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Less Than Jake's History

Less Than Jake is a ska punk rock band that has been around since 1992. The group was formed in Gainesville, Florida by Chris DeMakes (vocals/guitar) and Vinnie Fiorello (drums). The band has since gone through several changes in personnel, with current members including Roger Lima (bass/vocals), Buddy Schaub (trombone) and Peter “JR” Wasilewski (saxophone).

Less Than Jake’s music is characterized by its upbeat tempo, horn arrangements, and punk rock instrumentation. Their early albums, “Pezcore” (1995) and “Losing Streak” (1996), were well received by the punk and ska communities. In 1998, they signed with Capitol Records and released their breakthrough album, “Hello Rockview,” which gained them mainstream attention and introduced them to a wider audience.

Over the years, Less Than Jake has toured extensively, playing hundreds of shows and festivals around the world. They are known for their high-energy live shows, combining their catchy melodies with interactive performances that get the crowd moving.

Attending a Less Than Jake show is an unforgettable experience. The band’s combination of fast-paced ska rhythms, punk rock attitude, and catchy melodies set the stage for a night of fun and entertainment. Their shows are typically full of energy, with a mix of crowd favorites from their extensive catalog of albums.

Less Than Jake concerts are a great opportunity for fans to experience their music in a live setting, and tickets to their shows are always in high demand. For those looking to purchase tickets, there are several options available. Tickets can be purchased through online ticketing sites, such as Ticketmaster, or through less traditional means such as the band’s website or social media pages.

If you’re a fan of Less Than Jake, attending one of their live shows is a must. Their infectious energy, catchy tunes, and interactive performances are sure to leave a lasting impression. So why not grab some tickets and join them for a night of high-energy ska punk rock that will have you dancing the night away!

More About Less Than Jake

1. "The Science of Selling Yourself Short" - Released in 2003, this song has become one of Less Than Jake's most popular tracks. Its upbeat ska rhythm and catchy chorus make it a fan favorite at live shows. Fans can't resist shouting "Hey!" along with the band during the chorus. This song is a must-listen for anyone who wants to experience the energy of a Less Than Jake concert.

2. "All My Best Friends Are Metalheads" - This song was released in 1998 and has remained a staple of Less Than Jake's live shows ever since. Its upbeat ska rhythm and catchy lyrics about being an outsider and finding a place in the punk scene resonate with fans of all ages. The song has become a rallying cry for the band's most dedicated fans.

3. "The Ghosts of Me and You" - This track, which was released in 2003, has become one of Less Than Jake's most emotional songs. Its slow, mournful melody and poignant lyrics about heartbreak and loss strike a chord with fans. The song is often played during the band's encore, and fans can be seen swaying and singing along with tears in their eyes.

4. "Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts" - Released in 1996, this song is one of Less Than Jake's oldest and most beloved tracks. Its ska-punk rhythm and humorous lyrics about being labeled sellouts by the punk scene have made it a fan favorite at live shows. Fans can't resist skanking along to the song's catchy beat.

5. "Automatic" - This song, which was released in 2000, has become one of Less Than Jake's most popular tracks. Its fast-paced ska rhythm and rebellious lyrics about breaking free from society's expectations make it a fan favorite at live shows. Fans can't resist dancing and singing along to the song's catchy melody.

Less Than Jake's live shows are not to be missed. With their high-energy performances and catchy, crowd-pleasing songs, they know how to get the party started. Fans should try to get their hands on tickets for upcoming shows as soon as possible, as they tend to sell out quickly. With their signature blend of ska and punk, Less Than Jake will have fans skanking and singing along all night long.

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