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The director, Franco Dragone describes his ballet show in the following words, “Le Rêve is a dream to be experienced fully awake, with eyes wide open.”

Le Rêve – The Dream provides a dream like experience where you can expect the unexpected! The unique entertainment show combines modern athletic displays, captivating dance acts with water and fire elements in an aquatic theater in the round. Ever since the show was launched, it has mesmerized audiences with its stunning aerial feats and outstanding performances both under and above water. And then there is Dénouement, the most talked about act in Le Rêve – The Dream. This is a segment where you can enjoy bold dance acts and witness the play with water and fire elements. This act of the elegant ballet is liked the most by audiences because of the dramatic and daring dance routine and is considered so far the best addition to the show’s rich history of amazing feats.

It does not come as a surprise that Le Rêve has been voted as the “Best Production Show” currently in Las Vegas. Le Rêve has managed to stay as the top-most show of Las Vegas for seven consecutive years.  Secure your Le Rêve tickets to catch this one-of-a-kind production that features artistic prowess at its best. If you are in Las Vegas do not miss it.

Le Rêve – The Dream

Le Rêve means “The Dream” in French and the name aptly describes the overall experience you get in the magical theatre. The show was created by Franco Dragone, while the beautiful interior of the theater has been designed by Mark Fisher and world-renowned architect, Roger Thomas. The aquatic theater in the round is 27 feet deep and has a 15 foot high raised platform for the performers. These performers make their entry in a dramatic style and not in the traditional manner. Entries are made from inside the pool or the performers land swinging through the air and may even come running in from the audience. Dragone doesn’t limit his creativity so expect anything to happen in this dream.

Franco Dragone got inspiration for this dream show from an eponymous 1932-painting by Pablo Picasso. Impressed by the painting, he wanted to create something along those lines. He came up with Le Rêve where people could experience a unique theatrical experience that would make them feel as if they were in a new universe and that would allow them to let their imaginations flow as the performers took them to wonderland.

Today Le Rêve is popular as a classic resident show that takes place at the fabulous Wynn Las Vegas casino resort every year. The Wynn Resorts is the highest rated resort company in the world which has received 13 Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Awards. Hence the entertainment it provides at these resorts is also at par excellence and lives up to the high standards of the hotel.

Le Rêve since it premiered on May 6, 2005, has treated fans with numerous classic shows and moments of awe, providing an exclusive entertainment experience. In 2012, Le Rêve celebrated its 3,000th performance and has continued to grow stronger with time as new innovative elements are added to keep the audiences coming back. The reason that it still continues to delight the audiences is that it is re-choreographed after every six month which keeps it fresh and full of surprises.

The show features an international cast of talented 80 to 90 performers. Every member of the cast has to be scuba-certified to participate in the show. The lively performances by the trained cast and crew are nothing short of spectacular as they carry out the breathtaking aerial feats and the expert divers plunge into the aquatic stage, do underwater tango and entertain the audience for the entire length of the show. Together with high-tech-special effects and synchronized swimmers, the audiences are whisked to a whimsical aquatic fantasy adventure and this is what the dream is all about.

Le Rêve Details

Location Date Opened Company Director Production Designer Genre
Wynn Las Vegas casino resort May 6, 2005 Dragone Franco Dragone Michel Crête Aquatic theatre

Theatre Experience

The theatre has been designed to keep the comfort of the audience as the top most priority, hence the theatre boasts of the most luxurious seats on the Las Vegas Boulevard. As every seat is not more than 40 feet away (12 rows from the stage) it creates an intimate setting where those in attendance can enjoy a good view of the spellbinding acts taking place before them. This gives them a totally immersive experience and they find it hard to take their eyes away from the visually stunning performances.

VIP Indulgence Packages

For an enhanced experience there is VIP Indulgence Package available that includes added services like champagne bottle service. To add to the luxurious experience chocolate-covered strawberries are served as well. Lounge seating provided with VIP packages gives plenty of leg room to help the attendants relax and be truly comfortable.  And to top it all, there are video monitors for up-close imagery and behind -the-scenes glimpses. The aim is to indulge those who come to the theatre with every luxury and make their experience an unforgettable one. These VIP tickets do not come cheap because they are meant for a lavish experience.

So if you are looking for Le Rêve cheap tickets then look for tickets other than these VIP packages. If you are lucky enough to get Le Rêve cheap tickets then do not let the opportunity go by.

Le Rêve Cheap tickets

Live the dream in Vegas! While you are in Las Vegas it will be an opportunity missed if you do not attend its top show. Check the inventory for Le Rêve Cheap tickets and get them fast because cheap ones are hard to find. The show runs from Fridays to Tuesdays. The timings of the show are from 7pm to 9:30 pm.

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