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Hailed as America’s best dance crew, The Jabbawockeez are known for their distinct trademark moves that combines multiples styles like b-boying and popping. The 11-member crew is also famous for their signature white masks and gloves that they adorn during the dance routines. The group gained fame when they won the inaugural season of America’s Best Dance Crew in 2008. At the time, the hip-hop group had only three members, but gradually the trio kept adding more members to the crew to make it an eleven-member group.

The dance crew is busy all year performing in front of sold out crowds. To see their dance routine, live get Jabbawockeez tickets in time.

Jabbawockeez Information

Origin Formed In Group Category Genre Choreographer Director
San Diego, California, U.S. 2004 All male dance group Hip-hop dance, B-boying, Popping All crew members collectively choreograph the dance acts All crew members are directors


Jabbawockeez came together in 2004 in San Diego, California, and performed at local shows and clubs in Los Angeles and San Diego. The group was the brainchild of the “Three Musky,” namely Joe “Punkee” Larot, Kevin “KB” Brewer and Phil “Swagger Boy” Tayag.

Initially, when they started off they did so more to impress the girls and for fun. According to the group, at the time dancing was inclined towards cloned dancers and the routines comprised of instructed moves. Jabbawockeez’s creative dance routines were a breath of fresh air to the hip-hop dance culture and introduced a unique style of dancing. It was their creativity that appealed to the masses and soon they made their big breakthrough.


The group appeared in America’s Got Talent show before competing in the reality series, titled,  America’s Best Dance Crew which finally gave the crew international recognition. The dance crew entered the competition partly to honor the memory of a recently deceased member, Gary “Gee One” Kendell whom they considered the binding force that held them together. Jabbawockeez won the MTV hip-hop dance season one show in 2008 and received $100,000 along with a touring contract.


From underdogs now they were front runners of the hip-hop dance scene. As they started getting attention, it fueled their passion and soon the group was appearing everywhere. From Gatorade, Ford and Pepsi commercials to performances with Phoenix Suns center Shaquille O'Neal at the 2009 NBA All-Star Game, Taylor Swift and New Kids On The Block, they were all over the place.  The crew also made appearances on Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and The Ellen DeGeneres Show and undertook tours where they performed in front of sold out crowds.

Having become a world-renowned dance crew, the younger generation also started to look up to them as their dance idols.  With stardom the crew matured and became more dedicated to inspiring the younger generation and making people more open to take dance as an artistic form of expression and as an acceptable career.

"It was really a cool feeling to change our parents' minds. For us to be doing this, I think it's really a new movement for the younger generation to show that heart and pursuing a career that's not so conventional is definitely possible," says the crew member, Phil Tayag.

Las Vegas Residency

The San-Diego based dance crew became the first one to have a residency in Las Vegas.  They made their live stage debut with MÜS.I.C at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas in 2010. Their show titled PRISM was showcased in Luxor Hotel and Casino and their latest offering called the “JREAMZ” is currently showing 6 days a week at the MGM Grand.

A unique name and a unique dance style

Their unusual name is inspired by Lewis Carroll poem “Jabberwocky” which featured in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Crew member, Rynan  Paguio explains the reason for picking the name, he says “A Jabberwocky is a mystical, dragon-like creature who roams the king’s forest, and that’s what the Jabbawockeez are, mystical and free.”

The mystical creatures perform the dance routines wearing their signature white masks and gloves. The idea behind this is to conceal their individual identities and remove all kind of social barriers when performing and also to make the dance acts the focal point of attention.

The group members come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and from different cities in the US, yet they are a tightly knit group. According to the group members it is their close ties that make them gel so well and it reflects in their performances.

Whenever there is a performance set to take place, it takes Jabbawockeez only a few days to put their act together. No one is a leader in the 11-member group; in fact they all work collectively as a team, where they all are the choreographers, music and dance directors. Each member brings his own flair to the choreography and in the rehearsals they all take each other’s vision into account to come up with a mix of beautifully synchronized moves that have their distinctive appeal.


Jabbawockeez are the winners of the America’s Best Dance Crew, season one, 2008. The band was voted as the Favorite Reality TV Star in 2008 Asian Excellence Awards. They also have the honor of being the first dance crew to be awarded with the Living Legend of Hip Hop Award from Hip Hop International in 2012. The dance crew also received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Set It Off Competition 2013.

How much are Jabbawockeez tickets

Jabbawockeez have a packed scheduled with performances marked all year round. They have their third Las Vegas residency scheduled at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. Their latest show titled “JREAMZ: Journey Within” is being touted to be the most impressive one with grand 3D effects. Do not miss their amazing performances as they bring to you their latest offering.

These performances have a broad base appeal and are enjoyed by people of all walks of life and ages, from elder to the young. Their modern dance acts therefore enjoy sold out crowds and tickets are hard to come by. If you want to know how much are Jabbawockeez tickets for then check the inventory where all the upcoming performances are updated regularly. Find out information about the prices and select the performance that suits your budget.

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