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The UniverSoul Circus is a one of its kind family entertainment attraction that has garnered a devoted fan base since it started out in 1993. The touring event brings talents from across various regions to present a show that celebrates diverse cultures and forms of entertainment. 

Now in its 25th year, UniverSoul Circus events are expected to be bigger and better than ever before. Acts from countries including South Africa, Russia, China, Cuba, Mongolia and of course America are all gearing up to give a performance that’s memorable for the audience. So, if you want to be part of the fun ride, get your hands on Universoul Circus tickets at the earliest.


The CEO and founder of UniverSoul Circus is a Baltimore native, Cedric Walker. His success story is a pretty inspirational one.

Walker was inclined towards entrepreneurship since a young age. He started his own shoe-shine business at the tender age of six. Later he began selling Christmas cards, fruits, vegetables and Kool Aid Popsicles on a horse-drawn cart.

He often used to attend circus shows with his family in Baltimore and it was during this time that he grew interested in this art form. Walker and his brother would often go home and try to imitate the acts they witnessed at the event. He became so passionate about this art that he was ready to grab any chance to be part of the circus. He even thought of taking up the job in the circus as a maintenance man. 

During the early 1970s, Walker relocated to Alabama and moved in with his uncle, a well-known nightclub owner. Here he got the opportunity to meet a young group of musicians, The Commodores and soon after joined in as a member. He toured tirelessly with the band and worked enthusiastically as their stage and production manager. Later on, Walker also served as a promoter for the music group, Jackson Five.

But all this while, it was circus that Walker was actually interested in. In the 1980s, Walker decided to help organize the Fresh Festivals. This was the first Rap music tour in the world which would play in large arenas and feature iconic rappers such as The Fat Boys and Run DMC. During the early part of the 1990s, Walker produced the hit gospel plays A Good Man is Hard to Find and Wicked Ways.

Following the success of the plays, Walker and his associates started looking for new kinds of family entertainment other than music and dancing. After extensive research and analysis, they decided to focus on animal acts, variety shows and hip-hop musicals. The idea was to create a circus that would bring a variety of entertainment acts for families. He invited international acts to participate in this new form of live entertainment and the response was overwhelming. The performers found Walker’s vision very inspirational and unique. Thus, the recruitment, training and production process for the UniverSoul Circus began in the year 1993.


Although many were impressed and inspired by Cedric Walker’s vision, it wasn’t always easy for him to execute his plans and ideas. Just three weeks prior to the official opening of UniverSoul Circus, when Walker visited the training facility he found out that the man hired as the tiger trainer was not the apt choice for the job. He lacked the ability and skills to manage and train the tigers. Although it was a difficult decision to replace him at such a short notice, Walker did not compromise on the quality of preparation and training. He got in touch with his cousin (who he recalled lived with fourteen feet snakes in his bedroom) and offered him the job. Without much ado, he quit his job to take on the exciting and challenging role of the tiger trainer at UniverSoul Circus.

The Beginning

The debut show of UniverSoul Circus was held in the parking lot of the old Fulton County Stadium, Atlanta, in the year 1994. Right from the beginning, it received favorable reviews from fans and critics alike. The first show was dubbed Cirque du Soul by the renowned daily newspaper, Atlanta Journal Constitution, while Circus Report (a trade weekly) described it as ‘a masterpiece of production, staging and promotion.’

Although the debut UniverSoul Circus show was a big success, not many sponsors believed the project would work in the long term. Hence Walker had to use his own money to finance majority of the production.

Since then, UniverSoul Circus has simply been unstoppable. It has redefined the traditional circus art by incorporating a variety of routines by artists belonging to different countries across the world. Just three years since its debut, in 1997, the show expanded into a ten-city tour. By 2012, it had become a 25-city touring circus company.

Universoul Circus Ticket Prices

UniverSoul Circus has showcased over 10,000 events, entertained a live audience of more than 20 million and been viewed by over 60 million households on both local and national TV networks. The Emmy nominated HBO special is ranked among the top three circuses in the US, the other two being Cirque du Soleil and Ringling Brothers.

It has been a long and tough ride to put together and sustain the quality of performances by UniverSoul Circus. Nevertheless, Cedric Walker has no regrets as he said in one of his interviews that seeing people having a good time made all his efforts and hurdles ‘worthwhile.’

Cedric’s wife Cynthia Walker is currently the UniverSoul vice president and responsible for finding and recruiting new talent for the show.

If you wish to attend this highly anticipated event of the year, then have a look at the current Universoul Circus ticket prices and purchase the most suitable ones in advance. Don’t miss the fun.

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