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Nominated for 14 Academy Awards and 11 BAFTAs, La La Land was one of the most critically acclaimed musical romantic comedy-drama films of 2016. With its amazing music and instant fame, it was only a matter of time before the movie hit the stage. Lucky for fans, that time is close. But before the musical happens, the good news is the live in concert experience of the movie that has been going on since the summer of 2017.  

With a complete orchestra playing in the background and actors, dancers and singers enhancing the on-screen experience, the touring production of La La Land in Concert will be a unique experience. Along with the film’s original score, there will be previously unreleased orchestrations.

Besides the concert experience, an adaption of the much-loved musical will be coming to West End soon. Talking about the opportunity, Broadway theater producer Sonia Friedman said, “I would love to produce it, but I know who's going to produce it and it won't be me. Of course, it will happen. It's made for the stage and it will happen. But I'm sure the rights have already gone somewhere else.”

With the hype already generated, La La Land tickets are already becoming the hottest commodity in town. And you wouldn’t want to pass out on this amazing opportunity to catch the multiple-Oscar award winner live on stage!

La La Land – The Movie

The movie, directed by Damien Chazelle, starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling was a major hit, bagging 6 Academy Awards, including Best Actress for Emma Stone. Damien Chazelle also won an Oscar, becoming the youngest ever recipient of the prestigious Best Director award. La La Land also won Oscars for the Best Song, Best Cinematography and Best Musical Score.

The Story of La La Land

La La Land follows the story of Mia and Sebastian as they both struggle to become successful in their own entertainment fields. Mia, a struggling stage actress and Sebastian, a struggling jazz musician both find their paths intertwined multiple times. After trying to make a romantic relationship work, the two eventually drift apart due to uncertain futures and dreams that would eventually take them into different directions. As the story continues to unfold, both Mia and Sebastian eventually find the career success they had hoped for.

Reception of La La Land – The Movie

In order to understand what kind of goodness is in store for you with the West End adaption of La La Land, you need to know just how well the movie did at the box office. Released on 9th December, 2016, the film has by far grossed more than $445 million all over the world. Interestingly, it’s production budget was only $30 million. La La Land was praised by critics all across the entertainment industry, with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone receiving a lot of acclaim for their performances and in particular, their on-screen chemistry. In addition to direction and acting, the film was also a huge success in terms of its musical score, which can be attributed to Justin Hurwitz.

The movie was nominated for multiple Golden Globe Awards at the 74th Golden Globes and won in every category it got nominated for, bagging an impressive seven awards. It also had 11 nominations at the 70th British Academy Film Awards, winning five out of these. The Academy Award nominations received by the movie tied it with the legendary movies, All About Eve (1950) and Titanic (1997).

The Music of La La Land

The movie that won the Oscar Award for the Best Musical Score is sure to have some really amazing numbers on its set list. The songs, written by Justin Hurwitz and Pasek & Paul are sort of a contemporary version of the jazz sound commonly used in musicals and films.

Some of the best musical parts of the movie include the epilogue, an instrumental that creates a dream like atmosphere as the setting for what might have been had Mia and Sebastian waited for each other. “Someone in the Crowd” is another musical piece that deals with the thrill of a chance encounter. Other notable songs in the movie include “Another Day of Sun,” “Start a Fire,” “A Lovely Night,” “Mia and Sebastian’s Theme,” “Herman’s Habit,” “Summer Montage,” “City of Stars,” “The End” and “Engagement Party.”

With such amazing music in the movie, you know you can expect even greater things from a West End production!

La La Land – The Musical

Following the phenomenal success of the movie, it was only a matter of time before La La Land got transferred to the stage. Broadway insider, Sonia Friedman has already talked about the viability of turning the hit movie into a musical, saying that “it’s made for stage and it will happen”.

Producer Jordan Horowitz revealed in March 2017 that the stage version of La La Land will feature new songs, adding, “I think we’ll write more songs and there will be work to do”.

La La Land – In Concert

Before La La Land hits the stage, there is good news for the fans of the movie. La La Land will be scored live in venues by an orchestra and choir. The tour kicked off at the iconic Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on 26th and 27th of May and is expected to continue on through the end of the year and start of 2018. The tour will travel to multiple countries including Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Italy and Switzerland.

The opening night screening featured a 100-piece orchestra, along with a jazz ensemble and a chorus conducted by Justin Hurwitz. With true entertainment promised live on stage, you really would not want to miss out on this opportunity. Catch some of the best music released with these tickets for the ideal live in concert experience.

La La Land Tour Tickets

For those of you who loved the movie and can’t wait for it to hit the stage, La La Land live in concert will be an experience of a lifetime. While we wait on the latest news regarding the much-awaited West End production, these La La Land tour tickets will take you on a one-of-a-kind journey, with the most wonderful musical numbers. The upcoming concerts are set to take place in Brisbane, Australia, Auckland, New Zealand, Regensburg, Germany and many more cities across Europe. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity and get your La La Land tickets at the earliest!

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