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NHL Tickets

NHL Tickets

The NHL season is now upon us. As one of the oldest professional sports leagues in the United States, American's have grown to love the hard hitting, highly skilled, fast pace action of the NHL. The excitement starts at training camp where new comers and old faces are battling for roster supremacy. The NHL schedule contains months of non-stop action and excitement on the ice to keep fans at the edge of their seats. Preseason NHL tickets allow fans an opportunity to see upcoming talent and line combinations that they often can't observe in live play. As the preseason winds down, hockey fans can enjoy great matchups that feature some of the world's most skilled hockey players. Regular season NHL tickets get you inside the arenas, where you can expect the highest quality of contest every time you attend an NHL contest. Once spring comes around and the chase for the cup heats up, playoff NHL tickets become a must have for any NHL fan. With everyone's sights on bringing home a Stanley Cup, teams will give it their all and sacrifice everything to be crowned champions. Whether it be, regular season, playoffs, or the Stanley Cup finals, attending a hockey game always leads to a great night out! With no fees and free shipping, you will get the best deals on your NHL tickets at ScoreBig.

The National Hockey League (NHL) is one of North America’s oldest professional sport. The NHL consists of a total of 31 teams. There are 24 teams located in the United Sates and there are 7 teams located in Canada. The league is home to the oldest sports trophy in North America’s history, the Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup was actually created prior to the formation of the NHL. It was first awarded in 1893, when it was known back then as the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup. The Montreal Canadiens currently have won the cup more than any other team in the NHL. The Detroit Red wings currently have more cup wins than any other team in the United States.

Currently the season is structured as regular season and postseason. The regular season typically runs from October to April) and the postseason will encompass the Stanley Cup playoff games.


In 1917, the National Hockey League commonly referred to as the NHL was founded. It’s predecessor was the National Hockey Association (NHA), that was created in 1909. The NHA began with seven teams that were located in Ontario and Quebec. When the NHA reached their 8th season they had a large amount of disputes amongst team owners. These cause the suspension of the NHA and the formation of the NHL. Frank Calder was the National Hockey League’s first president. The Stanley cup was a multi-league competition. Upon the formation of the National Hockey League’s, it replaced the NHA as one of the leagues competing for the cup. Toronto was the NHL’s first ever season champion in 1918. They went on to win the Stanley Cup later that year. In 1924, the league began expanding into the Us with the addition of the Boston Bruins being the first American team to enter the league.

The Original Six – Following WWII the NHL was reduced to a total of six teams, creating the Era of the Original Six. The six teams were Chicago Black Hawks, Montreal Canadiens, Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings, New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs. These were the only teams in the NHL for the next 25 seasons.

Expansion – In 1967, the NHL began its expansion beyond the original six. The league added six more teams, doubling the teams in the league. The six teams added in 1967 were Pittsburgh Penguins, Los Angeles Kings, Minnesota North Stars, Philadelphia Flyers, California Seals and St. Louis Blues. Upon this expansion the WHA fought back by getting players in their league. One of the most notable players was Wayne Gretzky played in the WHA for a year for the Indianapolis Racers and then transferred to the Edmonton Oilers for the rest of the season. Wayne Gretzky is hailed as the greatest hockey player to ever live. He was given the nickname “The One”. He has more records than anyone else in history and it has been stated that some of those records will never be broker. In 1979, the WHA joined the NHL ending the feud and adding more teams to the NHL.


Currently the NHL is made up of 31 teams. Those teams are split into two conferences. Those conferences are known as Eastern Conference and Western Conference. The Eastern Conference has two division the Atlantic and the Metropolitan, which make up 16 of the 31 teams. The Western Conference has two divisions as well they are Central and Pacific. They make up the remaining 15 teams in the NHL.

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