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Rock and country fans alike will be satisfied with tickets to an Eric Church concert. The country music star definitely toes the line between genres, easily mastering both. Church’s fans are committed and devoted, and where some country fans would feel betrayed by an artist veering too far from home, his are excited to go on the journey with him. Eric Church keeps the focus on the music with sparse and simple stage setups that let him and his band move easily around the stage. He has an easy rapport with the audience, whether that means telling personal stories between songs or leaning over to sign a tiny kid’s cowboy boot. Church is so confident in his music that he doesn’t mind breaking character and letting loose. Fans respond to him because he’s having fun on stage. They return the favor. Audiences are sophisticated country fans who have been with Church for a while. He has a robust catalog to choose from and his setlists can be equally jam packed with concerts running pretty long. That’s great news for music fans who really get what they pay for when they go to an eric church show.