will see the Colts back at their home ground, Lucas Oil Stadium, for an exciting line-up of nine home games. For seasoned spectators and newcomers alike, these games are not just about watching a match; they're about experiencing the electric atmosphere, adrenaline rush, and the undying spirit of the NFL.

    The Indianapolis Colts strong lineup of talent promises some gripping football this season. The home games, always a favorite with fans, are expected to sell out quickly. Therefore, it's recommended to secure your spot as early as possible to witness the thrilling NFL action live from the stands.

    While purchasing tickets, fans have multiple options at their disposal. Single game tickets can be obtained directly, but those looking forward to experiencing the entire season in all its glory can opt for season tickets. These can be conveniently purchased on Vivid Seats, a trusted platform for all your ticketing needs.

    Moreover, for those planning their schedule around these games, detailed information about the Colts' home games is readily available. A comprehensive list of all upcoming Indianapolis Colts home games at Lucas Oil Stadium is provided, including essential details like dates, start times, and opponents. This complete and organized guide will help fans strategize their game day experience in the best possible way.

    With an exciting season ahead, the Indianapolis Colts are all set to offer a thrilling spectacle full of high-octane football action. So, gear up, mark your calendars, and get ready to cheer on your favorite team from the heart of the action at Lucas Oil Stadium.

    Indianapolis Colts History

    The Indianapolis Colts, a storied franchise within the realm of professional American football, have a rich history intertwined with various live sports events. This National Football League (NFL) team is respected for its high energy games and loyal fan base, which is inextricably linked to the storied history of the Colts and the culture of American football.

    The franchise first took root as the Baltimore Colts in 1953 but made a bold, middle-of-the-night move to Indianapolis in 1984. The shift brought a new era of enthusiasm to Indianapolis, as fans were eager to support their new team. Today, the Colts play their home games in the heart of Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium, known affectionately as "The House That Peyton Built," referring to the team's legendary former quarterback, Peyton Manning.

    Manning's era was a golden period for the Colts, including their triumph in Super Bowl XLI in 2007 under coach Tony Dungy, making Dungy the first African-American coach to win a Super Bowl. Manning was at the helm of the team from 1998 to 2011, providing fans with countless unforgettable live sports events.

    An integral part of the Colts' history is the live game experience. No matter the season, the anticipation and eagerness for Colts games are palpable in the city. The energy at Lucas Oil Stadium during games is electric, with fans, both local and from afar, filling the stadium's 67,000 seats.

    The advent of the digital age has made obtaining Colts tickets easier than ever. Tickets for all Colts games — home and away — are just a click away. Fans can also opt for season passes to ensure they don't miss a moment of the action. Specialized websites and mobile apps offer detailed seating charts and pricing options, so fans can choose the perfect vantage point to watch the game. Even for major events like the playoffs and the Super Bowl, online ticket platforms allow fans to secure their spot at the game.

    Additionally, the team offers VIP ticket packages, including pre-game sideline passes and access to exclusive post-game parties. For fans who can't make it to the game, tailgate parties are a popular tradition. These provide fans with a communal experience to enjoy the game remotely.

    Looking back, the Indianapolis Colts' history is laden with triumphant moments and remarkable live events. The franchise’s legacy, underscored by Hall of Famers like Manning and wide receiver Marvin Harrison, echoes throughout the league. It has been a journey of enduring commitment from the players, intense coaching strategies, and most importantly, unwavering support from the fans.

    For every Colts fan, a ticket to a game is more than just an entry pass to a sports event. It is an immersion into the history, culture, and community of the Indianapolis Colts, a chance to witness sportsmanship at its finest, and an opportunity to be a part of the living legacy of one of the most esteemed franchises in the NFL.

    In conclusion, the Indianapolis Colts is not just a team but a symbol of unity, resilience, and a drive for excellence. Every game, every ticket, every cheer is a testament to the undying spirit of this historical franchise and the fans that breathe life into it.

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