Five Finger Death Punch Tickets

Get ready for the night of your life when you get tickets to see Five Finger Death Punch. The heavy metal band from Las Vegas delivers everything their name – inspired by a move from the movie Kill Bill – promises. Their high energy shows leave audiences screaming for more. The five man band takes the stage and holds it prisoner for the entire duration of their performance. You would be hard pressed to find a more high energy band having more fun making music than these guys. They know how to get audiences riled up and keep them going from start to finish. Expect to be surrounded by legions of heavy metal fans who move and mosh to the beat at one of these shows. The production level on stage is simple but effective. These guys like to keep the focus on the music while still spicing things up with lights and smoke to make things interesting. The band has a great rapport with audiences, often bantering with them between songs and keeping a real connection even with packed and sold out houses. For heavy metal fans, it’s the perfect show: a lot of fun with a band that loves to play music and play to the audience.