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Tenacious D is a comedy rock duo made up of Jack Black and Kyle Gass. The band was formed in Los Angeles, CA in 1994 and since then has released three albums - Tenacious D (2001), The Pick of Destiny (2006), and Rize of the Fenix (2012). The band is rumored to be releasing a fourth album later this year entitled Post-Apocalyptobut this is not yet confirmed. What is confirmed though is an eight show tour that will be kicking off in Brooklyn, NY on November 3rd. Make sure to get your tickets to see this hilarious band perform live because it may be another five years before the duo goes on tour again!

Early Beginnings

Jack Black and Kyle Glass met in an acting class in 1985 and initially the two were not very fond of each other. The theatre troupe the two were a part of went on a trip together and then somehow during the trip they became best friends. During their first performance together at Al’s Bar, the duo asked the audience to vote on a name for the band. Ultimately the name “Tenacious D” – an inappropriate double entendre for the basketball term commentators use to describe intense defense on the court – was chosen. This venue had become very popular for up and coming artists because of bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana. Comedian David Cross was in attendance at the show and later casted Black in his sketch comedy series Mr. Show.

David Cross and Tenacious D continued to work together when Cross produced a show based on the band. The show was called Tenacious D and premiered on HBO in 1997. Even though only three episodes aired, the show helped increase Tenacious D’s popularity. The show was cancelled reportedly due to the fact the Black and Gass wanted to continue to be executive producers while HBO only wanted them to be songwriters. After the show aired on television, the duo continued to perform live. They began to open for bands such as Beck, Pearl Jam, and Foo Fighters.

Tenacious D

In the spring of 2000, Tenacious D signed to Epic Records and began recording its first studio album. The album, entitled Tenacious D was released in 2001 and peaked at number 33 on the Billboard 200 in October 2001. The album was backed by a whole band made up of big name rock artists: Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, Page McConnell of Phish, Warren Fitzgerald of The Vandals, and Steven Shane of Redd Kross. Most of the songs on this debut album had previously been heard on their HBO series years prior. The album eventually became platinum by 2005, regardless of the mixed reviews it received.

The Pick of Destiny

In 2000, Black and Goss began to write a script for a movie that would be about the duo searching for a sacred guitar pick. By 2003, it was announced the script had been completed and the film would be entitled The Pick of Destiny. Tenacious D also recorded a soundtrack for the movie, set to have the same name. Filming for the new movie did not take place until 2004 due to Jack Black’s role in the remake of King King. The film had its premiere in 2006 at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and was released in theatres on November 22, 2006. The soundtrack for the movie, Tenacious D’s second studio album, dropped a week earlier. The film overall was a major flop, to which Black and Goss would later admit. To promote the movie and album, the band went on a tour throughout parts of the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and Canada. Unfortunately, the tour did not do well financially because the cost of bringing a full band on tour along with the duo.

Rize of the Fenix and the Future

It wasn’t until April 2012 that Tenacious D released their third studio album, Rize of the Fenix. The album was first released on April 28 on the bands Soundcloud and then was officially released on May 15. Rize of the Fenix was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album in 2013. A year later Tenacious D recorded a cover of “The Last in Line” on the Ronnie James Dio tribute album This Is Your Life. “The Last in Line” gave Tenacious D their first Grammy Award in 2015 for Best Metal Performance.

Fast forward a few years and now it is 2018. Tenacious D has been performing together for over 20 years and the band has not lost its passion for creating entertaining music. Black and Goss released an animated video on their YouTube channel In May of 2018 saying that they “probably” will release an album soon but will “definitely” be going on tour in 2018. Fans have been waiting quite some time for new material from Tenacious D, but it sounds like the wait will soon be over! Make sure to get your Tenacious D tickets for their 2018 tour, kicking off this November.

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