We guarantee you will:

  • Pay no fees at checkout.
  • Get your tickets delivered for free in one of three convenient methods: email, shipping or WillCall pick up.
  • Get tickets that will always be next to each other.
  • Get your tickets on time for the event.
  • Get tickets that are authentic.
  • Checkout with our safe, secure ordering system that is backed by one of the most reputable security companies on the web.
  • Get an instant answer. We’ll let you know right away if your bid is accepted. If we cannot get you tickets when you name a ticket price, your credit card will not be charged.
  • Always pay less than box office price for your tickets when you name a ticket price: "box office price" is the single game price published by the team or performer on its website, including any fees, at the time tickets are released by the team or performer. ScoreBig checks the published prices periodically to monitor changes; and in those cases the "box office price" means the published price when most recently checked by ScoreBig.

If we don’t deliver on ANY of these promises, we’ll refund your ticket price and give you a $100 credit toward your next purchase.

Here's what to do if something goes wrong:

If the tickets you received when you name a ticket price are not below Box Office Price*

  • Contact ScoreBig Customer Service via email or call 1-877-726-7324 at least 24 hours before the event. The lower Box Office Price* must be published and available at the time of your purchase, as determined by our customer service representatives.

For all transactions, if the tickets of a confirmed order are not received prior to the event, or if the tickets are invalid or not honored by the venue:

  • Call ScoreBig Customer Service at 1-877-726-7324 for immediate assistance. The sooner you contact ScoreBig, the greater the likelihood that ScoreBig will be able to assist you or, if necessary, locate replacement tickets. If you purchase additional tickets for entry, please save and provide your receipt for full reimbursement.

In the very unlikely event that you don’t gain entry to your event, ScoreBig will provide a 100% refund and a $100 ScoreBig credit towards a future purchase.

If your tickets are not honored by the venue, you must provide proof of invalid tickets, such as tickets stamped void by the venue's box office and/or a letter of documentation from the venue's box office.

*Box Office Price
Box Office Price means the single event ticket price first published by the venue, team, artist, producer, or promoter for a specified event and seat location, not including season ticket, package, or group pricing, promotions, specials, rebates or discounts offered. Box Office also includes all associated fees including convenience and delivery charges. Certain event sponsors may change the published ticket prices from time to time. ScoreBig checks the published prices periodically to monitor changes; and in those cases the "Box Office" means the published price when most recently checked by ScoreBig. All receipts submitted to ScoreBig in connection with discussions over ticket prices are subject to verification by ScoreBig. ScoreBig will not accept screenshots or other purported evidence of a lower price that cannot be independently confirmed by ScoreBig personnel. ScoreBig reserves the right to refuse to verify any submission that it believes, in its sole discretion, is the result of a printing or other error, or is made fraudulently or in bad faith.