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Apr 1607:30 PM
Puscifer, Primus & A Perfect CircleTalking Stick Resort Amphitheatre, Phoenix, AZ
Apr 1707:30 PM
Puscifer, Primus & A Perfect CircleTalking Stick Resort Amphitheatre, Phoenix, AZ
Apr 1807:00 PM
Puscifer, Primus & A Perfect CircleThe Rady Shell at Jacobs Park, San Diego, CA
Apr 2007:30 PM
Puscifer, Primus & A Perfect CircleHollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA
Apr 2107:00 PM
Puscifer, Primus & A Perfect CircleGreek Theatre - U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Apr 2307:30 PM
Puscifer, Primus & A Perfect CircleMaverik Center, Salt Lake City, UT
Apr 2508:00 PM
Puscifer, Primus & A Perfect CircleRed Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
Apr 2608:00 PM
Puscifer, Primus & A Perfect CircleRed Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
Apr 2711:00 AM
Sick New World Festival: System of a Down, Slipknot, Alice in Chains & A Perfect CircleLas Vegas Festival Grounds, Las Vegas, NV
Apr 3007:30 PM
Puscifer, Primus & A Perfect CircleAzura Amphitheater, Bonner Springs, KS
May 107:30 PM
Puscifer, Primus & A Perfect CircleWintrust Arena, Chicago, IL
May 208:00 PM
Puscifer, Primus & A Perfect CirclePine Knob Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI
May 407:00 PM
Puscifer, Primus & A Perfect CircleForest Hills Stadium, Forest Hills, NY
May 608:00 PM
PrimusKirby Center for the Performing Arts, Wilkes Barre, PA
May 807:00 PM
PrimusRabbit Rabbit At The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC
May 908:00 PM
PrimusCharleston Music Hall, Charleston, SC
Jul 708:00 PM
PrimusVina Robles Amphitheater, Paso Robles, CA
Jul 908:00 PM
PrimusYaamava Theater at Yaamava Resort & Casino, Highland, CA
Jul 1207:00 PM
Primus & Coheed and CambriaRedding Civic Auditorium, Redding, CA
Jul 1306:00 PM
Primus & Coheed and CambriaHayden Homes Amphitheater, Bend, OR
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About Primus

Primus is a band that truly comes alive in their live performances. The combined expertise and virtuosity of Les Claypool, Larry LaLonde, and Tim "Herb" Alexander is a sight to behold on stage. Their concerts are incredibly atmospheric with eccentric song transitions, experimental solos, and edgy improvisations crafting an unforgettably immersive experience for attendees. This unique atmosphere makes live events and concert tickets for Primus highly sought after by fans and new listeners alike.

Among their extensive repertoire, a few songs have gained particular popularity during live events. Songs like "My Name Is Mud," "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver," and "Tommy the Cat" are a staple of any Primus concert, creating a wave of energy and anticipation among the audience.

"My Name Is Mud" is an emblematic Primus track, showcasing Claypool's unmistakable slap-bass technique and distinctive vocal style. During live performances, the song transforms into an extended jam session, often lasting for over eight minutes. This allows Claypool to push the boundaries of bass playing, introducing solos that are both intricate and engaging. The result is an electrifying performance that leaves fans in awe, reinforcing the relevance and value of purchasing live event tickets.

"Jerry Was a Race Car Driver" is another fan-favourite, instantly recognizable through its prominent bass riff and frantic drumming. When played live, the song takes on a new life. The hearty guitar solo by Lalonde, coupled with Claypool’s rhythmic bass line, forms a delightful melodic chaos that demonstrates the band's technical prowess and unique musical style. The song makes for a decisive high point in their concerts, with the fans often joining in singing the lyrics, highlighting the communal feel of Primus live shows.

"Tommy The Cat" is a staple of Primus' live performances, best known for its complex bass line and spoken-word verses. A standout moment in live renditions of this track is when Claypool performs the extremely fast-paced spoken verse, capturing the audience’s attention with his theatrical delivery. These moments of musicianship and performance are among the many reasons why fans eagerly seek after Primus tickets whenever they tour.

In the vein of these popular songs, Primus also has a penchant for pulling out lesser-known tracks and cover songs during live performances, much to the delight of their avid fans. Their renditions of songs like Rush's "Cygnus X-1" and The Residents' "Hello Skinny/Constantinople" often become highlights of their concerts, showcasing their musical versatility and charm.

In conclusion, Primus' live performances are nothing short of a spectacular musical experience. Their popular live songs serve as unique exhibitions of rock music, pushing the boundaries of conventional melodies and rhythms. Whether it is for the electrifying performances of their popular songs or the anticipation of unexpected covers, live event tickets for Primus concerts are a prized possession for any music lover. Their track record as formidable live artists will no doubt continue to enhance their reputation, cementing their place as one of the most unique and inventive bands of their generation.

Primus History

Primus, a unique amalgam of funk, punk, and progressive rock, is an American rock band that has carved out a niche all its own in the music scene. Led by vocalist and bassist Les Claypool, Primus is known for their eccentric style, and their live concerts and events are a testament to their idiosyncratic appeal.

Originally formed in El Sobrante, California in 1984, Primus began as a collaboration between Les Claypool, Todd Huth (guitar) and Jay Lane (drums). The band performed their initial shows in the late 1980s, and soon garnered a following with their distinctive sound, Claypool's innovative bass techniques and their surreal, humorous lyrics.

Their first commercially successful album, “Sailing the Seas of Cheese,” was released in 1991 and went gold by the end of the year. This success was followed by “Pork Soda” in 1993, which debuted at number seven on the Billboard 200. The band's fame skyrocketed with their fifth studio album, “Tales from the Punchbowl,” which featured the Grammy-nominated single “Wynona's Big Brown Beaver.” Throughout this period, Primus firmly established their reputation as a thrilling live act, with concert tickets frequently selling out.

Claypool is the heart of Primus's live performances, driving both the rhythm and melody with his bass guitar while also providing quirky and often humorous vocals. A Primus concert is not just a musical performance but a full-on spectacle, complete with multimedia presentations, intricate stage setups, and Claypool's eccentric stage presence. Fans have come to anticipate and relish the band’s unpredictability at their concerts, where setlist changes are commonplace and improvisations are often integrated into their songs.

Primus’s live performances are so revered that in 1998, they released a live album, “Suck on This,” which was a compilation of performances from their concerts. This was followed by another live album, “Hallucino-Genetics: Live 2004,” showcasing the band's ability to deliver a fresh spin on their songs with each performance.

The band went on a short-lived hiatus in the late ‘90s but reformed in 2003 with the original lineup. Since then, they have continued to tour extensively and release new music, reaffirming the durability and appeal of their outlandish style.

Primus's live concerts are an event no fan wants to miss, with sold-out shows being the norm rather than the exception. The band’s blend of rock, punk, and funk, combined with their eccentric stage antics and Claypool's incomparable musicianship, make their concerts a singularly unforgettable experience.

In 2017, Primus embarked on the “Ambushing The Storm Tour” in support of their ninth studio album, “The Desaturated Seven,” marking their first tour as a headlining act in nearly five years. The tour was praised for its innovative presentation, intricate musicianship, and the band's unyielding energy.

Throughout their history, Primus has consistently provided fans with a unique, immersive concert experience that few could match. Their distinctiveness and unyielding commitment to creativity are what have kept fans buying tickets and filling venues for more than three decades, and they show no signs of slowing down. Whether you are a longtime fan or a curious newcomer, a Primus concert is an event you will not soon forget.

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