What is ScoreBig?

ScoreBig is the better way to buy tickets to your favorite sports, concert, theater and family events.


In 2009, we founded ScoreBig to help solve two big problems. The first problem is that tickets to great live entertainment can be expensive…really expensive. The second is that over 40% of all live entertainment tickets go unsold. So why can’t we go see a game, ice show or concert anytime we want without taking out a loan?

Before ScoreBig, the live entertainment industry had no way of selling tickets for LESS than the Box Office Price without hurting their brands and making a lot of people who were willing to pay the box office price (or above)…well… mad.

Think about it…where do you usually go to get tickets to the live events you want to see and seats you want to sit in?

A) I buy tickets at face value directly from the source, but fees are tacked on.

B) I go to one of the many sites that resell tickets but usually pay way more than the ticket’s face value with even bigger fees tacked on.

C) I keep it old-school and buy from scalpers or online classifieds. I know there’s always the risk the tickets are counterfeit but hey, I like taking a gamble.

D) I get them from a friend who sells or gives me an extra ticket when they can spare one.

If you picked D, well, you clearly have some great friends.

At ScoreBig, we want to be your new best friend. We built an entirely new way to help you SAVE on tickets to the events you actually want to see and sit in the type of seats you actually want to sit in, all year long.

Let me explain…

We work directly with the BIGGEST names in sports, music, family and theater and get access to their unsold seats all over the building - from the best seats in the house to the most affordable.

These are the same great seats you normally get at box office prices, but for some reason (and there are lots of them) they go “unsold”. So we built a way for you to get them – days weeks, even months in advance – at unpublished prices BELOW THE BOX OFFICE PRICE, only available at ScoreBig.com.

In fact, when you Make an Offer on ScoreBig, you’re guaranteed that every ticket is below the box office price - saving you an average of 33%. How much you save is up to you.

And if there are no Make an Offer seats available for an event, we still help you save by working with suppliers to get you tickets at prices below that of other leading sites. And unlike some other ticket sellers, all of our tickets are guaranteed to be authentic, and we never hit you with those surprise fees at checkout.

How can we do this?

We found a way to create a win-win for everyone. You get great seats at below box office prices. The teams and performers get arenas full of fans that would otherwise have stayed home– which is good for TV, for selling popcorn and soda, and for making the event a lot more fun for everyone. As a result of all of this you save on the events you want to see and the performers and teams make more money. Sounds like a good deal for all.

Are we geniuses for doing this?

Not quite (but don’t tell my mom). Other industries have built ways for you to save on all kinds of stuff. Live events had it coming! We just found a new way to help the live entertainment industry price their tickets lower and by doing so, reach and open up live entertainment to millions of people who would have just stayed home.

We hope ScoreBig becomes your way to go out more and have more fun. That’s our definition of a “better” way.

Adam Kanner, Founder

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