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Dick's Sporting Goods Park

As the largest fields complex and professional stadium in the world, and the largest fields complex in Colorado, Dick’s Sporting Goods Park is a record holder in and of itself.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, or DSG Park, is a soccer stadium located in Commerce City, Colorado . It plays host to live soccer by way of Colorado Rapids tickets. The stadium has room for up to 18,086 people and can increase to 26,000 people for special events. This is the third stadium for the Colorado Rapids since it opened in 2007. It also happens to be one of the largest and modern professional stadiums in the world.

Building the massive Dick’s Sporting Goods Park stadium cost $131 million, and includes 24 fields and a fully-lit venue. The entire site spans 917 acres in Commerce City, providing a partnership between the city and the stadium’s owner, Kroenke Sports and Entertainment. The site also provides administrative offices and retail outlets for several organizations and businesses in the city, including the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Range.

Getting There and Getting In

Parking & Directions

No matter where you are coming from, it is easy getting to the Dick’s Sporting Goods Park stadium to see the Colorado Rapids play. If you are getting to the city from the Denver International Airport, take the E. 56th Avenue Exit before reaching the I-70. Drive for 10 minutes and turn right onto Valentia Street. This street goes right to the stadium. From the North, go South on the I-25 freeway, exiting left on Thornton Parkway. Once you are going East on Thornton Parkway, turn right on Colorado Boulevard and turn left on 88th Avenue. From there, turn right onto Highway 2 and turn Left onto Quebec Parkway. This brings you to Prairie Parkway, where you turn left and enter event parking. If you are going West on the 76, go South on the 6 and take 72nd Avenue to Quebec Parkway, then to Prairie Parkway. If you are getting to the stadium from the South, the easiest way to go is through the I-25 by going North, then East onto the I-70. Keep driving East until you can exit on Quebec Street. Go North on Quebec Street and turn right onto 60th Avenue so you can enter event parking. If you are traveling North on Interstate 225, exit West onto Interstate 70. Proceed West on Interstate 70 and exit North onto Havana Street. Proceed North on Havana Street. Turn West or left at 56th Avenue. Turn North or right onto Valentia Street and into event parking. To get to the stadium from the West, exit North on Quebec Street from the 70 freeway and keep going North until you can turn right on 60th Avenue. From the East, take the I-70 and exit North on Havana Street, heading North and turning left on 556th Avenue. Make another right onto Valentia Street to the event parking area.