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May 2907:30 PM
Tyler Childers & Sylvan EssoMadison Square Garden, New York, NY
May 3007:30 PM
Tyler Childers & Sylvan EssoMadison Square Garden, New York, NY
Aug 1007:00 PM
Sylvan EssoBeech Mountain Resort, Banner Elk, NC
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About Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso is an American electronic pop duo from North Carolina that has successfully marked its place in the music industry, thanks to its unique blend of folk, pop, and electronic music. The duo, comprising singer Amelia Meath and producer Nick Sanborn, has an exhilarating ability to transform their electro-pop anthems into thrilling live performances that have fans hunting for tickets hours before they are available.

Their live gigs are much more than just a live rendition of their songs. They are immersive affairs that showcase their keen sense of performance art as they seamlessly blend together beats and harmonies on stage. With Sylvan Esso, it's not just about hearing the songs; it's about experiencing them.

One of their most popular live songs is "Hey Mami", a song from their 2014 debut album. The track starts with a haunting a cappella, building into a stunning composition of layered vocals and deep bass. In a live setting, this transforms into an electric spectacle, with Meath's captivating stage presence and Sanborn's masterful manipulation of beats driving the crowd into a frenzy.

Another fan favorite at Sylvan Esso's live performances is "Coffee", a song from the same album. The track's infectious rhythm combined with Meath's soulful voice is a joy to behold. In a live setting, the song takes on even greater heights. The duo's mutual energy and chemistry is palpable as the song's hypnotic melody echoes through the venue.

Sylvan Esso’s concert tickets are much-sought after due to their reputation for putting on a spectacle. Their live shows are known for their entrancing light displays that perfectly complement their ethereal soundscapes. Sanborn’s creative use of electronics creates a mesmerizing atmosphere that is only amplified by Meath’s emotive vocals and captivating stage presence. Their concerts are an audio-visual feast, with their most popular songs reaching new heights in this live setting.

The popularity of their live performances extends to music festivals as well. At these events, Sylvan Esso’s performances become community experiences, with thousands of festival-goers coming together to surrender to the duo's mesmerizing beats and captivating stage presence. Songs like “PARAD(w/m)E” and “Die Young” have become festival anthems, with the duo’s fervor and the crowd’s energy feeding off each other in an exhilarating sonic cycle.

When it comes to their live concerts, Sylvan Esso has a knack for making each performance distinct, infusing each show with a personality of its own. They do not simply play songs; they create an immersive experience that transcends the traditional boundaries of a concert. This makes scoring tickets to their live events even more enticing. Fans don't just want to hear Sylvan Esso's music; they want to live it.

With their innovative sound and mesmerizing live performances, Sylvan Esso has captivated a vast fan base that eagerly awaits their next performance. Whether it's at a music festival or a headlining tour, securing tickets to a Sylvan Esso concert is a golden ticket into a unique and unforgettable musical experience.

Sylvan Esso History

Sylvan Esso is a musical duo hailing from Durham, North Carolina. The group consists of singer Amelia Meath and producer Nick Sanborn, who together, have made a significant impact on the indie music scene. Their unique combination of folk, pop, and electronic elements has captivated audiences around the world. Their fame is not just restricted to record productions; live concert events have been a major part of Sylvan Esso's story, showcasing their engaging performances and dynamic sound.

The duo first came into existence in 2013 when Meath, a member of the folk trio Mountain Man, approached Sanborn, who was involved in the psych-rock band Megafaun, to remix a song. The collaboration worked so well that they decided to form Sylvan Esso. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2014 to critical acclaim, with singles like "Hey Mami" and "Coffee" making it to the top of several charts.

Sylvan Esso's concerts are renowned for their energy and immersive nature. Fans have the opportunity to experience the duo's creativeness firsthand, as they transform well-crafted studio tracks into enthralling live performances. Meath's powerful, unadorned singing, coupled with Sanborn’s inventive, pulsating beats and layered textures, give rise to a captivating sound that leaves audiences mesmerized.

Their live performances are also where one can observe the chemistry between the duo. These concerts offer a glimpse into their shared creative process, with Meath's haunting vocals perfectly complemented by Sanborn's electronic wizardry. Their on-stage synchronization adds another layer to their performances, making them a must-see event for any indie music fan.

Their 2017 album, "What Now", further amplifying their electronic folk-pop sound, was nominated for a Grammy, cementing the duo's place in the music industry, and led to a sold-out tour. The album's success made their live concerts an especially hot ticket, as fans clamored for the chance to experience the Grammy-nominated sound in person.

Sylvan Esso has consistently released new music, with their latest album, “Free Love,” coming out in 2020. The album explores the theme of love in its different forms, from romantic to platonic, and even touches on self-love. This release reaffirms their artistic growth, pushing boundaries in both their songwriting and sound.

The duo continues to be in high demand for live performances. They have played in festivals such as Coachella, Boston Calling, and Eaux Claires, enchanting audiences with their performances. Their concerts also often sell out well in advance, which speaks to their growing appeal.

Ticket sales for their shows are typically brisk, with fans eager to secure a spot at one of their concerts. Tickets are usually available through several online platforms, giving fans a range of options to secure their place at a Sylvan Esso live gig.

In conclusion, Sylvan Esso has carved out a niche for themselves in the indie music scene with their unique fusion of folk and electronic elements. Their live concerts are not just about performing their songs; they're about sharing an experience with their audience. Securing a ticket to a Sylvan Esso concert promises an enchanting evening filled with captivating music and electrifying performances.

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