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Oracle Arena Tickets

Oracle Arena is a multi-purpose indoor arena that is located in Oakland, California. It first opened in 1966, and it was significantly renovated in 1995 and 1996. It is used for many different types of sports and entertainment events, but it is most famously known for being the home court to live NBA by way of Golden State Warriors tickets. Oracle Arena is certainly busy, with an estimated audience numbering nearly 100 million over the years.

In 1995, it was clear that this facility was falling behind other similar venues. Newer arenas could hold more people, had better features, more advanced technology, and were just better in many ways. Rather than tearing down the arena and rebuilding, it was decided that the current structure would undergo some significant renovations. The first project cost $120 million and included the addition of two state-of-the-art scoreboards, 22,000 new seats, 90 luxury suites, and two private clubs.

In 1996, the arena underwent another renovation, this one costing $100 million. For this renovation they redesigned the building's interior. The result was an increase in seating capacity. Additionally, they added 72 more luxury suites and three brand-new exclusive clubs. Today, the Oracle Arena has become one of the finest venues of its kind in the entire country. With classic styling and modern amenities, this amazing venue combines the best of both worlds. Old-school basketball fans can enjoy the vintage styling and history, while still taking advantage of today's modern features.

There have been plenty of highly notable events hosted by the Oracle Arena, and there will undoubtedly be plenty more to come year after year. In 2010, UFC 117 was hosted at the Oracle. In 2000, the NBA All-Star Game took place there. Famous artists like The Grateful Dead and Duran Duran have played here, and Creedence Clearwater Revival even filmed a television special at the Oracle Arena, which was later released as an album. This arena is also the home to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, as well as Disney On Ice for residents of the San Francisco area.

Getting There and Getting In

Parking & Directions Planning the best route to get to Oracle Arena depends on where you are coming from. Visit the official website of the Oracle Arena for detailed instructions on how to get to the venue from your location. Many guests prefer to take public transportation to the venue in order to avoid potential traffic, parking fees, and parking hassles. If you prefer to park away from the venue and then take public transportation, the best option is to either take a taxi, or take the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system. If you are traveling from outside of the city, you may want to look into the Capitol Corridor intercity passenger train system.

There is parking available on-site for all events. The parking lots accept cash, or all four major credit cards. There is a parking tax imposed by the city of Oakland that will be included with the parking price unless noted otherwise. Parking fees range from $20-$35 depending on the lot and the event, so be sure to plan accordingly. It is highly recommended that you leave at least an hour early in order to secure a parking spot before the event. It is common for there to be significant pedestrian and vehicle traffic before a big event, so try to either come early or park outside of the congested area.

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