Hard Rock Stadium (formerly Sun Life Stadium) Tickets

Hard Rock Stadium (formerly Sun Life Stadium)

Joe Robbie Stadium. Pro Player Stadium. Dolphins Stadium. Land Shark Stadium. And now, Sun Life Stadium. The home field for Miami Dolphins tickets has changed many times, but a lot has stayed constant as well. Among them: good weather, great football, and a lot of history. Check out some Sun Life Stadium tickets for Miami Dolphins games to yourself to see it first hand.

This is a venue that has seen five Super Bowls, four college football national title games, and every Orange Bowl in the 21st century. This year's Dolphins team is poised to do right by that legacy. They're a young team that's been building towards a playoff contender, and 2015 should be their breakout year. Young QB Ryan Tannehill is coming into his own, and the defense went out and got itself a major upgrade by signing free agent Ndamukong Suh from the Detroit Lions. Suh is arguably the best run-stopper in the NFL.

Sun Life Stadium is old by NFL stadium standards, but it's seen numerous renovations to keep the fan experience as rewarding as possible. This place is 28 years young, not 28 years old. The franchise also overhauled their entire stadium concessions menu in 2014. In addition to standard burger and beer fare, Sun Life also offers pulled pork, vegetarian options, and a host of seafood options that reflect the cuisine of South Florida.