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Hip Hop and rap music have emerged over the past 25 years and really taken the world by storm. The simple beats and melodies are built to make people dance while the rapid, rhyming succession of words is infectious to try to rap along with. When you spit an entire verse right in time with the rapper, it feels like you are right up there on stage performing with them. The ability to tell a story while staying in time and keeping the rhyme (see what we did there?) illustrates the impressive skill needed to construct a rap song. Even more impressive is the ability to freestyle, or to do this all off the top of your head to a random beat, which some rappers will do at live shows. These concerts will have the entire audience rapping the words with the performer, who will then sometimes cut the music and let the crowd finish the verse for them. Hearing the song a cappella as performed by thousands will give anybody goosebumps, and to experience that feeling constitutes plenty of reason for you to get hip-hop and rap concert tickets.

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