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Hozier's History

Hozier is an Irish singer-songwriter known for his soulful lyrics and powerful voice. Born as Andrew John Hozier-Byrne on March 17, 1990, in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland, Hozier started playing guitar at a young age and began writing his own songs by the time he was a teenager.

Hozier's music has been influenced by blues, gospel, and soul music. His debut single "Take Me to Church" took the world by storm when it was released in 2013, and it quickly became an international hit. The song's powerful message about discrimination and homophobia resonated with audiences around the world, and it earned Hozier widespread critical acclaim.

Hozier's self-titled debut album was released in 2014 and it reached the top 10 in several countries, including the US and the UK. The album included the hit singles "Take Me to Church," "Someone New," and "From Eden." The album showcased Hozier's raw talent as a songwriter and performer, and it cemented his place as one of the most exciting new artists in the music industry.

Since then, Hozier has continued to release critically acclaimed music and tour around the world. He has become known for his emotive live performances, which combine his powerful voice with a soulful sound that leaves audiences spellbound.

Hozier's live concerts are always in high demand, and tickets often sell out within hours of going on sale. Fans flock to see his shows, which are known for their intimate and emotional atmosphere. Hozier's concerts are an opportunity to experience his music in a way that is raw and authentic, with each show feeling like a unique and special event.

In addition to his own tours, Hozier has also performed at some of the biggest festivals in the world, including Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Glastonbury. His festival performances are always a highlight of the event, with fans gathering from all over the world to see him perform live.

Hozier's music has also been featured in several hit TV shows and movies, including "Grey's Anatomy," "The Walking Dead," and "Love, Simon." His powerful lyrics and emotive sound have made him a favorite among fans of all ages and backgrounds.

Despite his success, Hozier remains grounded and focused on his music. He continues to write and record new music, and his fans eagerly await his next release.

In conclusion, Hozier is a talented and charismatic artist known for his soulful sound and emotive lyrics. His live concerts are an opportunity to experience his music in a way that is raw and authentic, with each show feeling like a unique and special event. If you're a fan of Hozier, be sure to grab tickets to his next live performance – you won't be disappointed.

More About Hozier

Irish singer and songwriter Hozier is set to embark on his "Unreal Unearth Tour," which will feature 51 concerts in 10 countries. Fans of Hozier are eagerly anticipating the unique vibe and emotional, passionate music that he brings to his live shows. Niklaus Erb, a self-proclaimed Hozier fan, is especially excited to attend one of his upcoming concerts.

Hozier's tour is in support of his new EP, "Eat Your Young," and his upcoming album, also titled "Unreal Unearth." The tour will feature stops at various venues including the iconic Madison Square Garden, where Hozier will perform for the first time ever. Other notable stops on the tour include Bourbon and Beyond Festival in Louisville, KY, and Sound On Sound Festival in Bridgeport, CT.

Those interested in attending Hozier's tour can purchase tickets at However, Hozier warns fans to be wary of ticket scams and inflated prices, especially ahead of his first Irish gig in four years at Malahide Castle on Friday, June 30, 2023. He advises fans to contact their local politicians in relation to the issue of ticket touting and suggests not buying resale tickets at obscene prices to prevent their value from dropping.

In addition to his tour, Hozier recently released a new EP titled "Eat Your Young," which marks his first release in four years and celebrates 10 years since the release of his debut single, "Take Me To Church." The songs on the EP will also be featured on Hozier's upcoming third studio release, "Unreal Unearth."

Hozier's upcoming album will be centered around Dante's epic poem "Inferno" and explore themes of gluttony and heresy. The album is set to be released in late summer of 2023.

Despite his success, Hozier remains grounded and focused on his music and fans. He has even stated that he would "rather play to an empty room" than have fans pay extortionate prices to see him. In fact, Hozier will be making an appearance at London's Royal Albert Hall on April 15 to raise money to support Turkey and Syria.

Overall, Hozier's upcoming tour and album are highly anticipated by fans and industry professionals alike. With his unique sound and socially conscious lyrics, Hozier is sure to deliver a powerful and memorable experience for all who attend his concerts.

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