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About We Came As Romans

We Came As Romans is a metalcore band that hails from Troy, Michigan. The band's sound is characterized by heavy breakdowns, melodic choruses, and intense screaming vocals. They have released six studio albums and have gained a massive following over the years. We Came As Romans is known for its electrifying live performances, and their concerts are always packed with fans eager to witness their favorite band perform live.

One of the band's most popular live songs is "To Plant a Seed." The song, which is the title track from their debut album, is a fan favorite and is often the opening song for their live shows. "To Plant a Seed" is a powerful track that showcases the band's ability to seamlessly blend heavy riffs with melodic vocals, creating an unforgettable live experience. Fans often sing along to the lyrics, making the live show an unforgettable moment for everyone in attendance.

Another popular live song from We Came As Romans is "Glad You Came" - a cover of the song by The Wanted. The band's version of the song is a high-energy, heavy take on the pop hit, and it has become a staple of their live shows. The song features catchy melodies and sing-along choruses that always get the crowd moving. The band has often incorporated the song into their encore, ensuring that the audience leaves the show on a high note.

"Tracing Back Roots" is another popular live song from the band. It is the title track from their third studio album and is a favorite among fans for its powerful lyrics and catchy riffs. The song has a slower pace than some of their other tracks, but it still packs a punch and ignites the crowd at live shows. Fans can often be seen singing along to the lyrics, making it a memorable moment for both the band and audience.

"Hope" is yet another fan favorite and popular live songs from We Came As Romans. The song is a ballad that features heartfelt lyrics and an emotional vocal performance. The song is often performed acoustically, creating an intimate moment between the band and the audience. "Hope" is a powerful reminder that even in the darkest moments of life, there is always a glimmer of hope.

To witness these live performances is an experience that any fan should not miss. Fans can purchase tickets from the band's official website or from other ticket providers. We Came As Romans often tour across the US and Europe, and their live shows are always in high demand. Fans who attend their shows can expect a high-energy performance with intense breakdowns, soaring choruses, and an unforgettable atmosphere.

In conclusion, We Came As Romans is a band that packs a punch with their electrifying live shows. Their fan-favorite live songs such as "To Plant a Seed," "Glad You Came," "Tracing Back Roots," and "Hope" create unforgettable moments for fans attending live events. The band's sound is a perfect blend of heavy riffs and melodic vocals, and their concerts are always packed with fans eager to experience their music live. For fans, purchasing tickets for their shows is an opportunity to witness one of the best live performances that metalcore has to offer.

We Came As Romans History

We Came As Romans, also known as WCAR, is an American metalcore band that formed in Troy, Michigan in 2005. The band consists of members Dave Stephens, Kyle Pavone, Joshua Moore, Lou Cotton, and Andy Glass. Over the years, the band has gained widespread popularity and a dedicated fan base through their live concerts, events, and ticket sales.

The band's early years were defined by the release of their debut album, "To Plant a Seed," which was released in 2009. The album garnered critical acclaim and helped the band gain recognition for their unique blend of heavy metal and melodic vocals. We Came As Romans followed up their success with subsequent albums, including "Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be" and "Tracing Back Roots."

Throughout their career, We Came As Romans has maintained a strong presence in the live concert scene. The band has toured extensively throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, playing both headlining shows and opening for other notable metal bands such as August Burns Red and Parkway Drive. Their live shows are known for their high energy and fan interaction, often featuring crowd surfing and sing-alongs.

One notable event in We Came As Romans' history was their participation in the 2013 Vans Warped Tour. The band was featured as one of the main acts on the tour, playing alongside other popular bands such as Motion City Soundtrack and The Wonder Years. The tour allowed the band to connect with their fans in person and promote their latest album, “Tracing Back Roots.”

In addition to their live concerts, We Came As Romans has also been active in charitable events. The band has worked with organizations such as Living the Dream Foundation and the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help raise funds and awareness for various causes.

With their growing popularity, We Came As Romans has continued to sell out live concert tickets and attract fans from all over the world. Their unique blend of heavy metal and melodic vocals has allowed them to appeal to a wide audience and maintain a dedicated fan base.

Unfortunately, the band faced a major setback in 2018 when their vocalist, Kyle Pavone, passed away due to an accidental drug overdose. Despite this tragedy, the band has continued to honor Pavone's memory and perform in his honor. Their latest album, "Cold Like War," was released in 2017 and features some of Pavone's last recorded vocals.

In conclusion, We Came As Romans has made a significant impact on the metalcore genre through their unique sound and high energy live concerts. Their dedication to their fans and charitable work has helped them maintain a strong presence in the music industry. Despite the loss of their vocalist, the band continues to honor his memory and bring their music to fans around the world through live concert events and ticket sales.

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