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  • TUE
    Jun 2506:30 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaUtah First Credit Union Amphitheatre, Salt Lake City, UT
    Selling Fast 10 People In Cart
  • WED
    Jun 2606:30 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaRed Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
    37 People Viewing Right Now
    70 Tickets Left!
  • FRI
    Jun 2806:30 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaHuntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island, Chicago, IL
    31 People Viewing Right Now
  • SAT
    Jun 2906:30 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaHollywood Casino Amphitheatre - MO, Maryland Heights, MO
    16 People Viewing Right Now
  • SUN
    Jun 3006:30 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaFirstBank Amphitheater, Franklin, TN
    13 People Viewing Right Now
  • TUE
    Jul 206:30 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaRiverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH
    25 People Viewing Right Now
  • WED
    Jul 306:30 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaDarien Lake Amphitheater, Darien Center, NY
    14 People Viewing Right Now
  • FRI
    Jul 507:00 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaBlossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
    29 People Viewing Right Now
  • SAT
    Jul 607:00 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaRuoff Music Center, Noblesville, IN
    23 People Viewing Right Now
  • SUN
    Jul 706:30 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaPine Knob Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI
    28 People Viewing Right Now
  • TUE
    Jul 906:30 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaThe Pavilion At Star Lake, Burgettstown, PA
    13 People Viewing Right Now
  • THU
    Jul 1106:30 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaBank of New Hampshire Pavilion, Gilford, NH
    20 People Viewing Right Now
  • FRI
    Jul 1206:30 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaFreedom Mortgage Pavilion, Camden, NJ
    16 People Viewing Right Now
  • SAT
    Jul 1306:30 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaXfinity Center - MA, Mansfield, MA
    29 People Viewing Right Now
  • SUN
    Jul 1406:30 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaPNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ
    15 People Viewing Right Now
  • TUE
    Jul 1606:30 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaSaratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY
    17 People Viewing Right Now
  • THU
    Jul 1806:30 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaNorthwell at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY
    Selling Fast 6 People In Cart
  • FRI
    Jul 1906:30 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaMerriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD
    13 People Viewing Right Now
  • SAT
    Jul 2006:30 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaVeterans United Home Loans Amphitheater, Virginia Beach, VA
    27 People Viewing Right Now
  • SUN
    Jul 2106:30 PM
    Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard & ArizonaCoastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek, Raleigh, NC
    14 People Viewing Right Now
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    About Yellowcard

    Renowned for their vibrant energy and mesmerizing performances, Yellowcard has captivated audiences worldwide with their collection of iconic songs. Yellowcard's live shows are renowned and their participation in live events often causes a surge in ticket sales due to their popularity. Let's dive into a discussion about some of their most popular live songs.

    Arguably at the forefront is "Ocean Avenue," an anthem that takes a nostalgic turn back to days of youthful innocence. The anthemic pop-punk track, first released in 2003, has become an emblem of Yellowcard’s discography, adored by fans and critics alike. Its infectious chorus and energetic melody are elevated during live performances as the audience joins in singing, reflecting the song’s residual relevance. Fans yearn for the moment this song begins to play, making tickets to Yellowcard's live shows a hot commodity.

    Another fan-favorite is "Only One," a powerful rock ballad that exemplifies Yellowcard’s unique blend of energetic punk with emotive lyrics. During live concerts, the emotion is palpable as both the band and the audience sing their hearts out. Frontman Ryan Key's dedication to emotionally connecting with every audience member during these performances is a testament to why tickets to their shows sell out rapidly.

    "Way Away," one of the tracks from their breakthrough album "Ocean Avenue," is a fan favorite in live performances. The song's fast-paced tempo, coupled with Key's dynamic vocal range, captures the audience's attention from start to finish. Its explosive energy further ignites the atmosphere in live settings, making it a highly anticipated number in their set-list.

    "Light Up The Sky," from their 2007 album ‘Paper Walls,’ is another live crowd-pleaser. This song is a testament to the band’s experimentations with a more alternative rock sound. Its soaring chorus and dynamic instrumentals make it a treat to witness in a live setting. The electrifying energy that the band channels during its performance of this song is unmatched, making it a must-watch moment during their concerts.

    The heartfelt song "Empty Apartment" often elicits emotional sing-alongs during live performances. This song is a slower, more emotionally charged offering from Yellowcard that showcases their versatility. The poignant lyrics strike a chord with many fans, making it a sought-after song during their live performances, and a reminder of the emotional journey that Yellowcard's concerts provide.

    The violin-led "Believe" is a special song that reflects on the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. This song holds a special place in Yellowcard’s setlist and elicits a particularly poignant response from their audiences during live performances. It's a reminder of the band's depth and ability to create music that resonates on a deeply personal level with their listeners.

    Every live performance from Yellowcard is a journey through their extensive discography, filled with high-energy rock songs and beautiful, emotional ballads. The popularity of their live performances often sparks a rush for tickets, symbolizing their solid fan base and enduring appeal. In conclusion, Yellowcard’s live events are not just concerts, but experiences, where every song performed holds a special significance, creating an unforgettable night for their fans.

    Yellowcard History

    Yellowcard, the quintessential rock band from Jacksonville, Florida, is famous for a distinct blend of pop-punk and alternative rock. The band's deep-rooted history in live concert events and exhilarating performances has been cemented throughout their two decades of music career. Their concerts were never just shows; they were communal, cathartic experiences. They've written music that has transcended borders, resonated with fans of all ages, and translated vivaciously into memorable live events.

    Yellowcard was formed in 1997 with Benjamin Harper, Sean Mackin, Longineu W. Parsons III, Warren Cooke, and Todd Clary as the original members. The band initially released two albums, "Midget Tossing" in 1997 and "Where We Stand" in 1999. But it was their third album "One for the Kids" in 2001 that began to earn them a dedicated fanbase.

    The band's concerts during their early years were thrilling, with an innovative sound that stood out in the music industry. Yellowcard's unique approach to rock music by incorporating a violin created a niche for themselves. Sean Mackin's violin solos were some of the most awaited moments in their live shows.

    In 2003, Yellowcard signed with a major record label, Capitol Records, and released the breakthrough album "Ocean Avenue." Their single of the same name garnered massive radio play, cementing their place in the pop-punk scene. The band's live performances during this period were packed with energy, and the audience participation was riveting. Fans would sing along to every lyric, creating a powerful, moving atmosphere that only amplified the experience of a Yellowcard concert.

    The band had a unique and engaging approach to selling concert tickets. Instead of just selling them as individual passes, Yellowcard often offered them in bundles with their new albums or merchandise. This strategy not only boosted their album sales but also ensured their concerts were well attended by dedicated fans.

    Over the years, the band has toured globally and shared the stage with other big names in the industry like All Time Low, Blink-182, and Fall Out Boy. Their concerts were a blend of raw emotion, infectious energy, and the kind of camaraderie that only lifelong friends can share. Whether they were playing to a crowd of hundreds or thousands, Yellowcard never failed to make every concert an exhilarating and intimate experience.

    In 2016, Yellowcard announced their plans to disband after the release of their self-titled album. They embarked on a final, world tour, providing their fans with one last chance to experience the magic of Yellowcard live. Every concert ticket became a golden opportunity to be part of a poignant farewell, a celebration of the band's iconic journey.

    Throughout their career, Yellowcard's live concerts have been a blend of nostalgic remembrance, raw emotion, and of course, toe-tapping rock music. Their shows were sell-outs, gripping audiences worldwide with their combination of heartfelt lyrics and dynamic performances. While the band may have officially disbanded, the experiences they created through their live concerts continue to resonate with fans around the world. Their legacy lives on through their music, the memories of their spectacular live shows, and the treasured concert tickets that served as a gateway to the unforgettable world of Yellowcard.

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