NHL Playoffs Tickets

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On no ordinary day would a group of huge, burly, bearded, toothless men with blades attached to their feet be cheered on by adoring fans, but the National Hockey League playoffs are anything but ordinary. Some of the most fiercely competitive games in all of American sport, every single game in the NHL playoffs is a battle. Starting in mid-April and running all the way through mid-June, these playoffs comprise an intense two months for whichever teams qualify and manage to stave off elimination until the end. Teams need to win four separate best-of-7 series, going against stiffer and stiffer competition each time. However, the NHL Playoffs are also the most likely forum for an upset out of any of the four major North American sports due to the possibility of a hot goaltender nullifying opposing teams’ offenses. This increases the level of unknown for the fans as well as the enthusiasm, as any team can win on any given night. For this reason, as well as the high level of skill the players demonstrate, NHL playoff games are some of the best sporting games you can attend as a fan and definitely must-see events if they come to a city near you.

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