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“Never tell the audience how good you are, they will soon find out for themselves.”

These are words uttered by arguably the greatest magician of them all, Harry Houdini. His tricks and illusions did the talking for him and that basically set the standard for all the illusionists that have come after him.

Magic is all about doing the unthinkable. The best magicians in history have been able to do things the mind simply fails to comprehend. This is what magic is all about. It is bewildering as it is fascinating and there are magicians or illusionists around today who continue to amaze fans all around the globe.

Magic is not easy to master because a lot of it is done live. Magic shows attract a huge number of fans from every walk of life who buy Magic tickets for an experience they just won’t get anywhere else.

The History of Magic

The term “magic” comes from Magi, which is an Old Persian word. Many historians trace the roots of magic all the way back to 2700 BC to the days of Dedi, a magician from Ancient Egypt. He performed a magic trick that saw him decapitate an ox and two birds, only to put their heads back in place to bring them back to life. There were also other magicians in Ancient Egypt who used to bewilder audiences with hand tricks that used to center around balls and cups.

Illusionists however began to come to the fore for the first time in the eighteenth century. Between 1756 and 1781, Jacob Philadelphia used to perform his magic tricks all across Europe. Then came Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin, a clockmaker, who in Paris opened a magic theater during the 1840s.

It was however the legendary Harry Houdini who in the nineteenth century paved the way for future generations of magicians and illusionists. Houdini was a one-off and turned magic into more than just performing tricks. He added showmanship to the craft and that has carried on to the current generation. It was Houdini who took illusions to the next level.

The Categories

Magic shows have different categories. Some of the most popular are:

Production - In this type of magic, the illusionist produces something out of nothing.

Vanish - As the name shows, vanish is the art of disappearing. The magician or an illusionist can make different objects or himself disappear altogether.

Transformation - The art of transformation revolves around transforming one object into a totally different object.

Restoration - In restoration, a magician destroys an object or even a human being (cutting his assistant into half), and then restores it in its original shape.

Transposition - In transposition, the magician uses multiple objects and makes them switch places.

Transportation - As is evident from the name, in transportation a magician uses his skills to transport one object to another place.

Escape - The trick that Harry Houdini made famous, escapism revolves around a magician escaping from a very tricky position. For example, a magician can tie himself up with steel chains in a box and then set a timer to wriggle free of the chains and come out of the box before the set time limit is reached.

Levitation - In levitation, the magician can make himself or different objects float in the air without any support whatsoever.

Prediction - In prediction, the magician predicts how an event will unfold or something that a spectator would have in their mind.

Penetration - In penetration, a magician makes an object pass through another object. In some instances, steel swords pass through human beings without hurting them.

Famous Magicians and Magic Shows

There are plenty of famous magicians and illusionists around today. They have mesmerized millions of fans all across the globe with their incredible tricks. The likes of David Blaine, Criss Angel, Dynamo, Michael Carbonaro, Adam Trent, Penn & Teller and of course the biggest star of them all right now, David Copperfield among others have astounded fans everywhere with jaw-dropping tricks.

Then there are magic shows like “Champions of Magic” and “Masters of Illusion” that always attract people from all walks of life. Different illusionists deliver spellbinding performances as part of these shows as the programs tour all around the country.

Cheap Magic Tickets

The current year is about to end but the illusionists are not done yet for the year. Moreover, the arrival of the New Year will bring with it more shows and performances by the biggest names in the business today. If you want to be a part of these epic performances, then cheap magic tickets are available for you to buy.

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