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Georgia Aquarium Tickets

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The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is regarded as one of the best aquariums in America. With over ten million gallons of water, it stands as among the largest aquariums in the world.

Opened in November of 2005, Georgia Aquarium is essentially a nonprofit scientific institute that aims to preserve and promote the conservation of marine life throughout the world. It holds a variety of exhibits and offers quality programs and exciting guest experiences that serve to spread awareness about the importance of aquatic biodiversity.

The aquarium is one of the busiest tourist spots in the country. Given its unique and diverse offerings, Georgia Aquarium tickets are always in demand.


Spread over an area of 500,000 square foot, Georgia Aquarium has a number of engaging and entertaining activities for its guests. Whether you want to take a tour of the aquarium, experience the thrill of 4D theatre or plan your own event, the multipurpose venue caters to the interests of everyone.

4 D Theater- Do you want to experience the underwater world like the aquatic animals do? At the 4D Fun believable Theater in Georgia Aquarium, this is made possible with the combination of high quality 3D, interactive seats and unique special effects. The 4D theatre holds multiple shows in a day and one show has a capacity to hold 240 guests.

AT&T Dolphin Celebration- The AT&T Dolphin Celebration showcases dolphin behavior and their bonding with the trainers. What makes it fun and exciting for the audience is that the show is actually a musical with a storyline that lasts about half an hour. It keeps the guests engaged in the performance which subtly educates them about the intelligence, athleticism and beauty of dolphins and their behavior.

It is a must watch for children as they will certainly enjoy the colorful show filled with fun tricks, high flying flips and the very entertaining dolphins themselves.

Animal Encounters- The idea behind animal encounters is providing conservation education. Science reinforces the belief that human-animal interaction is an enriching experience for both. And Georgia Aquarium provides ample opportunities. By doing so it enables the visitors to have a better understanding of animals and hence develop a connection with them.

Each animal encounter is staffed by knowledgeable animal trainers who work with the animals on a daily basis and therefore have a deep understanding of their psychology and behavior.

Sleep Under the Sea- Visiting the Georgia Aquarium at night is a unique experience altogether. A range of sleepover packages are offered for families, youth groups, adults to schools and companies. All deals include breakfast, dinner, activities, guided tours and a sleeping spot that provides a magnificent view of the gallery windows.

On the sleepover tour, you can go behind the scenes to see how the staff feeds and cleans each habitat and what the life and routine of an aquarium caretaker is like.

Mentioned above are just few of the various programs and activities you can participate in. Overall one can say that Georgia Aquarium is a unique place of entertainment and learning for all ages and walks of life.

The History behind the Georgia Aquarium

Back in 2001, Bernard Marcus announced the idea of setting up an aquarium in Atlanta which would educate people about marine life and boost economic growth. Following visits to 56 aquariums in 13 different countries, he donated a whopping $250 million for the construction of the aquarium. The contributions of corporate organizations such as Coca Cola and AirTran allowed it to open debt-free in November, 2005.

Marcus approached Jeff Swanagan who was then the director of the Florida Aquarium and offered him to head the Georgia Aquarium. Swanagan hence became the president of the aquarium and was deeply involved in each aspect and process of its creation. From the design and structure to the procurement of animals (including importing whale sharks from Taiwan to Atlanta) and setting up the coral reef tank, his role was pivotal to the success of the project.

In 2008, Swanagan was replaced by Anthony Godfrey as the new CEO of the aquarium. Godfrey had been working with Swanagan as the CFO at the Georgia Aquarium since 2004.

On December 13, 2016, Joe Handy was named the new president of Georgia Aquarium. He continues to lead the operations of the famous tourist spot.

Aquarium Details

Location Date Opened No. Of Animals Annual Visitors (2016) Notable Specimen Architects
Atlanta, Georgia, US November 23, 2005 More than 100,000 2.4 Million Whale sharks, bottlenose dolphins, California sea lions Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback & Associates (TVC)

Since Bernie Marcus envisioned the aquarium as an engaging human-animal experience, the guiding principles of design were essentially ‘immersive experience’ and ‘liquid architecture.’ These concepts allow the visitors insight and enhance their experience of the underwater world. The glass exterior of the aquarium and the large blue metal are designed in the abstract shape of an ‘Ark.’

The animals in the aquarium are displayed in seven exhibits and galleries namely Tropical Diver, Cold Water Quest, Pier 225, River Scout, Dolphin Celebration, Aquanaut Adventure: A Discovery Zone and Ocean Voyager.

Georgia Aquarium Ticket Prices

With huge crowds gathering on a regular basis, the Aquarium ranks among the top visiting attractions in Atlanta. You can take a look at the Georgia Aquarium ticket prices here. While you can move about most of the aquarium within the general admission tickets, there are some shows/packages that require separate tickets.

So if you want to delve into the fascinating undersea world at the Georgia Aquarium then make sure you purchase your tickets in advance.

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