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Rising from the punk underground music scene from the heart of San Diego, Pierce the Veil have gained a rabid fan following. Formed in 2006 by the brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes, their brand of defiant progressive post-hardcore drew in a lot of listeners. So much so that Pierce the Veil received the “Best Fanbase” honor at the 2016 Kerrang! Awards and the same year lifted another “Most Dedicated Fanbase” trophy at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards.

Jaime Preciado providing the backing vocals as well as the bass and Tony Perry as the lead guitarist completes the quartet. Since the release of their debut album “A Flair for the Dramatic” in 2007, Pierce the Veil have been a part of numerous worldwide tours. Considered among the hottest commodities in the punk rock scene, Pierce the Veil tickets have been in great demand since their very first performance. Even today, as they hit the road with All Time Low on a joint venture, fans have started searching for cheap Pierce the Veil tickets to be a part of this world tour.

So far only one leg has been announced, which includes concerts in UK, starting March, 2018. They will most likely announce North American dates as well, so stay tuned for more updates by Pierce the Veil.

Early Life & Influences

In a music career that spans ten years with four album releases, Pierce the Veil have accomplished what most rising bands strive for yet seldom achieve. Vic and Mike Fuentes along with Jaime Preciado and Tony Perry are living their rock star dream.

Their skyrocketing, whirlwind musical journey suffered some bumps along the way but that’s what made the quartet. Staying true to their humble backgrounds, the brothers especially entered the underground scene with a grassroots mentality. And that yielded incredible results.

While in high school in 1998, Vic and Mike formed the band Before Today with two other friends, Mitchell Ballatore and Joe Tancil. Performing together for several years, they even released an album in 2004 titled “A Celebration of an Ending”. Soon after Tancil and Ballatore parted ways with the brothers, who were left to start all over again.

But things happen for a reason and the split worked in favor of the brothers. Pierce the Veil was born and the band signed with the Equal Vision Records. By incorporating the elements of a rather disintegrated hardcore, metalcore and progressive-rock, the quartet created a unique sound that was bound to get noticed and blow away the listeners.

The brothers were greatly influenced by their father, who also happened to be a music teacher. The superstars that they look up to include My American Heart, Lower Definition, Underminded, the Blackout, Pennywise, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, NOFX and Thrice.

Album Releases & Honors

Pierce the Veil’s freshman album “A Flair for the Dramatic” blew away the fans. Released in 2007, it featured high-pitched tracks like “Currents Convulsive” and “She Sings in the Morning”. Touching upon the pop-punk roots, these songs were fuelled by classic rock n roll. The brilliantly produced album showcased solid effort by the quartet, drifting aesthetically from romance to heartbreak to an eventual fulfillment. “A Flair for the Dramatic” cracked through the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart and peaked at number 61.

In 2010, a more precise second album surfaced. With “Selfish Machines”, Pierce the Veil opted for a different approach that included refining and improving their existing sound. Instead of redefining themselves or altering their style, the band used more pseudo-technical instrumentation that made their already infectious melodies even harder to resist.

The upbeat tracks like “The Boy Who Could Fly” and “Caraphernelia” call for some serious headbanging at their live shows. The dominant use of guitars and hardcore percussion pack quite a punch, making it difficult to forget the tunes. The album landed on the Billboard 200, broke through the Top Rock Albums charts and topped the Billboard Heatseekers Albums.

In terms of success and critical acclaim, “Collide with the Sky” left behind its two predecessors. Released in 2012, the album opted for the same winning formula as “Selfish Machines”, but presented a more polished sound. There is an abundance of drumming and guitarwork that elevates the dynamics of the songs. “King for a Day”, “Hell Above” and “Tangled in the Great Escape” successfully integrates power vocals and excessive drumming.

“Collide with the Sky” peaked at number 12 on the Billboard 200 and topped both the Rock and Hard Rock Albums charts. The music video for the song “King for a Day” took home the “Best Video” Kerrang! Award.

In 2014, Jaime Preciado was honored as the “Best Bassist” and Mike Fuentes as the “Best Drummer” at the Alternative Press Music Awards. In 2015, the award function honored Tony Perry as the “Best Guitarist”.

2016’s “Misadventures” is the band’s most successful album yet. It reached the Top 5 on the Billboard 200 and clinched the first position on the Top Hard Rock Albums, Independent Albums and Top Rock Albums charts. The album earned them the “Best Underground Alternative Band” award at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Cheap Pierce the Veil Tickets

Pierce the Veil followed their debut album with a tour and made a special appearance at the Warped Tour. While their album was slowly peaking at the charts, the band spent most of the 2007 and 2008 touring, opening the concerts for popular bands, including the Michigan based ensemble Chiodos.

Their popularity was rising and so were the ticket sales. For the diehard fans it didn’t even matter if the tickets came cheap or expensive – they had to get inside a Pierce the Veil concert.

The band even crossed international borders, performed in Europe for special engagements and in 2009 made their debut on the Taste of Chaos Tour. 2010 came with an even bigger touring schedule as they landed in Australia for a month-long trek and from there headed out to Japan.

Pierce the Veil’s 2013 performance at the UK’s Slam Dunk Festival earned them a Kerrang! Award in the “Best International Newcomer” category. Their North American tour in 2014 helped them win the “Best Liveband” Alternative Press Music Award.

Pierce the Veil has already announced a world tour for 2018, and while the European dates are out, they will soon release the North American concerts’ schedule as well. Make sure you remain updated on all these developments.

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