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About Cirque Du Soleil

Cirque Du Soleil is an entertainment company based in Montreal, Canada. It is the largest theatrical producer in the world and was initially named Les Échassiers. The group started out as a performing troupe touring Quebec in 1980 and received a government grant in 1983 from the Canada Council for the Arts. The founder, Guy Laliberte intended to create a circus free of performing animals, calling it the contemporary circus. Today, Cirque du Soleil  shows brings together circus styles from around the world with a unique central theme and storyline.

Cirque Du Soleil went through a massive expansion in the 1990s and 2000s, going from one show to 19 different productions in more than 271 cities across the world. With more than 4,000 employees, from more than 40 countries, generating annual revenue of US$810 million, Cirque Du Soleil is bigger now than ever. Enjoy the colorful worlds of this production with these Cirque Du Soleil tickets!

Behind the Scenes

The creation of a typical Cirque Du Soleil show involves a unique creative process. The Chief Creative Officer and Creative Guide, Jean-Francois talks about this saying, “through creation, Cirque du Soleil tries more than ever to push the limits of the imagination, to amaze and to continually surprise the viewer. Innovation and creativity have always been at the heart of our shows and will continue to transcend our future productions.”

The creative process involves dreaming the unimaginable and then creating something far beyond the expectations of the audience. The headquarters for Cirque Du Soleil in Montreal have almost 400 craftspeople that specialize in different kinds of arts and bring to life more than 25,000 elements for the various shows under the organization’s umbrella. Each show originates from an inspiration that is then converted into a tangible concept by a creative team that comprises of a creative director, writer-director, and designers of lighting, costumes and sets.

The Team at Cirque Du Soleil

At the core of the creative process is a very active team of talented individuals who bring their best to the table. Athletes, acrobats and artists put together their skills and create original pieces of art with every new show. The team behind Cirque du Soleil is vast and varied.

  • Above 1300 artists from 55 different countries are a part of the team
  • 50 to 100 artists take part in any particular show
  • 35% of the performers come from sporting disciplines such as acrobatic gymnastics, tumbling, diving and synchronized swimming
  • 34% of the performers come from disciplines related to circus arts
  • 31% are a part of various arts fields such as dance, music, street arts, and physical theater

The Technology

With shows this grand, the use of the most modern technology is inevitable. Technologies in water sports, plumbing, aviation are all made use of along with a wide array of gadgets such as batteries, miniature lights, especially in the construction of the grand costumes and textile elements of the show.

Singing and Music

Each show has its own original score that is written by a composer designated for the job. However, some shows use pre-recorded soundtracks, by artists such as Michael Jackson or The Beatles. Singers and musicians are required to perform the music live on stage and are further required to be able to improvise on stage according to the pace of the entire team.

Creation of the Set

One of the main elements of the Cirque du Soleil shows are their larger than life set designs. These are an integral part of conveying the theme and creating the atmosphere of the show. The set designing is done keeping in mind the aesthetics of each theme, along with strict safety criteria. Sets are first created on computer and then built using materials that help increase their flexibility and strength. The safety of the set equipment is always cross-checked.

Cirque Du Soleil – The Various Shows

Over the years, Cirque du Soleil has developed numerous hit shows for the audiences. Some of these have been retired permanently after entertaining audiences around the world for many years. These include the likes of Alegria, Dralion, IRIS, Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour, Saltimbanco, Viva Elvis, Corteo, Quidam, Zarkana and CRISS ANGEL Believe.

Cirque Du Soleil – Current Shows

At the moment, Cirque du Soleil tickets are available for a number of shows, including

Amaluna: An epic tale of a mysterious land ruled by a goddess involving themes of femininity, balance and rebirth.

Crystal: This is the very first version of Cirque du Soleil on ice that tells the fascinating tale of Crystal, on a journey for self-discovery.

Joya: Joya is an experience for the senses as it combines food with the performing arts to give the viewers a complete entertainment package.

KA: Taking adventure to an all-new level, KA will bring an entire empire to you on stage at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Kooza: This show pays homage to the traditional elements of circus with the art of clowning as its major theme in an intriguing world of surprises and thrills.

Kurious: The theme of this show deals with the ambitions of an inventor who manages to defy the laws of time, dimension and space to reinvent all things around him.

La Nouba: The world of make-believe will take you on a thrilling ride that will stir your imagination in the most extraordinary manner.

Luzia: Luzia takes the audience on a truly authentic Mexican journey that is no less than a dream, with visual elements that sooth the soul.

Michael Jackson ONE: This “virtual parade of wow moments” is an ideal mix of everything that made Michael Jackson the King of Pop.

Mystere: This unique blend of drama and the unimaginable with a hint of mystery is truly inspiring.

O: This aquatic work of art deals with the themes of infinity and the elegance of water, giving the audience a truly unforgettable experience.

Ovo: Ovo is full of life, in the literal sense of the word. With lots of insects and natural energy, this show is a true work of art.

Soda Stereo: The story follows the lives of an Argentinean rock band that was formed in Buenos Aires in 1982.

The Beatles Love: One of the most beloved and celebrated shows in the world is back with new songs, new choreography and a completely new experience that will leave the audience spell-bound.

Toruk – The First Flight: Inspired by the stunning realm created by James Cameron’s Avatar, Toruk will take you into the magical Pandora in a visually stunning manner.

Totem: This experience will take you through the journey of the evolution of mankind from an amphibian state to the wish to fly.

Varekai: Go deep into a forest, on top of a volcano to truly escape into the world of enchantment, Varekai, where the story of a young man will take your breath away.

Volta: The fascinating story with freedom as its main theme will take you on an adventure unlike any other.

Zumanity: This seductive version of reality, with its provocative acts and electrifying storyline will have you on the edge of your seat at the New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Criss Angel Mindfreak: Experience the magic of the man behind some of the greatest tricks ever.

Cirque Du Soleil Discount Tickets

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