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Natalie Grant 's History

Natalie Grant is a multi-award winning Christian vocalist who has been captivating audiences for over two decades. Born on December 21, 1971, in Seattle, Washington, Natalie began singing at the age of four and had her first performance at the age of five in her church’s Christmas program. Natalie’s exceptional talent was evident, and she was actively involved in her church’s music ministry as a teenager. She was part of a Christian band called Truth, but her desire to launch a solo career emerged in the mid-1990s.

In 1999, Natalie released her debut self-titled album, which quickly established her as a rising talent in the Christian music industry. Her sophomore album, Stronger, released in 2001, marked a turning point in her career as it earned her a Dove Award for Best Female Vocalist. Her third album, Deeper Life, released in 2003, further cemented her status as one of the industry’s most talented artists. Her next album, Awaken, released in 2005, gave Natalie her best-selling record in the United States, a tour, and a critically acclaimed single “Held.”

Live concert events are one of Natalie’s specialties, and fans worldwide appreciate her energetic, passionate, and faithful performances. Natalie’s concerts are marked by her ability to connect with her audience and deliver a powerful message through her music. Her live performances are an opportunity for fans to experience her powerful voice and heartfelt lyrics as they resonate with her faith-based message.

Natalie has been part of numerous tours, from her own headlining tours to opening for other Christian artists such as Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant. Her tours are an unforgettable experience for her fans, with tickets selling out quickly, proving her popularity and loyal fan base.

In 2008, Natalie released her album, Relentless, which earned her the Gospel Music Association's Dove Award for Female Vocalist of the Year. Her next album, Love Revolution, released in 2010, and her tenth album Hurricane released in 2013, which was inspired by the devastating tornadoes that hit the Oklahoma area. Hurricane debuted at number one on the Christian album charts, cementing Natalie’s status as a genre-defining artist.

In 2015, Natalie launched her “Natalie Grant & Danny Gokey Live in Concert” tour, which brought her energetic performances and heartfelt messages to fans across the country. She also collaborated with her husband, Bernie Herms, a gifted composer and musician, on her album Be One, released in 2015. The album quickly became a fan favorite, thanks to its powerful messages of faith, hope, and love.

Natalie has won numerous accolades throughout her career, including four Grammy nominations and seven Dove Awards. Her music has touched the lives of millions worldwide, inspiring them to embrace their faith and live a purposeful life. Whether through her music or live performances, Natalie’s message is clear: to inspire, uplift, and empower others through the power of faith and music.

In conclusion, Natalie Grant’s career has spanned over two decades, and she has made an immense impact on the Christian music industry. Her live performances are a must-see for anyone looking for an uplifting and empowering experience. Fans worldwide eagerly await her tours, and the tickets always sell out quickly, a testament to her popularity and talent. Natalie Grant’s music will continue to inspire, uplift, and empower for generations to come, and her legacy will forever be etched in the annals of Christian music history.

More About Natalie Grant

1. Hurricane

Hurricane is one of Natalie Grant’s most popular live songs. It’s a powerful ballad that speaks to the hope and healing that comes after a storm. The lyrics are incredibly moving, and Natalie’s voice soars as she sings about finding peace in the midst of chaos. This song is a fan-favorite and is always a highlight of her live performances.

2. Your Great Name

Your Great Name is another one of Natalie Grant’s most popular live songs. The song has an uplifting and powerful message about the power of God’s name. The chorus is a powerful declaration of faith, and Natalie’s voice brings the song to life in a way that is truly awe-inspiring. This song is a staple at many Christian events and is always a crowd-pleaser.

3. Clean

Clean is a beautiful and emotional ballad that showcases Natalie Grant’s incredible vocal range. The song is a reminder that no matter how far we may stray from God, we can always find forgiveness and redemption in His love. This song is often performed at Christian youth events and is a favorite of young people across the country.

4. King Of The World

King Of The World is a high-energy, upbeat song that is sure to get your feet tapping. The song is a reminder that no matter what we may face in this life, God is always in control. Natalie’s vocals are strong and passionate, and the song is a fan-favorite at many Christian music festivals and events.

5. In Christ Alone

In Christ Alone is a classic Christian hymn that Natalie Grant has made her own. Her powerful vocals bring new life to the song, which is a beautiful declaration of faith in Jesus Christ. This song is often performed at larger Christian events and is a powerful reminder of the hope and salvation that we have in Christ.

If you are a fan of contemporary Christian music, then seeing Natalie Grant live is an experience that you won’t want to miss. Her incredible vocals, moving lyrics, and powerful message make her one of the most beloved Christian singers in the world. Attending one of her concerts is a truly unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted.

If you’re interested in attending one of Natalie Grant’s live performances, then you’ll want to make sure you get your tickets early. Her concerts often sell out quickly, and you don’t want to miss the chance to see her perform live. You can find tickets to her upcoming shows on her official website or through ticketing websites like Ticketmaster or Live Nation.

In conclusion, Natalie Grant is a truly unique and talented performer who has captivated audiences around the world with her incredible live performances. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary Christian music or just appreciate great music in general, attending one of her concerts is an experience that you won’t forget. So don’t hesitate – get your tickets today and prepare to be blown away by Natalie Grant’s incredible voice and inspiring message.

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