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May 1007:00 PM
NewsboysVictory Church - LA, Metairie, LA
May 1205:00 PM
NewsboysFirst Baptist Church - Madison, Madison, MS
May 2407:00 PM
NewsboysLexCity Church, Lexington, KY
May 2507:00 PM
NewsboysBenton Speedway, Benton, MO
May 3007:00 PM
NewsboysSnead State Bevill Center, Boaz, AL
May 3108:00 PM
Newsboys & Jordan JanzenAll-Star Amphitheatre At Wild Adventures Theme Park, Valdosta, GA
Jun 1906:30 PM
NewsboysPeoples Natural Gas Field, Altoona, PA
Jun 2007:00 PM
NewsboysStamford Center For The Arts - Palace Theatre, Stamford, CT
Jun 2107:30 PM
NewsboysAmerican Music Theatre, Lancaster, PA
Jun 2307:00 PM
NewsboysSherman Theater, Stroudsburg, PA
Jul 11(TBD)
Lifest: We The Kingdom, Zach Williams, For King and Country & Newsboys - 4 Day PassSunnyview Fairgrounds, Oshkosh, WI
Jul 1112:00 PM
Lifest: We The Kingdom & Newsboys - Thursday (Time: TBD)Sunnyview Fairgrounds, Oshkosh, WI
Aug 1507:00 PM
NewsboysMarion Cultural and Civic Center, Marion, IL
Aug 1607:00 PM
NewsboysEffingham Performance Center, Effingham, IL
Aug 1707:30 PM
NewsboysBlue Gate Performing Arts Center, Shipshewana, IN
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About Newsboys

Newsboys, an iconic Christian pop rock band with roots from the late 1980s, has built an illustrious legacy with a series of live songs that have held audiences captive for years. Known for their energetic performances, harmonious sound and thought-provoking lyrics, Newsboys have traversed the world, delivering electric live shows that have drawn in a robust fan base spanning several continents.

One of their most popular live performances is "God's Not Dead (Like a Lion)". The moment the opening chords hit, the crowd goes wild in anticipation. In a live setting, this track truly comes alive. The raw energy, the engaged crowd, and the band's impassioned performance are all ingredients that make it an otherworldly experience. Concert goers often purport that hearing the song live is a transformative experience, something that studio listening cannot match.

"He Reigns", another favorite performed at Newsboys' concerts, has a magnetic effect on the crowd. With its moving lyrics and captivating rhythm, the song’s live rendition creates an atmosphere of unity and spirituality that is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Attendees often leave the live event having felt a strong sense of community and shared experience, inextricably linked by the powerful music.

"Shine" is another song that never fails to light up a Newsboys' concert. Its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics give it the power to energize even the weariest of attendees. In live performances, the band members' enthusiasm is palpable, spreading through the crowd in waves. When performed live, "Shine" becomes more than just a song; it transforms into an immersive experience, a shared emotional journey.

Tickets for Newsboys' live concerts are often sought after with great anticipation and excitement. Fans understand that listening to their beloved tracks through a set of headphones is a vastly different experience than standing amidst a crowd of fellow devotees, riding the wave of live music, and soaking up the energetic atmosphere. The band's talent for creating a dynamic, interactive, and emotional live experience is evident in the high demand for their concert tickets.

Newsboys’ concerts are more than just a showcase of musical talent; they're a testament to the band's commitment to creating meaningful, memorable experiences for their fans. The band goes to great lengths to ensure their live performances are special and unique. They continually work on perfecting their craft to provide their audience with unforgettable live renditions of their most popular songs. The live concert experience of Newsboys is an intricately curated blending of sound, lights, and atmospherics that leaves spectators in awe.

Every ticket to a Newsboys' live event guarantees an evening of musical adventure, complete with hair-raising performances of the band's most popular tracks. The band’s commitment to delivering top-notch live shows has positioned them as a must-see act in the Christian pop rock scene. Their live performances provide fans with an unparalleled opportunity to connect deeply with the music they love, promising an exhilarating experience that goes beyond mere entertainment. The thrill of waiting for the band to take the stage, the collective cheer when they start playing, the shared emotion when they perform their most popular tracks - these are experiences that only a live event can offer, and Newsboys deliver this in spades.

Newsboys History

Newsboys, a renowned Christian rock band that has thrilled fans for over three decades, has a rich history. Known for their bold lyrics, energetic performances, and remarkable ability to command an electric presence on stage, they have significantly shaped the Christian music landscape. They have also managed to maintain an extensive touring schedule over the years, performing in countless cities worldwide and selling thousands of concert tickets.

The band's story began in 1985 in Queensland, Australia, when Peter Furler and his schoolmate George Perdikis teamed up with Sean Taylor and John James to form Newsboys. The band spent its early years primarily touring across Australia, though they soon decided to move to the United States in 1987 to reach larger audiences.

Their breakthrough came in 1992 with the album "Not Ashamed." Its title track became a hit on Christian radio, rocketing the band to new heights of popularity. As they continued to release more albums, their fan base grew, and their concerts started attracting larger audiences. The band became well-known for their particularly vibrant and electrifying live shows, with the members frequently jumping and dancing around the stage, creating an exhilarating atmosphere that left audiences in awe.

Newsboys live concerts are more than just music; they are a complete audio-visual experience. The band has always made efforts to stay on the cutting edge of concert technology, employing elaborate stage designs, bright lights, and pyrotechnics to create immersive experiences. Concert-goers often comment on the band's engaging performances, where every song seems to tell a story, and every beat connects with the audience at a deeper level.

As Newsboys’ fame and success continued to rise, they became a cornerstone at various significant Christian music events, such as the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular, one of the largest annual Christian music tours. They continuously sold out tickets for such events, displaying their enduring popularity among their fans.

Tickets for Newsboys' concerts have always been in high demand, thanks to their reputation for providing a remarkable and spiritually uplifting live experience. This trend still continues even after decades of performing. Their concerts are well-attended by people of different age groups, from young listeners to older fans who have been following the band since its early years.

Over the years, Newsboys have witnessed some lineup changes, but this has not hindered the band’s momentum or commitment to their fans. In 2009, Michael Tait, formerly of another Christian rock band dc Talk, took over as the lead vocalist. The change was embraced positively by fans who continued showing up at concert venues, indicating their undying love for the band’s music and performances.

In 2018, Newsboys United was formed, bringing back former band members Peter Furler and Phil Joel. This reunion tour rejuvenated the band's energy and expanded their fan base, leading to sold-out concerts and an increase in ticket sales.

In conclusion, Newsboys hold a critical position in Christian music history. Their live concerts are known to be a spectacular fusion of music and meaningful messages, from small town venues to large arenas. The high demand for Newsboys concert tickets reflects their longevity and the timeless appeal of their music, making them a must-see band for Christian rock enthusiasts worldwide.

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