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About Twenty One Pilots

Entering the music scene in 2009 with their self-titled album, Twenty One Pilots has propelled their way beyond their hometown Columbus, Ohio.  The biggest pop rock duo to break out in the last couple of years, the band didn’t find fame until their third album “Vessel” hit the shelves in 2013. Before that Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun had a cult following in the Midwest, especially among the emo/pop-punk fans. Today, they are touring all over the world and selling out Twenty One Pilots tickets at some of the biggest venues.

Connecting with their followers on the grassroots level and through interactive social media presence, Twenty One Pilots has built a massive fan following. From being a rock duo to rap-infused high-tech pop band, Joseph and Dun cater to a wide audience, which has earned them the most dedicated fans – as honored by the Alternative Press Music Awards.

Early Life & Influences

Initially when the Twenty One Pilots was formed back in 2009, it consisted of the founder Tyler Joseph, along with Nick Thomas and Chris Salih. When their self-titled debut album came out the same year, it was described as a “nakedly honest presentation”, which drew the listeners to their music.

In 2011, both Thomas and Salih left the band and in came Josh Dun. Joseph and Dun’s first collaboration “Regional at Best” featured entrancing arrangements and powerful lyrics that hooked the listeners immediately. Since they were flying solo, without any big label attached to them, the duo worked hard to bring in crowds to their gigs. There was a time when they delivered tickets to the fans’ doorstep.

As Twenty One Pilots landed gigs at local clubs, they started wearing ski masks to create an impact. After finding success they decided to stick with it as they liked to appear faceless, creating an image that everyone could relate to.

Speaking on influences, both Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have stated on numerous occasions that they are not influenced by any particular artist or band. It’s the work of many that has inspired them on and off, and encouraged them to create their music on those lines, whilst remaining ingenious. Perhaps it’s for this reason that their music is a blend of piano rock, hip hop and dance music.

Breakthrough & Recognition

The success of “Regional at Best” finally landed them a record deal and in 2012 the band signed with Fueled by Ramen. It was a solid beginning for the duo and they were everywhere. The Twenty One Pilots released “Vessel” in 2013, featuring the song “Holding on to You”. It broke through the Billboard Alternative Songs chart, peaking at number 10.

The band’s breakthrough single, “Holding On To You,” blends together elements of rock, punk and trip-hop, with Joseph’s vocals walking the line between singing and spoken word. As for the Twenty One Pilot’s overall sound, the band describes it as a “distinctive fusion of piano-driven schizoid pop and lyrical uplift.” Because the band doesn’t fit into just one type of musical genre, the duo is able to seamlessly blend into a variety of scenes and play with all sorts of different artists, like Fall Out Boy, Neon Trees and Walk The Moon.

“I like the concept of when you look on someone’s iPod and they’ve got Katy Perry and Kanye West and Kelly Clarkson all next to each other, they’re all way different,” Dun told in 2012. “They listen to all those different things, but they’re just alphabetized. So if you can get all of those different genres in one song, then that’s something that people are going to want to hear, I think. And that’s what we’ve found, that people do connect with that.” With ScoreBig, you save on every Twenty One Pilots ticket, every day.

With Joseph as the heart and soul of The Twenty Pilots, Josh Dun serves as the backbone. Dun’s passionate and creative drumming has resulted in incredible beats, especially in the hit songs “Car Radio” and “House of Gold”. Creating a brilliant balance, Dun knows where to pack heat and when to show restraint. Together, the duo sculpts revealing records that are personal and encourages the listeners to feel. “Life is tough, so it’s alright to be vulnerable” – Tyler Joseph.

Notable Work & Album Releases

Though the cover art of Twenty One Pilots’ 2013 third album “Vessel” features two elderly gentlemen sporting matching slacks and plaid button-down shirts, the actual band members look nothing like the cover’s geriatric models. Instead, the Columbus, Ohio, alt-rock group is comprised of singer/multi-instrumentalist Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun, who are both in their mid-twenties.

“Vessel” cracked through the Billboard 200 charts and helped the band steadily climb from the obscurity in Ohio to the peak of the alt-pop mountain. The album came with a support tour and the Twenty One Pilots performed live at multiple international venues. They even nabbed an appearance at the Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo music festivals.

2015’s “Blurryface” is the band’s most successful album yet. The 14-track album features two Billboard Hot 100 top five songs – “Stressed Out” and “Ride”. With Mike Elizondo as its producer and lyrics penned by Joseph, “Stressed Out” earned the Twenty One Pilots their first Grammy Award.

They also created history by having two separate songs top simultaneously at the Billboard Pop and Alternative Songs charts, (“Ride” and “Heathens”, respectively). 2016 was an extraordinary year for the band, and not just because of album sales and hit songs. Their “Emotional Roadshow World Tour” was a massive success as they sold-out Twenty One Pilots tour tickets for their two Madison Square Garden concerts. They also headlined the Reading & Leeds Festival which was a huge achievement for the band.

The year ended with more honors and accolades for the Twenty One Pilots as “Heathens” won “Best Rock Video” at the MTV Video Music Awards. The duo even made an appearance on the Saturday Night Live in October 2016.

Twenty One Pilots Tour Tickets

If they’re not recording new music in the studio, the Twenty One Pilots are out on the road selling out venues. Tearing down all expectations, defying every norm and rules of music making, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have breathed new life into alternative pop and hard rock. Their fusion of rap, pop-punk, electro-pop and reggae has resulted in ingenious melodies that enjoy both creative freedom and commercial success.

Fans with Twenty One Pilots tickets are always treated to an entertainment packed night. Their shows are a lot more than pop-rock spectacles, having all the trappings like costume changes, special effects and pyrotechnics.

An eclectic musical ride, one minute they’ll get you into headbanging and the very next you’ll be swaying to the light piano chords – all in one song. While talking about their live performances, Joseph recently stated, “We’re completely in charge of whatever we want to do up here”.

For beginners, the Twenty One Pilots bring variety to the stage, dipping their toes into everything. Mixing sharp hip-hop beats with introspective piano pop, foot-tapping reggae with theatrical arena rock and heavy punk with powered electro beats; they keep the crowd thoroughly entertained. As the band announces fresh dates for their tour, keep an eye out for the latest updates and news. Their concert has been called a must-attend event.

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