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Fate is what brought Daryl Hall and John Oates together. And today, their friendship and love for music has reached an incredible milestone of 50 years.

The two met for the first time in Philadelphia in 1967, when both were attending a competition with their respective bands. A gang fight in the area resulted in bullets flying, forcing Hall and Oates to find sanctuary in the same service elevator. They instantly hit off and started spending more time with each other and from time to time even shared different apartments. In fact, this is how they got their band name.

The mail box of an apartment that they were sharing had the name “Hall & Oates” written on it and the duo decided to make it official. The blue-eyed soul musicians were honored with a Songwriters Hall of Fame induction in 2003, followed by Rock n Roll Hall of Fame recognition in 2014. They spent most of the 2017 performing live and even headlined the UK’s BluesFest 2017.

Hall and Oates tickets were announced for their concerts in 2018, which includes performances by the duo, as well as solo shows by John Oates.

Early Years

Meeting under dramatic circumstances, Daryl Hall and John Oates share a bond that will definitely last forever. After that incident outside Philadelphia’s Adelphi Ballroom in 1967, Hall and Oates started meeting up frequently. So much so that when Oates went busking around Europe for almost four months, he sublet his apartment to Daryl’s sister and her boyfriend. Upon his return he found out that they never paid rent and on top of that all of his stuff was gone and the apartment was padlocked.

Daryl took pity on him and let him stay with him. Making the most of the rising jazz and R&B music scene in Philadelphia, the two started performing in local coffee shops and art galleries. As they developed chemistry, Hall and Oates penned a few songs and finally in 1972 were able to release their debut album.

Titled “Whole Oates”, it was a safe compilation of soft rock songs, which despite not inspiring the listeners, left them intrigued. In 1973 “Abandoned Luncheonette” came out and it broke through the Billboard Top LPs & Tapes charts. The song “She’s Gone” peaked at number 60 on the Billboard Hot 100 and in 1976 was rereleased with Atlantic Records. It made to the Top 10 on Billboard Hot 100 and was later also covered by other artists including the band Tavares.

Music Breakthrough & Hit Albums

Hall & Oates released eight albums during the 70s, slowly working their way into the listeners’ consciousness. Showcasing a lot of stylistic diversity, they were able to build a fan following but couldn’t manage a blockbuster or a mega commercial hit – until 1980.

Hall & Oates entered the 80s with a bang. “Voices” was released and the band was finally able to hit their stride. A melodious and an eclectic blend of soul and pop, it featured chartbusting songs like “Kiss on My List” and “You Make My Dreams”. Their sound was mostly inspired by the thriving new wave and punk scene of the late 70s. A commercial hit, the album presented a version of Daryl Hall and John Oates that eventually made them one of the most successful pop duos in the music industry.

Perfecting their new wave soul sound even further, “Private Eyes” was released in 1981. It took them to newer heights and was hailed by the critics as an era-defining album. The album exceeded all expectations on the creativity and consistency front, treating the fans to a classic fusion of R&B and dance rock.

The sleek, widescreen hooks on the title track and the unforgettable beats of “I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)” topped the music charts. In an interview, Hall stated that the band had matured and was no longer sitting and thinking of writing songs that had the potential to be commercial hit. Years of experimentation led them to their perfect sound and the songs poured in effortlessly.

Hall and Oates have taken time off from their joint ventures to produce solo albums as well. Daryl Hall has worked on seven solo projects till now, latest one hitting the shelves in 2011. John Oates on the other hand has released four solo albums, “Good Road to Follow” being his latest effort.

Cheap Hall and Oates Tickets

Just like their brilliant albums have helped them peak on the pop, rock music scene, Hall & Oates have remained in the hearts of their fans through their extensive touring.

The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame duo have toured regularly in support of their albums and in 2017 alone embarked on a 17-date North American trek. Even though cheap Hall and Oates tickets were available for the fans to purchase, they didn’t care much as they were excited to see the duo performing live. Their concerts sold out in advance and the crowd was treated to the arena staples like “Sara Smile,” “Las Vegas Turnaround,” “Out of Touch” and “She’s Gone.”

John Oates has revealed the dates of his 2018 tour in support of his new album “Arkansas”. Hall is also expected to announce shows with Oates and the schedule will be made public soon. The quality of their hit anthems is undiminished by the changing time and trends and their enduring sound continues to draw in a huge crowd. The duo will bring the house down with their ace musicianship and songs repertoire that has become in many ways, timeless.

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