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The late 70s saw the rise of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBH) movement, and even though it was short lived, it produced immensely influential bands that continue to enjoy a legacy in the industry.

Def Leppard might have said “Hello America” in 1980, but the band had already released their debut self-titled EP well before that. In comparison to the hard rock titans of that time – Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, Def Leppard presented a more melodious sound. It allowed them to touch the glam rock scene in the US and starting with their debut album, it has been nothing but a climb up for the rockers.

The band’s legacy, highlighted by a talented lineup, is impressive on its own. But it was steered into a new era and lives on even today through their fourth album “Hysteria”. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Def Leppard recently embarked on a North American tour. As they crisscrossed across various cities and venues, Def Leppard tickets sold out in advance. So much so that they had to add more dates to the trek. The “Forever Young” musicians are ready for more road trips and fresh and melodious releases, so keep an eye out on their schedule.

Early Life & Influences

Surfacing as an Atomic Mass in 1977, friends Rick Savage, Pete Willis and Tony Kenning started churning out some heavy metal beats. But it wasn’t until Joe Elliot, who only 18 at that time, joined them that the band was finally able to take a flight. Fueled by their debut single “Getcha Rocks Off”, their self-titled EP announced their arrival in the UK music scene.

Def Leppard though had bigger plans. Always wanting to tap into the US market, they nabbed a deal with Mercury Records and released “On Through the Night” in 1980. Breaking through the Billboard 200, it peaked at number 51 and produced the hit song “Rock Brigade”. “Wasted”, another track on the album, earned unanimous nods for its gritty sound and effective guitar riffs.

Despite their pop-rock proclivities, Def Leppard were immensely influenced by the 70s’ music sensibilities in the New York City. There hasn’t been any particular band or a musician that influenced these Sheffield rockers, but it was a mix of artists like Richard Hell and the Voidoids, Tom Verlaine and Blondie that helped shape their sound.

As they powered through the heavy metal and hard rock scene in both the UK and US, Def Leppard became known as the arena-rock perennials.

Def Leppard Career Breakthrough 

It came with their third album “Pyromania”. The previous two 1980’s “On Through the Night” and 1981’s “High ‘n’ Dry” made it to the charts but were unable to crack the Top 40. The hit singles on “Pyromania” sent it all the way to the number two position on the Billboard 200. The success of the album raised their status from hard rock radio fillers to overnight top 20 musicians.

Infectious melodies on “Photograph” and “Rock of Ages”, coupled with tight musicianship and anthemic choruses reset the boundaries on heavy metal. Def Leppard made the genre accessible for all and it placed among the leading bands of that time. The album sold over 10 million units in the US and was later certified as Diamond. Packed with stadium anthems, the band hit the road selling out Def Leppard tour tickets.

Eight albums followed after “Pyromania”, all making their mark with the fans and the critics, but till today it’s “Hysteria” that shines brightly.

Notable Albums & Awards

Hands down, 1987’s “Hysteria” is Def Leppard’s best album released till now. It’s an amazing album for more reasons than one. Produced after Rick Allen’s tragic accident in which his left arm had to be amputated, Def Leppard set new standards of loyalty. Instead of turning their back on the drummer, the band provided him with a customized electronic kit that allowed him to use his legs. And the pounding beat of the electronically-tinged drums can be heard on the opening track “Women”.

“Animal” became the band’s first top 10 track, driven by heavy and layered guitar riffs. “Love Bites” and “Pour Some Sugar On Me” are the biggest hits on the album, clinching number one and two positions, respectively, on the Billboard Hot 100. Mixing rock and hip-hop, “Pour Some Sugar On Me” was the band’s first attempt with rap and it created waves among their fanbase.

“Armageddon It” also peaked at number three on the music charts and played a vital role in putting “Hysteria” on the Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list.

Def Leppard Tour Tickets

“Hysteria” reached another milestone by celebrating its 30th anniversary. The band knows the importance of this achievement and has announced a 2018 tour. They will most likely be performing the album in its entirety and might add their other hit numbers to the setlist.

Def Leppard tour tickets are a must buy for all of their fans. Joe Elliott, Rick Savage, Rick Allen, Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell can still bring the house down with their energetic performances. Treating the fans to high-voltage rock, Def Leppard “Let’s Go” and keeps the crowd on its feet with their classic anthems. Keep checking for the latest updates on schedule and find out more about Def Leppard 2018 tour.

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