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It is hard to believe that humans can communicate with spirits that is until you have met with one of the most popular mediums in the world today, Theresa Caputo. Blessed with the power of seeing and feeling spirits, she has been using her special gift for bringing people comfort and closure by letting them get in touch with their loved ones from the other side. She is extremely famous in the spiritual community and has also given readings to many celebrities including, Jim Parsons who is well-known for his role as Sheldon Cooper in an Emmy Award winning series, ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ 

Though, Theresa Caputo often works with her clients in a private setting but every year, she sets out on tour and performs at many prestigious venues in all the major cities. This time is no different as she has announced her new tour dates. So, if you are curious then give this Long Island Medium a chance by getting your Theresa Caputo tickets and watch as she makes a believer out of you.   

Discovering Her Gifts

Born on June 10, 1966, Theresa Caputo is from Hicksville, New York. She began to see spirits at the age of four. At first, she thought that this was normal but soon her friends made her realize that it wasn’t, which led her to feel like she didn’t belong. She then asked her mother for help who later took Caputo to several doctors but all of them confirmed that there is nothing wrong with her.

As she grew older, Theresa Caputo started to suffer from anxiety. Seeing her in this condition, Caputo’s mother took action and arranged her to see the renowned spiritual healer, Pat Longo. He told Caputo that she was suppressing the spirit’s energy and soon taught her to channel spirits with the help of chakras and release it through words. It helped her and she soon began to heal.

It took some time for Theresa Caputo to admit the fact that she was a medium. When she finally accepted her gift, Caputo decided to use it to convey healing messages that would help people, grow, learn and embrace life. She then started to practice her skills and went on to give readings around her hometown. Her popularity soon reached its peak and before long, she was seen helping people get in contact with the departed souls of their loved ones.

How She Works

One of the most frequently asked question that Theresa Caputo has received is regarding how she receives messages from the spirits. Well, she has said to use her sixth sense to connect with the spirit world and said,

“I just know that when I’m in front of someone, and spirit is speaking, it just happens. Spirit has me say things, I feel things. I see things like filmstrips, or those [flip] books from when you were a kid.”

Caputo has also stated that spirits use a special vocabulary of symbols and signs whenever she is conducting a reading. Over the years, she has assigned meanings, words and phrases to those signs in order to understand what the spirits are trying to say. After she has received some information, she conveys it to the client and then they figure out how the meaning is important to them. In an interview, she had this to say,

“Before all my sessions I give the speech on how I connect with spirit.” She adds, “that’s my symbol to spirit that I’m ready to work. So they start to clear my own personal thoughts, and they replace my feelings and emotions with signs and symbols to be able to relay messages to [their loved ones]”  

Starring in the Television Series, ‘Long Island Medium’

As she was gaining a lot of fans, a friend of Caputo’s suggested that she start her own television series. The idea sounded great but there was one problem; no one was interested in meeting her because a medium running a reality show sounded absurd. However, she convinced Jonathan Partridge to film her during readings and after some time, an American satellite television network, TLC gave Caputo the opportunity to work on her own show.

On September 25, 2011, ‘Long Island Medium’ premiered and it took over the world by storm. The show has completed ten seasons so far and is watched by millions of viewers from around the globe.

Theresa Caputo: A Successful Author

Besides making her name as a medium, Theresa Caputo has also become a successful author. She has written three books to date out of which her first, ‘There’s More to Life Than This: Healing Messages, Remarkable Stories, and Insights About the Other Side from the Long Island Medium’ came out in 2013. It contained ten chapters and peaked at the second spot on ‘New York Times Best Seller.’ Caputo’s second book is titled, ‘You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Life Changing Lesson from Heaven’ which hit the shelves in 2014. Three years later, her third book, ‘Good Grief: Heal Your Soul, Honor Your Loved Ones, and Learn to Live Again’ was released.

Theresa Caputo Tour Tickets

If you have been waiting to see Theresa Caputo live then now is your chance as the Long Island Medium has announced a new tour. She is scheduled to begin the trek in February by performing her first two shows at the Sands Bethlehem Event Center in Bethlehem. Then, Caputo will make a stop in Mount Pleasant where she will perform at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort. She will then go on to wow the fans with her amazing psychic abilities by taking the stage in Boston, Uncasville, Jacksonville, Knoxville, Louisville and Durham.

The Long Island Medium is scheduled to wrap up the tour in July, so grab your Theresa Caputo tour tickets today and have an unforgettable experience at the show.

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