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Kids Choice Awards Tickets

The Kids’ Choice Awards are a 90-minute long awards show that take place every year and are aired on Nickelodeon. Typically held on a Saturday morning in late March, the show aims to honor the previous year’s biggest and most popular television, music and movie acts, as per the votes of Nickelodeon viewers. The winners are awarded the KCA Blimp, which also serves the function of a kaleidoscope. The show has been going on for 29 years now, since 1988 and has had multiple celebrity guests every year. Recent years have seen the incorporation of some unique stunts, such as the network’s trademark green slime that is dropped on people, generating excitement.

This time, the Kids Choice Awards are all set to take place at The Forum in Los Angeles in March, 2018. The show promises to be bigger and better than ever before and you wouldn’t want to miss it! Grab your Kids Choice Awards tickets at the earliest and get ready for the kids’ party of the year!

About the Kids Choice Awards

Nickelodeon’s messiest and slimiest event is all set to take place in March 2018. And you can expect excitement in various forms. For instance, the multiple fun entrances, like last year’s slide tunnel bringing celebrities out on stage with the use of a conveyor belt, or stars as big as last year’s Kobe Bryant getting slimed. Add to that, all the gorgeous red carpet looks, and you have the perfect, fun-filled awards show ready to take you by storm.

The young elite of the entertainment industry are expected to gather for this ceremony to celebrate the achievements of their favorite idols and watch them get recognized for their wonderful contributions to the industry. Awards are given out in various categories such as Favorite Movie, Favorite Movie Actor, Favorite Movie Actress, Favorite TV show, Favorite TV Actor, Favorite Male Athlete, Favorite Female Athlete, Wannabe Award, Favorite Book, Favorite Cartoon, Favorite Song and many others.

Special Awards

In addition to these, the show also has a Wannabe Award, The Big Help Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award and The Hall of Fame Award. All these awards are different colored than the standard orange Blimp – Hall of Fame Award is golden, the Wannabe Award is silver and the Big Help Award is green. The winners for these awards are chosen by the staff of Nickelodeon.

The Hall of Fame Award is presented to those individuals whose accomplishments, popularity and fame are far above and beyond anyone else’s. Past winners of this prestigious award include the likes of Paula Abdul (1991), Arnold Schwarzenegger (1992), Robin Williams (1993), Whitney Houston (1995), Will Smith (1997), Jonathan Taylor Thomas (1999) and Rosie O’Donnell (2000).

The Wannabe Award is presented to the celebrity who is a true inspiration and a role model for kids. The idea is to reward a person whom the kids want to be like. Over the years, several big names have won the Wannabe Award, including Tom Cruise (2001), Janet Jackson (2002), Will Smith (2003), Adam Sandler (2004), Queen Latifah (2005), Chris Rock (2006), Ben Stiller (2007) and Cameron Diaz (2008).

The Big Help Award is given to the person who contributes greatly to helping the environment. So far, it has been awarded to Leonardo DiCaprio (2009), Michelle Obama (2010), Justin Timberlake (2011) and Taylor Swift (2012).

The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to an employee of the network, either on or off camera, who has made a lot of contributions to aid the success of the network as a whole and has entertained children with their work. In 2014, Dan Schneider won the only Lifetime Achievement Award that has been given out so far.

Highlights of the Past Kids’ Choice Awards

Over the years, the Kids Choice Awards have had a lot of interesting moments – from amazing hosts to outrageous slime moments, epic performances and trivia tidbits. Let’s take a look at some of these moments from the past.

Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman” – 1996: Being in the audience as a legendary singer performs one of her most amazing songs, is nothing short of a dream for anyone!

TLC’s TLC-themed Outfits – 1999: For the kids who were watching the KCAs in the late-‘90s, there is no forgetting the moment when TLC, the American girl pop group, arrived in very unique thematic outfits, with cargo pants, midriffs and mesh shirts.

Mary-Kate and Ashley get slimed - 2004: No one is safe from the famous slime at the KCAs! In 2004, the kids’ favorite stars, the Olsen twins, got majorly slimed!

Justin Bieber and his “Baby” – 2010: Back when times were simpler, and Bieber still sported the swoop haircut look, this performance of his hit single “Baby” melted all the Beliebers in the crowd!

Michelle Obama Honoring Taylor Swift – 2012: Taylor Swift got the Big Help Award from the First Lady herself! The moment could not get bigger than this.

Famous Hosts of the Kids’ Choice Awards

In the past years, many famous people have graced the stage of the Kids’ Choice Awards as hosts. These include the likes of Tony Danza and Debbie Gibson in 1988, Will Wheaton in 1989, Candace Cameron in 1990, Paula Abdul in 1992, Tori Spelling in 1993, Marc Weiner in 1994, Whitney Houston and Rosie O’Donnell in 1996, LL Cool J, Mandy Moore, Frankie Muniz and David Arquette in 2000, Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers in 2004, Ben Stiller in 2005, Jack Black in 2006, Justin Timberlake in 2007, Dwayne Johnson in 2009, Kevin James in 2010, Will Smith in 2012, Josh Duhamel in 2013, Mark Wahlberg in 2014, Nick Jonas in 2015, Blake Shelton in 2016 and John Cena in 2017. With such names on the list for previous years, you ought to be super excited about who it is going to be for 2018!

How to get Kids’ Choice Awards tickets?

The upcoming Kids Choice Awards are going to be even bigger and better than the previous ones. The question that you all should be asking at this point is how to get Kids’ Choice Awards tickets? The details of the show regarding nominations, hosts and performances will continue to emerge as we get close to the date. If you are interested in catching a multitude of your favorite celebrities live, some getting slimed and other winning the big awards, you have got to get these Kids Choice Awards tickets at the earliest!

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