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Not for the faint of heart, this Hard Rock and Metal Concert tickets provides high-octane, pedal to the metal energy. Heavy guitar riffs and rapid drum beats accompany the singer’s sometimes shouting or snarling voice. Occasionally sounding like a contest of which instrument can play the loudest, metal songs typically have a quiet beginning before crescendoing into an all-out rockfest that drives the fans wild. Of course, there are also the songs that are full-throttle hard rock from beginning to end. Whatever the case may be, metal fans are sure to rock out in their jackets embroidered with logos of their favorite bands. All of this is done with rock hands extended while headbanging the night away. Something that has become quite popular at live metal performances are moshpits, which are basically just testosterone-fueled dance sessions where an entire section of the crowd pushes each other violently around with reckless abandon for their own well-being. Be careful if you do decide to engage in a moshpit. However, most importantly, remember to have fun, and to keep your air guitar ready to go for the inevitable wicked guitar solos that come with a heavy metal concert.