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The Pixies were formed in 1986 as an alternative rock band. They founded in Boston, Massachusetts. The band disbanded in 1993 for 11 years. Then in 2004, they reunited and have been together ever since. The current members of The Pixies consistent of Black Francis, David, Lovering, Joey Santiago, Paz Lenchantin. Kim Deal left the band in 2013 and was replaced by Paz. The Pixies have always been accumulation of   multiple genres. They draw a lot of influence from punk rock and surf rock. They are known for their expertise in volume control, to add effects to their songs. They saw decent success in the United States but became much more popular in the United Kingdom and Europe. The band is known for its influence on many popular bands like Weezer, Radiohead, and Nirvana. Kurt Cobain of Nirvana actually said that the Pixies really influenced their song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Their notoriety grew when they broke up in 1993. There shows were sold out for their reunion in 2004. For great deals on Pixies tickets checkout ScoreBig today.

Creating The Pixies

Lead Guitarist Joey Santiago met Black Francis when they attended college at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The two began to play together. After some time they wanted to create a band, so they placed an ad for a female bassist. Kim Deal saw the ad and joined the band in 1986. Kim’s sister briefly played drums for the band but left after she felt that she did not have enough skill to play with them. Kim’s husband then suggested David Lovering. The band finally had enough members and began performing at bars in Boston.


As shown through their music the Pixies are influenced by numerous bands. The Beatle’s White Album influenced the Pixie’s album Doolittle. Santiago was strongly influenced by David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Les Paul, George Harrison and Black Flag. Kim Deal was influenced more by folk music and country music. When she was younger she had a folk band with her sister and they covered artists like The Everly Brothers and hit country artist Hank Williams. She also had another band called The Breeders which the Pixies performed with a few times.


The bands have 6 albums to date. They released Surfer Rosa in 1988. In 1989, the released Doolittle. In 1990, they released Bossanova. In 1991, they released Trompe le Monde. Indie Cindy was released many years later after the band reformed.  They released Indie Cindy in 2014. Two years later the Pixies released Head Carrier (2016).

How did the Pixies get their name?

The Pixies got their band name when Joey Santiago picked it randomly from the dictionary. David thought the definition “mischievous little elves” sounded cool and how the word looked was interesting.

Weezer & Pixies Tour 2019

The bands had their first co-headling tour in Summer 2018. The two bands decided to head back out Spring 2019. For another epic tour. Don’t miss your chance to see a legendary alternative rock band, get your Pixies tour tickets now!

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