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In its 7th year, KCON has become a festival force with the American K-pop fans. Originating from South Korea, K-pop is a music genre that uses audio-visual elements to enhance a song, incorporating all the popular music styles.

Starting in 2012, KCON takes place annually as a Korean Wave convention. Held in different countries around the world, KCON has its main operations based in Southern California. After the popularity of the wave, in 2015 KCON extended its reach to Japan and East Coast. Continuing with the expansion process, KCON travelled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2016 and in 2017 touched ground in Mexico and Australia.

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KCON – All Things Hallyu

“Hallyu” refers to the Korean Fever or Korean Wave. In simple words, the sudden interest of people in the South Korean culture. The KCON banner not just carries the name of K-pop, but also covers other areas like K-beauty, K-fashion and even K-food. Introducing fans to the Korean culture and entertainment, KCON is all about having a great time. 

Starting out as a single day event, KCON held its first show in 2012 at Irvine’s Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. Three years after witnessing an exponential growth, in 2015, KCON became a five-day festival. Taking place at two different locations, the events were divided between the Staples Center and Los Angeles Convention Center in LA, and a single concert night was arranged at the Prudential Center in the New York Metro Area.

The multi-coast extravaganza made some exciting additions to its program. New sessions included workshops, stimulating panels and meet-and-greet with the famous artists, not just from the music industry, but also from the field of television and movies. With more than 42,000 tickets sold that year, FUSE ranked the festival at number 15 on its list of “22 Best Music Festivals of 2015”.

KCON soon became a global phenomenon, travelling to the Middle East, Japan and Australia. Becoming a valuable platform, the festival has allowed industry professionals to connect with the fans and expand the Hallyu community.

KCON Festival – What To Expect

2016’s KCON LA and New York events saw the combined attendance of more than 110,000 people. A young crowd from various backgrounds – African Americans, Latinos, Caucasians and Asians made way to the festival and in 2017 the number increased manifold.

In Mexico alone, 33,000 people attended the two-day event; whereas, Japan welcomed 48,500 K-pop aficionados. The combined attendance in New Jersey and LA was 128,000. And even though there weren’t any cheap KCON tickets available for the concerts in Australia, Sydney’s inaugural shows recorded an attendance of 21,000.

Rising as a new mainstream in the US, the Korean Wave is bringing a wide-ranging audience into its fold. KCON touches upon the elements that the younger generation and millennials look for in music – fun, trendy and expressive. KCON brings to life all these things and more.

KCON Music – If you think that K-pop is not your thing, then let us say these two words – Gangnam Style! Yes, the viral sensation that made a splash all over the world in 2013 was performed by the Korean pop star PSY. KCON gives the American fans of the K-pop music a taste of something they have only seen and enjoyed on YouTube. The rising stars, Cosmic Girls have gained a lot of popularity in these recent years and were among the best performers at the 2017 festival. They will be bringing their “Happy Moment” to the 2018 event as well. MONSTA X have been a huge part of the KCON since 2015. Having released a new album “The Clan Pt. 2.5: The Final Chapter” in 2017, fans with KCON tickets 2018 will get to enjoy the live rendition of their latest tracks.

K-Beauty Block – If you’re looking to immerse yourself in Korean culture then do try out the beauty block at the KCON. Professionals from the beauty and cosmetics industry are present at the convention, offering tips and suggestions to achieve the perfect Korean inspired looks. Popular, high-end cosmetic brands will be available for the attendees to try out and purchase.

KCON Food Street – Managed by the KTOWN Night Market, the Food Street offers more than fifty delicious Korean delights. Local merchandise and food vendors set up stalls, offering the attendees some of the tastiest Korean foods, ranging from dumplings and sushi burritos to Bakudan-Yaki and cookie shots. There is also plenty of live cooking and demos to keep your mouth watering.

KCON Flower Boy Café – ‘Flower Boy’ is a popular term in the Korean entertainment culture, used to define boys who are manly but lean and pretty. Starring in a list of K-dramas, these actors have not just stirred the fans in their country but also in America. And that’s why KCON has arranged for this stereotypical dreamboat, allowing fans to live their favorite K-drama fantasies. There is an extra ticket to enter this café for the meet-and-greet session.  

KCON Others – Along with the other fun activities, there is also Custom K-Pop Merchandise. Dedicated to their favorite artists, these are fan-run booths that offer customized merchandise and other products. Separate booths are also set up that sell Korean music CDs and DVDs. There is something for the sports buffs as well, as KCON arranges for E-Sports games. The attendees can play these games by themselves or take on others for an exciting contest.

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