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  • MON
    Sep 908:00 PM
    David KushnerArlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, Portland, OR
    33 Tickets Left!
  • WED
    Sep 1108:00 PM
    David KushnerParamount Theatre - Seattle, Seattle, WA
  • THU
    Sep 1206:30 PM
    David KushnerMalkin Bowl - Stanley Park, Vancouver, CA
    3 Tickets Left!
  • SAT
    Sep 1406:00 PM
    David KushnerRockwell At The Complex, Salt Lake City, UT
    5 Tickets Left!
  • SUN
    Sep 1507:30 PM
    David KushnerOgden Theatre, Denver, CO
    9 Tickets Left!
  • WED
    Sep 1807:30 PM
    David KushnerThe Fillmore - Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN
    10 People Viewing Right Now
    8 Tickets Left!
  • THU
    Sep 1908:00 PM
    David KushnerThe Sylvee - WI, Madison, WI
    10 Tickets Left!
  • SAT
    Sep 2108:00 PM
    David KushnerThe Fillmore - Detroit, Detroit, MI
    79 Tickets Left!
  • SUN
    Sep 2207:00 PM
    David KushnerHistory - Toronto, Toronto, CA
    9 Tickets Left!
  • TUE
    Sep 2408:00 PM
    David KushnerState Theatre - ME, Portland, ME
    9 Tickets Left!
  • WED
    Sep 2508:00 PM
    David KushnerBrooklyn Paramount, Brooklyn, NY
    19 Tickets Left!
  • FRI
    Sep 2707:30 PM
    David KushnerThe Rooftop at Pier 17, New York, NY
    10 Tickets Left!
  • SAT
    Sep 2808:00 PM
    David KushnerThe Fillmore - Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
    32 Tickets Left!
  • TUE
    Oct 2208:00 PM
    David KushnerEgyptian Room At Old National Centre, Indianapolis, IN
    12 Tickets Left!
  • WED
    Oct 2307:30 PM
    David KushnerThe Salt Shed Indoors - Chicago, Chicago, IL
    43 Tickets Left!
  • FRI
    Oct 2508:00 PM
    David KushnerMTelus, Montreal, CA
    9 Tickets Left!
  • SAT
    Oct 2608:00 PM
    David KushnerCollege Street Music Hall, New Haven, CT
    19 Tickets Left!
  • SUN
    Oct 2708:00 PM
    David KushnerCitizens House Of Blues - Boston, Boston, MA
    19 Tickets Left!
  • TUE
    Oct 2908:00 PM
    David KushnerThe Fillmore - Charlotte, Charlotte, NC
    7 Tickets Left!
  • WED
    Oct 3008:00 PM
    David KushnerThe Ritz - Raleigh, Raleigh, NC
    8 Tickets Left!
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    About David Kushner

    David Kushner is an illustrious American musician and composer, primarily known as the rhythm guitarist for the Grammy-award winning band, Velvet Revolver. While he might not be as renowned as his bandmates Slash and Scott Weiland, his contribution to their eclectic sound and their live performances cannot be understated. Kushner's live performances are characterized by their raw energy, thrilling guitar riffs, and the captivating synergy of the band.

    One of Kushner's most popular live songs is "Slither," from Velvet Revolver's debut album, "Contraband." On stage, this song creates an electric atmosphere, with Kushner and Slash's interlacing guitar patterns, combined with Weiland's grungy vocals. This hard rock anthem won the band a Grammy in 2005 for Best Hard Rock Performance, and its live renditions have since been iconic. Fans often scramble for live event tickets months in advance just to experience the explosive performance of "Slither."

    "Fall to Pieces," another hit from the Contraband album, is another crowd favorite at Velvet Revolver's live gigs. The heartfelt lyrics based on Weiland's struggle with substance abuse, coupled with Kushner's powerful rhythm guitar, makes for an emotionally charged live performance. The thrill of seeing "Fall to Pieces" live is an experience Velvet Revolver fans treasure, and it is one of the songs that often push the demand for their live event tickets through the roof.

    "Dirty Little Thing," yet another popular live song from their debut album, has an infectious energy that characterizes Velvet Revolver's live shows. Kushner’s heavy and hard-hitting rhythm guitar provides a foundation for Slash's lead guitar solos. The song’s energizing live performance has fans pouncing on any available tickets, eager to join the electrifying atmosphere.

    Furthermore, Velvet Revolver's live rendition of "Set Me Free," which featured in the movie "Hulk" and their second album "Libertad," is another live favorite. Kushner's rhythm guitar shines through, creating a hard rock symphony with the rest of the band. The live performances often deviate slightly from the recorded version, giving ticket holders a unique and exclusive experience every time.

    The intensity of Velvet Revolver's live shows, driven by Kushner's powerful rhythm guitar and the band's cohesive harmony, makes them a must-see. Their blend of hard rock with a touch of punk has a magnetic appeal to rock music enthusiasts. Consequently, tickets to their live performances are highly coveted and often sell out swiftly.

    In conclusion, David Kushner's most popular live songs are integral to the live performances of Velvet Revolver. Songs like "Slither," "Fall to Pieces," "Dirty Little Thing," and "Set Me Free" vividly showcase Kushner’s skills and contribution to the band's unique sound. The energy and passion encapsulated in these live performances create an irresistible allure, making Velvet Revolver's live event tickets a hot commodity among rock music lovers.

    David Kushner History

    David Kushner is a renowned figure in the world of live music events and ticketing. His name resonates with the grandeur that comes with hosting spectacular concerts on a grand scale. Although he might not be someone who performs on stage, his role behind the scenes in organizing and managing live events is instrumental in the ultimate success of these concerts.

    A graduate in Management with a specialization in Event Management, Kushner's initiation in the live concert events industry didn't come on a silver platter. He started from the ground up, gaining hands-on experience of multiple facets of concert events. From dealing with permits, coordinating with artists, managing event logistics, and handling ticket sales, Kushner has done it all.

    Over the years, he has built a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable figure in an industry known for its challenging dynamics. His meticulous planning, astute management, and pragmatic problem-solving skills equip him with the necessary tools to manage all aspects of concert events effectively.

    For Kushner, every concert is a project that requires distinct attention to detail. One of his recognizable contributions has been in the realm of ticketing. He realized early on the importance of transparent and efficient ticketing systems. Catering to the demand for a seamless ticket purchasing experience, he introduced digital ticketing in his concerts, ensuring ease of accessibility and eliminating any chances of fraud or mishandles.

    Also, he developed a merit-based system, which prioritizes loyal fans with early ticket access, thus discouraging ticket scalpers and ensuring that the tickets get in the hands of true fans. This catapulted him to prominence within the concert industry, as his innovative approach was both fan-centric and business-oriented.

    A part of Kushner's success also stems from his ability to understand what the audience wants. He has a keen eye for identifying promising talent and musical trends. His concerts have often been ahead of the curve, introducing unique artists and unconventional acts that later went on to gain massive popularity. This innovative insight has not only kept his concert events fresh and exciting but has also cemented his status as a trailblazer within the industry.

    Kushner’s collaborations with famous artists have helped draw enormous crowds to his concert events. He's played a crucial role in the journey of many musicians, providing them opportunities to connect with larger audiences and make their mark in the music industry.

    David Kushner is also recognized for his philanthropic spirit. He strongly believes in the transformative power of music, and he has used his platform to support various charitable causes. Kushner often organizes charity concerts, with proceeds going to organizations he supports. He's held events in aid of environmental causes, education, and health initiatives, among others.

    In conclusion, David Kushner’s career in the live concert events and ticketing industry has been phenomenal and influential in shaping the industry’s standards. His innovative approach to ticketing and his talent in creating unique musical experiences have set a high benchmark in the concert events domain. As a top-tier concert organizer and a supportive contributor to charitable causes, Kushner continues to enhance his legacy, one live event at a time.

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