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Jim Gaffigan is a renowned American comedian, actor, writer and producer. His amazing wit, humor and deadpan delivery have earned him critical acclaim and a devoted fan base. With a profound interest in seemingly mundane topics such as hot pockets and the Waffle House restaurant chain, Jim Gaffigan slays audiences with hilarious bits and utterly true observations. Gaffigan has a long list of acting credits, but he shines brightest onstage before a live audience.

His comic style is satirical and sarcastic. And although he talks about the simplest of things such as his family and everyday chores, he is able to bring the audience to fits of laughter. What sets him apart from other comedians is that he does not resort to vulgarity in his comic routines. His shows can be watched with families and enjoyed by audience of all age groups.

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Early Years

Jim Gaffigan was born in Elgin, Illinois, on July 7, 1966. His father was a banker and always encouraged his children to take up careers that promised a secure and stable future.

He studied at the La Lumiere School in La Porte, Indiana and later attended Purdue University where he was a Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity member. Gaffigan then transferred to the McDonough School of Business of Georgetown University from where he graduated with a finance degree in 1988. Gaffigan enjoyed playing varsity football at both Purdue and Georgetown.

As a teenager, Jim Gaffigan enjoyed watching the show Saturday Night Live.

The Big Break

Jim Gaffigan was fascinated by the entertainment industry since childhood. He moved to New York City in hopes of making it big in the business but ended up working as an accounts manager. With a 9 to 5 job, Gaffigan managed to take out time for an acting class and a stand-up comedy gig at a local club. This routine left him exhausted and began affecting his performance at his workplace. He was eventually fired from his job.

By this time, he had developed enough comedy material and also had seven to eight years of on-stage experience. So, he started giving auditions and after initial struggle landed on the very famous show, Late Night With David Letterman. Gaffigan had grown up watching the longtime host and his praises served as a great source of encouragement for the aspiring comedian. Besides, his appearance on the show earned him the long-awaited recognition that Gaffigan deserved.


Letterman was so impressed by Jim Gaffigan’s quality of work that he asked him to develop a show Welcome to New York with his production company, World Wide Pants. Although it received critical acclaim, the show couldn’t continue for long. However, Gaffigan’s talent was noticed and not long after he was making appearances on popular shows such as Law and Order, That '70s Show, Sex and the City and The Ellen Show. Meanwhile Gaffigan also released four comic CDs via his own label. Besides he made cameos in movies including Igby Goes Down, Road Trip and Three Kings.

In the year 2004, he signed a contract with Comedy Central which had him perform a television special and record his fifth comedy album Doin’ My Time with the Comedy Central Records. The album became famous for Gaffigan’s hilarious routines on the hazards of eating Hot Pockets.

In 2006, the comedian returned with another album with the label. Titled Beyond the Pale, the album mostly comprised jokes about food and the obsessive eating habits of the Americans. Its DVD was certified Gold just six months after its release. It also contained footage of Gaffigan’s first stand-up routine in 1991. Besides the CD and the DVD, Comedy Central also had the comedian perform an hour long special which again met a tremendous response from the audience.

In 2015, Jim Gaffigan became one of the ten comedians in history to have sold out the Madison Square Garden. In the same year he had the honor of performing for Pope Francis. His act at the Festival of Families in Philadelphia in September, 2015, was attended by an audience of more than one million.

Jim Gaffigan’s fourth comedy special Obsession came out in 2014. It premiered at the number one spot on the iTunes chart, marking the fifth time the comedian reached the Top 25 Comedy Category on iTunes. Obsession was also nominated for Best Comedy Album of the Year at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

Jim Gaffigan’s first book Dad is Fat was published by the Crown Publishing in 2013. It debuted at the fifth spot on the New York Times bestseller list and stayed on the list for a consistent seventeen weeks.

Gaffigan’s latest comedy special Cinco covers a wide variety of topics. From fatherhood, beauty standards, fall leaves and hiking to Catholicism, pickup trucks, the manliness of eating steaks and how Mary had a little lamb became the song of a generation, the comedian has his audience engaged and entertained throughout.

The American sitcom series on the TV Land network, The Jim Gaffigan Show has had two successful seasons so far and earned widespread acclaim. Gaffigan and his wife Jeannie Gaffigan announced that they would not be returning for a third season in 2016 since they wanted to spend more time with their children.

Awards & Nominations

Jim Gaffigan has twice been nominated at the Grammys in the category of Best Comedy Album; first for Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe in 2013 and then for Obsession in 2015.

In April of 2014, he received the Concert Comedian Award at the American Comedy Awards while in 2015 Gaffigan won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Morning Program.

Jim Gaffigan Tour Tickets

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