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REO Speedwagon's History

REO Speedwagon is a rock band that has been around since the late 1960s. The band initially formed in Champaign, Illinois, by college students who were influenced by the Beatles and other popular rock bands at the time.

The band's initial name was "The REO Speedwagon," and they played around the local college and club circuit. They became popular and played at many live concerts events in the area. Eventually, they shortened their name to "REO Speedwagon," and they signed to Epic Records in 1971.

The band's first album, "REO Speedwagon," was released in 1971, but it wasn't until their 1977 album, "You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can't Tuna Fish," that they gained significant commercial success. The album included the hit singles "Roll with the Changes" and "Time for Me to Fly," which both became classics and staples in rock radio.

REO Speedwagon continued to release successful albums, including 1980's "Hi Infidelity," which became their best-selling album, selling over ten million copies. The album included hit singles like "Keep On Loving You" and "Take It on the Run," which are still popular today.

The band has gone through numerous lineup changes over the years, but founding member Neal Doughty has remained a constant throughout. The current lineup includes Kevin Cronin on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Bruce Hall on bass guitar and backing vocals, Dave Amato on lead guitar and backing vocals, and Bryan Hitt on drums and percussion.

Despite their commercial success, REO Speedwagon has always remained a live band at heart. They have played countless live concerts events over the years, including many stadium tours with other big-name bands like Journey and Styx. Their live shows have always been high-energy and full of crowd participation, with classic hits and deep cuts alike.

If you're interested in seeing REO Speedwagon live, you're in luck! The band is still touring regularly and playing live concerts events all over the world. You can find tickets on their official website or through popular ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster and StubHub.

In conclusion, REO Speedwagon has a rich history in the rock world, with numerous hit albums and classic singles to their name. However, they have always remained committed to the live shows, and their live concerts events are a must-see for any rock fan. If you haven't had the chance to see them live yet, be sure to check out their upcoming tour dates and snag some tickets before they sell out!

More About REO Speedwagon

Looking for some classic rock music to kick off your Labor Day weekend? Look no further than RiverEdge Park in Aurora, IL, where REO Speedwagon will be performing live on Saturday, September 2 at 8 p.m. Tickets for the concert will go on sale this Wednesday, so be sure to secure your spot for a night of timeless hits and unforgettable memories.

With over 40 million albums sold worldwide, REO Speedwagon has earned their place as one of the most influential bands in rock history. Their 1980 album Hi Infidelity has even earned the RIAA's 10X Diamond Award, a testament to the enduring popularity of hits like "Keep on Loving You" and "Take It on the Run."

But REO Speedwagon isn't content to rest on their laurels. The band is continuing to tour and spread their music to new audiences, including a stop in Phoenix this November as part of their 2023 tour at Celebrity Theatre. Whether you're a diehard fan or a newcomer to their music, don't miss the chance to catch REO Speedwagon live and experience the magic of their music firsthand.

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