Joe Bonamassa Tickets

Blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa has commanded ticket sales for years now, ever since he opened for B.B. King at the tender age of 12. Since then, he’s put out 15 albums all in the last 13 years, and shows no signs of stopping. If you’re a real die hard music fan, then Joe Bonamassa is your guy. He leaves it all on the stage in his two hour sets, packed with shredding guitar solos and soulful singing. Joe Bonamassa may occasionally betray a touch of exhaustion, but who wouldn’t jumping around and jamming out for hours on end. Joe Bonamassa could probably hold his own on stage with just his six string guitar but he often rounds out the sound with an 11-piece backup band. With all that music to play, Joe Bonamassa keeps his banter with the audience short and sweet. But that’s fine with them because they come for the music. Solos are all quite clearly improvised, but Joe Bonamassa and his band are so well rehearsed, you might never know it. What you’re getting at one of his shows is an expert, virtuoso demonstration of truly excellent guitar playing, soul and blues music on perfect display.