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Thunder From Down Under tickets are among the hottest in Las Vegas. Australia’s Thunder from Down Under, an internationally acclaimed male revue, is sizzling nights at the “Entertainment Capital of the World” since 2001. The show started its residency at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino the same year, holding around 12 performances every week.

A huge success, the show exceeded all attendance expectations, so much so that in 2006 Excalibur renamed its showroom as Thunder From Down Under Showroom. The City Guide section in AOL named the show as the “Best Adult Attraction of 2006 and 2007”. Another publication Las Vegas Review-Journal called Thunder the “Best Male Revue in 2006 and 2007”.

Besides their residency show, Thunder from Down Under also has a traveling troupe that has been to the East Coast, Midwest as well as the West Coast. The show has even travelled to Canada, England, South Africa, Mexico and Russia. These Australian imports with their buffed bodies, killer smiles and sexy moves have charmed generations – grandmothers, mothers and daughters. 

Crackling with energy, Thunder men love to perform and interact with the ladies who scream in anticipation from the moment the show starts.


The brain and the brawn of Thunder from Down Under is Billy Cross. Along with his business partner Adam Steck, he decided to make use of his good looks and charm, exploring the idea of Ladies’ Night.

Born and raised in Green Valley, Sydney’s western suburbs, Cross left his hometown when he was 17 and headed out to the Gold Coast. Once there, he started working various odd jobs including a late night bartender job at The Penthouse. Monday nights at the club were always Ladies’ Night that featured a male strip show. One night, the owner gave the bartenders an incentive – serve drinks shirtless and get paid more. Like many others Billy Cross took the offer, claiming he had a “nice rig” and wasn’t afraid to show it.

The owner of The Penthouse then encouraged these bartenders to form their own male revue and perform every Monday night. They once again agreed on the condition that there will be no full nudity, no tipping and no sleaze. They even requested for a choreographer and finally started performing in front of a roaring crowd.

Inspired, Cross started his own business and in 1988 launched Manpower Australia. Energetic, acrobatic and fun, they treated the ladies to innovative and sensuous shows.

After entering American market, Cross registered the company as Thunder from Down Under. The Aussie “blokes” were loved by the American women who treated them like rock stars. After finding success in the US, Billy Cross looked for world domination. He took the troupe to other countries, becoming a world famous adult live show.

What to Expect at Thunder from Down Under

No matter what the Thunder From Down Under ticket prices are, ladies looking for a night out, be it a bachelorette party or entering singlehood after a divorce, consider this show as their first preference.

Once the show starts, all focus is on the sexy men on the stage. Thunder from Down Under features alluring characters like Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean” to the Spartans from the hit movie “300”. If men in uniform turn you on, then Thunder has them too. Firemen, policemen, doctors and servicemen, are ready to sweep you off your feet in their muscled arms.

Amidst incredible affects and state-of-the art setting, these chiseled shirtless male performers show the female crowd the time of their lives in the backdrop of erotic numbers like “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)”, adding to the excitement.

Those who have been to the show, find it to be empowering.

Thunder From Down Under Ticket Prices

So, you’ve finally decided to attend the show? If it’s your first time then you’ll definitely find Thunder from Down Under sexy, exhilarating and some might say, liberating, at the same time.

Sensuous, for sure. But sleazy, a definite no. That’s what makes Thunder one of the best and most liked adult shows in the world.

The ticket prices for the show vary according to the day of the week. Weekend shows are priced slightly higher due to an increased demand. The crazy adventure that is Thunder from Down Under spans five continents. In Las Vegas it’s one of the top 10 most attended adult shows. According to Billy Cross, the Thunder brand is so strong that more than 250,000 women watch it every year.

As Cross stated in delight, “It’s a multi-million-­dollar business, an institution. We are sold out. You can’t get any more sales than sold out”.

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