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  • THU
    Jul 2507:30 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourAlberta Bair Theater, Billings, MT
    18 Tickets Left!
  • SAT
    Jul 2707:30 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourDennison Theatre, Missoula, MT
  • THU
    Aug 107:30 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourRaising Cane's River Center Theatre, Baton Rouge, LA
    93 Tickets Left!
  • FRI
    Aug 207:30 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourJulie Rogers Theatre, Beaumont, TX
  • SAT
    Aug 307:30 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourSelena Auditorium, Corpus Christi, TX
  • SUN
    Aug 403:00 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourMcAllen Performing Arts Center, Mcallen, TX
  • THU
    Aug 807:30 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourGillioz Theatre, Springfield, MO
    7 Tickets Left!
  • FRI
    Aug 907:30 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourMissouri Theater - Columbia, Columbia, MO
  • SAT
    Aug 1007:30 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourKansas Star Event Center - Arena, Mulvane, KS
    11 People Viewing Right Now
  • SUN
    Aug 1103:00 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourCains Ballroom, Tulsa, OK
    4 Tickets Left!
  • THU
    Aug 1507:30 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourMeyer Theatre - WI, Green Bay, WI
    18 Tickets Left!
  • FRI
    Aug 1607:30 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourThe Grand Theatre - Wausau, Wausau, WI
  • SAT
    Aug 1707:30 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourFitzgerald Theater, Saint Paul, MN
    29 Tickets Left!
  • SUN
    Aug 1804:00 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourBarrymore Theatre - Madison, Madison, WI
    70 Tickets Left!
  • THU
    Sep 1207:30 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourParamount Theatre - Rutland, Rutland, VT
    10 Tickets Left!
  • FRI
    Sep 1307:30 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourCrouse Hinds Theater - Mulroy Civic Center At Oncenter, Syracuse, NY
    36 Tickets Left!
  • SAT
    Sep 1407:30 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourSheas Performing Arts Center, Buffalo, NY
  • SUN
    Sep 1507:00 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourWarner Theatre - PA, Erie, PA
    62 Tickets Left!
  • THU
    Sep 1907:30 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourVictoria Theatre - Dayton, Dayton, OH
    12 Tickets Left!
  • FRI
    Sep 2007:30 PM
    Bored Teachers Comedy TourMorris Performing Arts Center, South Bend, IN
    18 Tickets Left!
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    About Bored Teachers Comedy Tour

    Bored Teachers Comedy Tour has become a staple in the world of educational humor and profound music. The tour has been known to bring laughter and cheers to audiences across the country, with their most popular live songs adding a musical element to their razor-sharp wit. But what truly sets these concerts apart are the unforgettable live events and the hot demand for tickets.

    One of the most popular live songs during the Bored Teachers Comedy Tour is undoubtedly "Lesson Plans". This hilariously relatable song captures the struggles of an everyday teacher trying to cope with the demands of planning lessons for different grades. Its catchy tune and clever lyrics that use classroom jargon and common teacher complaints make it a favorite among audiences. When this tune begins, you can't help but join in the laughter, the applause, and the chorus – a testament to the shared experiences of teachers everywhere.

    "Grading Grind" is another live song that receives an overwhelming response from audiences. Using humor and wit, this song offers a poignant take on the tedious process of grading student assignments. The brilliant wordplay combined with a catchy melody ensures that by the time the song is over, everyone in the audience is singing along and swapping stories about their own grading nightmares.

    "Staff Room Blues," another popular live song, delves into the behind-the-scenes side of teaching; the time spent in the staff room away from the students. By highlighting the often overlooked aspects of teaching life, like endless meetings and copious amounts of coffee, "Staff Room Blues" gets teachers and even non-teachers up from their seats, clapping along and chuckling at the shared truth.

    Perhaps the most iconic live song at the Bored Teachers Comedy Tour, though, is the "Summer Break Samba". This high-energy, upbeat song celebrates the much-anticipated summer break that teachers yearn for all year. The contrast between the dreamy verses about relaxation and the humorous reality of “catching up on sleep and Netflix” is an example of the group's sharp comedic timing.

    When it comes to live events of Bored Teachers Comedy Tour, the atmosphere is incomparable. As the lights dim, the venue, filled with excited chatter, immediately transitions into eager anticipation. The performances are punctuated not only by laughter but also by moments of collective empathy as the audience connects over shared experiences. Furthermore, being part of these live events offers an invaluable opportunity for teachers to feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

    Those who have experienced these live events once can't help but thirst for more. This explains why tickets for the Bored Teachers Comedy Tour sell like hot cakes every year. Each ticket promises an evening of hearty laughter, familiarity, and a sense of community among teachers. Teachers, tired of the humdrum of daily school life, are always keen to grab these tickets, making each live event a sold-out success.

    In conclusion, the Bored Teachers Comedy Tour's popular live songs and their unforgettable performances provide a truly unique experience. By combining humor, music, and the universal experiences of teachers, they create an engaging and relatable event. And with tickets in high demand each year, it's clear that the tour continues to resonate strongly within the teaching community and beyond.

    Bored Teachers Comedy Tour History

    The Bored Teachers Comedy Tour is no ordinary comedy spectacle; it's an event that brings educators, students, and humor enthusiasts together for a thrilling, laughter-inducing ride. Started by a group of real working teachers, the comedy tour is a testament to the unique and often humorous side of the teaching profession. Coupling elements of stand-up comedy, improvisation, and interactive performances, the Bored Teachers Comedy Tour is entertaining, enlightening, and widely appealing.

    In 2016, a group of teachers took to creating hilarious sketches and videos about their profession to share on social media. This initiative was a way to shed light on the trials and tribulations of teachers, while at the same time, providing a humorous interpretation of their experiences. The videos quickly gained popularity, leading to the formation of the Bored Teachers Comedy Tour.

    The show's concept is simple yet effective: the comedians use their real-life experiences as educators to create comedic sketches and stand-up routines that resonate with anyone who's ever been in a classroom setting. The line-up consists of talented performers who know how to improvise, adapt, and engage the crowd, ensuring a lively and interactive experience. They've made it their mission to portray the often overlooked, lighter side of education and in doing so, they've been bringing communities together nationwide.

    Throughout the years, the Bored Teachers Comedy Tour has successfully packed theaters and sold out shows across the country. Their unique brand of humor is not only about making people laugh but also about fostering connections between teachers, parents, and students. Moreover, the performances are a celebration of teachers, shedding light on their daily struggles and triumphs, and humanizing the profession that shapes future generations.

    Buying tickets to the Bored Teachers Comedy Tour gives you access to an unforgettable evening full of laughter. The shows often sell out quickly due to their popularity, so it's recommended to secure your seats as soon as tickets become available. The performances run for approximately 90 minutes with no intermission, designed to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

    The live events are usually held in intimate settings, creating an atmosphere conducive to interaction and engagement. Audience members often get the chance to participate, ensuring each show is unique and refreshing. The comedy sketches are interspersed with stand-up routines, creating a dynamic and enjoyable experience.

    In conclusion, the Bored Teachers Comedy Tour is a celebration of the teaching profession and the humor therein. They've managed to carve out a unique niche for themselves in the world of comedy, combining relatable anecdotes with hilarious sketches. Attending one of their live concerts guarantees an evening filled with laughter, camaraderie, and a renewed appreciation of the men and women shaping our youth. Their performances are a testament to the importance of highlighting the human side of education, making the Bored Teachers Comedy Tour a must-see for anyone associated with or interested in the world of teaching. Secure your tickets today and be prepared for a performance that's as enlightening as it is amusing.

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